– We’re in Thailand, we’re in Thailand! (excited screaming) (jet ski engine roaring) (romantic music) – All right, so we’re
about to go jet skiing here at Patong Beach. 1800 Baht for both Robs and I and, oh, you can you use my money too. I got money there. – [Shop Owner] Your
phone we can put in sack. Oh yeah, okay. – [Robyn] I’ll just pay half-half. – Yeah, just take some of mine. Just use all of my money, it’s all right. Anyway, 1800 Baht, I’ll
throw the conversions up. – [Robyn] You don’t have anything in here. – Yeah, I got money in there. – [Robyn] No, there’s no notes in there. – Ah, no sorry, it’s all there. – [Robyn] Oh.
– Okay. Anyway, 1800 Baht and
the suns about to set. Check this out. All right, jet skiing at
Patong Beach for half an hour. It’s gonna be fun, let’s do this. All right, life jackets, nice. (jet ski engine roars) How do you feel Robs? (laughs) – (laughs) This is fun. – Jet skiing, (laughs) paragliding, is there anything we’re not? Oh we got the swings over there, look. – Yeah, yeah. – Jump on the swings.
– [Robyn] There’s a swing wherever you go, hey. Here we go. Unicorns and swings– – You’ve never done jet skiing before? – [Robyn] Have. – You have. – [Shop Owner] Here, here.
– [Brad] Okay. – [Shop Owner] Your number. (speaking in a foreign language) – Okay. All right, (laughs) we’re going
jet skiing at Patong Beach. (inhales deeply) Here we go.
(laughing) This is gonna be fun.
(laughing) – We can put this inside. – [Brad] Which one? – [Man In Green Shirt] No,
you can put in the box. – [Brad] Okay, thank you.
– Here. (feet splashing in water) – Now what we got to do, we
got to check the jet skii before we take it out. So we’re gonna walk around the jet skii, inspect it before we jump on it, Robs. (feet splashing in water) – [Robyn] Okay. – Yeah, take my word. We gonna look around this thing
before we take it anywhere. – Yamaha!
– [Brad] Wooh! (wave splashing) – [Jet Skii Manager] Okay, put your– – [Brad] I know. – [Jet Ski Manager]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Brad] Okay.
– [Jet Ski Manager] Okay. (water splashing) – Okay, come. (water splashing)
– [Brad] You go first. (water splashing) Go Robsie. You want a photo? Here, I’ll take a quick photo. Wooh! Yeah! – [Robyn] Am I driving? – Yeah, you’re gonna drive for a bit. – Okay. Sit. Okay Yeah. – This one stop. – Okay.
– Okay. This is gas, speed, power. – [Robyn] Power. – Feel it, yeah, okay. – All right, that’s power? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay. – There’s power. Hello, finished, come here, okay. They know, okay. – [Brad] Okay, thank you.
– Bring jet ski, come here. – [Robyn] Thank you. (exclaiming in excitement) (jet ski engine roars) (dramatic music) – Wooh! (dramatic music) – Wooh! (exclaiming in excitement) (dramatic music) – We’re in Thailand, we’re in Thailand! – Woohoo! (dramatic music) – What?
– Let me just rub my eyes. – What? – They’re so salty. – What’s salty?
– My eyes. (water splashing) (exclaiming) (jet ski engine roars) – I’ve never driven one of these things. – [Brad] You said you did. – No, never. – [Brad] I thought you said you’d done it. – No. (dramatic music) (jet ski engine roars) (dramatic music) (exclaiming in excitement) (dramatic music) – I’m good, I’m good. All good, keep going. (jet ski engine growls) (laughing) This is crazy. (jet ski engine roars) – Whoa, whoa. (laughing)
(water splashing) (dramatic music) – All right, we just finished jet skiing, we’re getting off the jet ski. Thank you very much.
– [Jet Ski Operator] Thank you Thank you, thank you man, cheers. How do you feel Robs? – That was so fun! – Yeah. Oh, that was awesome
guys, that was a real, that was a big thrill,
big thrill, big adventure. (water splashing) You gotta do it, you gotta do
the jet skiing here at Patong. Cost us how much, 1700, 1800. – Yeah, 1800, but that
was with bargaining. – 18. – They asked for two. – Yeah, they’ll bargain
a little bit but yeah. Anyway, we’re gonna go and
get a drink now I think, walk around and chill out. Come join us, come and
join us for a drink. Big smile Robs. Look at the big smile, look. Her first time riding a jet ski. – Well, driving one. – Well, driving a jet ski. – I’ve been on the back
but I’ve never driven. – Yeah, she’s– – It was so fun! – [Brad] She’s super happy, look. – You know how much adrenaline’s
running through my body from one extreme to the other. – [Brad] Her eyes are
so red, look. (laughing) – It’s all the salt water. – All right, we’re going for a drink. Come join us. (romantic music)


  1. To keep the salt water out of her eyes, maybe Robyn needs to wear goggles from Wakatobi the next time she drives the jet ski! 🙂

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