Is it necessary to marry in life? What’s the physical relationship between man & woman? Krishnamurti

4th Question:
Is it necessary to marry in life? What is the physical relationship
between man and woman? I don’t know. You ought to know. What a strange question
this is, isn’t it? Is it necessary to marry in life? What do you say? If the speaker puts this question
to you, what will you answer? Is it necessary, sirs and ladies,
that I should marry? What would be your answer? Your answer probably would be, ‘Do what you want to do.
Why bother me with it? It’s up to you.’ But you see the question is really
much more complex than that. We all want companionship,
we all want sexual relationship, a biological necessity. And also we want somebody
on whom we can rely, in whom we can find security, in whom there is a sense
of comfort, support, because most of us cannot
stand alone on our own feet, therefore we say, ‘I must marry’, or I will have a girlfriend,
or whatever it is, ‘I must have somebody
with whom I can be at home’. We are never at home with anybody because we are living in our own
thoughts, in our own problems, our own ambitions and so on. And we are frightened to stand alone, because life is very lonely, life is very complex, troublesome, and one needs somebody with whom
you can talk things over. And also when you marry
you have sexual relationships, children and so on. So, in this relationship
between man and woman, if there is no love,
you use her and she uses you. You exploit her and she exploits you. That’s a fact. So, the questioner asks,
should one marry. And what is the physical
relationship between man – don’t you know the question? It’s up to you, sirs. But to really enter into
this whole complex problem of living together,
not only with two people, living together with humanity –
with your neighbour, with your boss, with your servant
if you have a servant, with your father, mother, children – to live together,
it’s a very complex thing. Living together as a family gives you
certain security, certain safety and so you extend
that family to a group, to a community, to a state,
to a nation, and from a nation which is
opposed to another nation, and so there is always division
and conflict, and wars. So one has to find out how to live
with another without any conflict, without any sense of struggle,
adaptation, adjustment. That requires a great deal
of intelligence, integrity. But we just marry off because of
sexual, biological demands and so on. Did you make up these questions?
They say no. 5th Question: What is the difference
between the brain and the mind? What is the difference
between the brain and the mind? This is a very complex question. We know what the brain is. The scientists are saying now there is the left side of the brain
and the right side of the brain. The left side of the brain
is used daily. I won’t go into all the details of it,
you can read it if you want to. I haven’t read it, but some friends who are scientists
have told me about it. The left side of the brain
is in operation, activity, functioning with all
the daily activity. And the right side of the brain is not operating fully,
not functioning fully because the right side of the brain
is much more intelligent, much more acute,
much more aware. And also the brain is the centre
of all action and reaction, of all the sensory responses – this is what the speaker is saying. So, the brain contains, or has
the whole content of consciousness. Consciousness is your belief,
your faith, your name, your faculty, capacity, all the memories, all the hurts,
pleasure, pain, agony, struggle, all that,
affection and so on, all that is the content
of your consciousness. The content of your
consciousness is you, is the self, is the ‘me’. That content of consciousness may
invent a super-super-consciousness, or invent various kinds of
unimagined or imagined states, but it is still within the content
of your consciousness. Do we see this? You – you are your name, your body, your anger, your greed,
your competition, your ambition, your pleasure, your pain and so on, affection, all that – you are that. And that means the content
of your consciousness. The content of your
consciousness is the past – past memories, past incidents, all kinds of activities, experiences
– you are the past. You are knowledge, which is the past. So, that is the brain. We are saying – and the speaker
may be wrong, and he has discussed this matter
with several so-called scientists, and even then, the speaker
may be wrong, please don’t accept what he says, doubt what he says,
question, enquire. He says, the brain is the whole
limited consciousness with all its content – pleasant, unpleasant,
ugly, beautiful, struggle, all that is the content. And the mind is something
totally separate from the brain. The mind is outside the brain
– the speaker is saying, the scientists are not saying that. The speaker says
the brain is one thing and mind is something
entirely different. The brain with all its content, with its struggles,
with its pain, anxieties, can never know, understand
the beauty of love. Love is limitless. It is not, ‘I love one person only’,
it is too vast, too tremendous. And the brain with all its
conflicts, miseries, confusion, cannot comprehend or hold
or be alive to love – only the mind, which is limitless. So there is a difference
between the brain and the mind. Then what the questioner
doesn’t ask, there is still a further question
involved in this: what is the relationship then
between the mind and the brain? The brain is limited, limited because it is made up
of all kinds of separate parts, fragmented, broken up, and therefore it is in constant
state of struggle, conflict. Whereas the mind is totally
out of that category. There is a relationship only
when the brain is completely free, if that is possible, from all
the content of its memories. This requires a great deal
of enquiry, sensitivity. Intelligence is not of the brain. The intelligence of thought cannot
contain the intelligence of the mind. You understand all this? Does somebody understand
what I am talking about? No, all right. Look, sirs, be very simple, because if one can be very simple
you can go very far. But if you begin with lots of
complex theories and conclusions you are stuck there,
so let’s be very simple. Your daily life – going to the office,
working, working, working, money, trained in certain disciplines as a lawyer, surgeon, businessman,
or a cook or whatever it is – your brain is being
narrowed down, limited. If I am a physicist I spend years
and years learning about physics, studying it, investigating,
research into it, so my brain is naturally, through
this peculiar culture that we have, is being narrowed down. There are two scientists here,
they agree. And our brain has become
mechanical, routine, small, because we are so concerned
with ourselves, always living in a very small area
of like, dislike, pain, sorrow, and all the rest of it. But the mind is something
entirely different. You cannot understand or comprehend
the nature of that mind if your brain is limited. You cannot understand the limitless
when your life is limited. So that is the relationship – the relationship between the brain
and the mind can only take place when the brain
is free from its content. This is a complex question,
it requires much more going into but we haven’t the time for it. 6th Question: What is faith? What is faith? Faith in God, faith. I have faith in my wife,
she won’t betray me. I have faith in my husband. I have faith in my business. Faith. The whole Christendom, all the religious structure
and nature of Christianity is based on faith. And there they do not question, they do not have doubt, scepticism. If you have faith in God
then you cannot possibly allow any form of scepticism,
doubt to enter, or in the Islamic world. But in the Hindu world
and in the Buddhist world doubt is one of the necessary
qualities to cleanse the brain. You have faith,
haven’t all of you, belief? Have you ever questioned
your belief, your faith and your illusions? Or you just accept them. When you have faith you have put aside altogether
any question of investigation. Suppose I believe in God, believe, have faith in God, then every question, every doubt
must be set aside because my belief in God
is based on fear. I don’t know what the world is,
somebody has created it, and I like to think
God has created it, that’s one kind of belief. The scientists say
there is no such thing as God, it is a natural growth of evolution
from the cell into the very complex cells
of the human brain. So, why do we have faith? Isn’t that very restricting,
narrowing down, limiting, and doesn’t faith divide people? The Christians’ faith
and Islamic faith, and the Hindus who probably have
no faith about anything at all, and so there is constant conflict
between them all. You see, there is also another
complex question involved in this: why do we have ideals? The whole communist world is based on the theoretical
supposition of Marx, Stalin and so on, Lenin.
They are their gods. And they believe
in what they have said as Christians believe in what
the Bible says, or the Koran, or you with your Gita,
Upanishads or something else. You are all absorbing
what the books say, but you never for yourself
question the whole thing. Because the moment
you question, doubt, you have to rely on yourself,
and therefore you are frightened. Therefore much better to have
faith in something illusory, something that doesn’t
really actually exist. But if you know for yourself,
I have to understand my own life, I have to see if it is possible to bring about a great
revolution in my life, then you start from there. But if you have faith in something, you are living in an extraordinarily
illusory world. You have got a lot of questions. 7th Question:
If human consciousness is one, how is it that one person is happy
and the other is unhappy? Also you say thought is ‘me’.
Please show me how. If human consciousness is one, how is it that one person is happy
and the other, unhappy? Also you say thought is me –
please show me how. Are you happy? And why is another unhappy? You are born rich, your grandfathers and grandparents
have left you a factory or a business, and you are quite happy with it. And another is born
in a little village, uneducated, toiling day after day
on a piece of earth which is the size of this room,
or half the size of this hall, working on it, living on a pittance
and he is unhappy, he doesn’t know about happiness
or unhappiness, he is working, working, working. Does happiness depend
on circumstances, on work, on what you are doing, or on your satisfaction
in doing something? What do you call happiness,
and what do you call unhappiness? Happiness can be said
that when you are satisfied. I am satisfied in doing something
and feel very happy about it. And I am not satisfied
in doing something and I am very unhappy about it. Is satisfaction synonymous
with happiness? And am I seeking
continuously satisfaction? Which means I am seeking
all the time gratification and I will be happy. Or is happiness something
that comes and goes, that is a by-product,
it is not very important? And also the questioner asks, thought is ‘me’, show me how. What do you mean ‘show you how’? On a screen in a television? Or make a diagram? Or show you verbally? Which is, you accept intellectually if
the speaker explains, thought is ‘me’. Would you understand it? The speaker will explain,
that is, he will describe, he will explain step by step. And will you see the truth of it, or say, ‘No, that is not the self.
Self is something far superior. It is divine, it is atman,
it is something else’. So how will you receive
an explanation? Knowing the explanation,
the description, the word, is not the thing? The window, the word ‘window’
is not the actual window. I can paint a mountain but the
painting is not the actual mountain. So we can go into this together.
I can’t show it to you. I can’t put it on a screen,
television, and show it to you; there it is. But if we can together investigate,
if you are willing. If you are bored with it,
all right, be bored with it. So let us together find out. What are you? If you are really frank, serious,
when that question is put to you, what are you? Aren’t you your name? aren’t you your face,
your eyes, your nose, your hair and so on, physically? Aren’t you the anger,
aren’t you the greed, or the greed is separate from you? Aren’t you, when there is anxiety,
aren’t you that anxiety? When you are suffering, suffering when one loses
one’s wife, husband, children, or grandmother, etc.,
are you not suffering? And is that suffering
something separate from you? Aren’t you all that? Or do you think – think –
that you are separate from all that? Right, sir? Are you separate from all that? Are you separate from your anger,
jealousy, from your bank account? You are your bank account,
aren’t you? Or if I take away your bank account
you say, ‘That’s not me’. Would you say that? ‘You can take my bank account
because it is not me’. How you would howl
if I took away your bank account. So you are your bank account,
you are your furniture, you are your house, your insurance,
your mortgage, your money. But if you say, ‘I am not all that, there is something in me
that is watching all this’, is that a fact? Or you have invented it? Many people say there is
super-super-consciousness above all this consciousness. That is, is that not
invented by thought? Is not your bank account
– not the coin, not the notes – all that is not
the result of thought? Is not your recognition
of your wife, your husband, isn’t that thought? So aren’t you all the memory
of the past, all the tradition of the past – as a Hindu, as a Brahmin,
non-Brahmin, and all that business
– aren’t you all that? Of course you are. So, you are the knowledge
which is the past. You are nothing but memories. Would you accept that? Of course not. Aren’t you? If all your memories were
taken away, what are you? You would be a vegetable. So your memories, which is
always the past, is what you are. Your tradition, as a Hindu,
as a Parsi, as a Muslim and so on, that’s the result of years of
propaganda, years of tradition, which is the activity of thought. So you are thought. If you don’t think at all,
what are you? So you are the whole
content of the past. That past is modifying
itself in the present and continues as the future. So you are the past,
the present and the future. In you all time is contained. Oh, you don’t understand all this. And the self, the ‘me’, my name,
my quality, my achievement, my ambition, my pain,
my sorrow, is all the past. And so the self is
the essence of the past, which is memory, knowledge. And therefore the self
is very, very limited. And that’s why the self is causing
so much mischief in the world. Each self is out for itself. You are out for your
own self, aren’t you? If you were honest, see this clearly,
aren’t you out for yourself? Your ambition, your achievement,
your fulfilment, your satisfaction. So thought is you. Thought is limited,
because all knowledge is limited. Therefore your self
is the most limited thing. And therefore you are causing
enormous sorrow, enormous conflict, because the self is
separative, divisive. So, sirs, the speaker has explained.
The explanation is not the fact. The fact is for you
to see this for yourself. If you see this for yourself and say,
‘I like the way I am going on’, perfectly all right. But you know for yourself that you
are creating havoc in the world, and you prefer to live that way,
good luck to you. But there might be some who say
that is not the way to live. One must live with a global brain, without any division,
without any nationality, without any self. Don’t make that into some kind
of heightened illumination only a few can reach. Anybody
who sets his brain and heart to understand the nature of the self and be free of that self, anybody can do it
if they put their mind. Right, sir. May I answer one more question?
After that we’ll stop. It’s ten o’clock. Probably you have to go to your
own jobs and all the rest of it… …Ten past ten, sorry. One more
question and that’s the end of it. Oh, I’ve answered this question. 8th Question: If the great religions
of the world are not religions,
what is then religion? That’s the question. It is not printed clearly. If the great religions of the world
are not true religions, what is true religion? Why do you say, ‘if’ the great
religions are not true religions? Why do you say ‘if’? Are they religions? You answer that question. You all go to temples probably. You have all had marriage ceremonies
and puja, etc. Are they religions? Great religions; Christianity,
Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, are they religions? Which is, their rituals,
their hierarchy, their faith, belief, their going to temple and
offering enormous sums of money to some things made by hand
or by the mind, which you call God, is all that religion? You accept it as religion. But if you question, doubt, then you begin to ask, obviously these things
are all put together by thought. The Bible, the Koran and your own
so-called religious books, they are all put down by thought. They are not divine revelations, they are not straight
from God’s mouth. I know you love to think that. But thought has operated
and put down on a piece of paper, and then you accept it as something
extraordinarily sacred. So, if you brush aside all that,
and that requires scepticism, a sense of freedom to observe, freedom from fear, totally from fear, then you can find out for yourself
what is religion. That is, is there something sacred, not invented by thought,
not measured by words, is there something
that is immeasurable, timeless? This has been a question
from the ancient of times. The ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, all the great past civilizations
have asked this question: is there something beyond all this
which thought has not invented? Which thought has not touched? Because thought can be measured. Thought is a material process, and whatever it invents
is not sacred. So to find that out the brain must be
entirely free from its content, from fear, from anxiety, from the sense of terrible loneliness,
from death. Then only you will find out
what is truth, what is the highest form of religion.

100 thoughts on “Is it necessary to marry in life? What’s the physical relationship between man & woman? Krishnamurti

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    Lord Byron: "For he who loves another loves himself
    even for that other's sake"
    (Sardanapalus: Act 1, 487)

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  13. With all due respect Jiddu, yes, it is. God said, "Be fruitful and multiply."

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    Me: ∠( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)」∠)__

    Friend: Oooooookaaay

  42. True conjugal relationship is rare, final home is seen in someone by another one when both of them have not dwelled in other temporary things and therefore have developed infinite affinity for each other. Lover is someone who is to stay with beloved forever, transcending the limits of time and place.

  43. I married twice, and I say No, unless you want a child and have tested the marriage 2 years. We can only rely on God.

  44. Well ,did Krishnamurti ask his father and mother this question before he was born? In other words did he couldn't speak or write all the words and books he wrote without his mommy? Go figure! Is it nessesary?

  45. J.K. Starts out with: “Good Lord…I don’t know, what a strange question… you have to know, what a strange question…”

    Seconds later: dives deep into it

    Laughs again at question and says it’s up to you…. Dives deep again to answer that same source of every question asked of him

    Classic J.K. Style

  46. I read The First and Last Freedom back in the 80's which had a profound effect on me at the time.☺

    Fortunately I'm never lonely anymore, though I am alone , most of the time.

    When I meet people casual strangers it is always a joy.🌞

  47. why is taking a long to explain such silly questions, if you want to live like an animal, then marraiage is not necessary at all, if you want live like human its better marry

  48. His reply is mostly correct but not fully. In a marriage, adjustments and compromises are necessary. And it is horrible to say that wife exploits the husband and the husband exploits the wife. If that happens, there is no more marriage, and it would be divorce.

  49. who falls in love is silly, and after that who marry, that person is stupid 😀
    in conclusion who marry is stupid. and this is human nature 🙂 I tested for 20 years. than saw that I am stupid and also the person I married is also another stupid. than I realize that, who marrried are also stupids 🙂

  50. as a christian from Botswana, i like reading and listening to words of wisdom and so far, Krishnamurti is the wiseman, the way he answers and teaches proves hes a great soul, and the bible talks about three wisemen from the east, eastern philosophy is often rich of wisdom

  51. This "part of life" really bothers me for a long time. I dont know. I am not just into romantic love. It's too small. The world there is too small. It's like you are limiting yourself to universal love. And by involving yourself to a romantic relationship, you don't get to discover your highest potential as a human being.

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