Israeli Medical Technologies

Doctors have been performing surgery for centuries. But surgery in 2019 is a little bit different. Doctors are now relying on robots, lasers,
and even augmented reality to save lives. Here are 3 Israeli tech companies
that are changing the face of medicine. Mazor Robotics has created a robot that
can perform – that’s right – spinal surgery! It integrates advanced analytical tools,
precision guidance and 3D imaging technologies. Mazor means to heal in Hebrew and that
precisely what the company is doing. The system is a robotic system which enables
greater accuracy than a human hand. Using the system we are able to conduct
a preliminary test of the surgery and the surgeon can visualise
the surgery procedure beforehand. What happens when surgery meets
augmented reality? Let’s just say incredible possibilities
for the field of medicine. Beyeonics has pioneered a visual platform for surgeons
which uses augmented reality during surgery. The heart of the system is an augmented reality display
that is used by the surgeon and provides a very high resolution stereoscopic imagery. All the data is projected to the surgeon
in the very critical phases of surgery. Innovation is part of Elbit’s DNA,
Beyeonics is a good example of how we leverage technology using aviation to
revolutionise the world of medical operation. Technology is all about the future but when it comes
to diagnosing a patient the past is pretty important. At Zebra Medical Vision we are teaching computers how
to read and diagnose medical imaging scans at scale. We are using millions of CT scans, MRI’s, X-rays,
mammograms in order to teach computers how to detect specific findings that will serve
technicians and hospitals in improving patient care. Augmented reality and robots are less
scary than you would think. And Israeli startups like Mazor Robotics,
Beyeonics and Zebra Medical Vision are closer than ever to discovering
the next medical breakthrough one surgery at a time. If you care – share!

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