Jillian Michaels Talks Fitness!

(energetic music) (audience whooping) I always love when our next guest stops by, she’s a health guru, a fitness guru, she’s a whole lotta fun. She’s just one of the girls. Please welcome back to our show, my friend Jillian Michaels. (cheers and applause) (music and applause drown out conversation) I’m just gonna roll onto your chair here. You could use a slit. That’s a good skirt though. It’s like, yeah, but you can’t move in it, so I thought I would kinda shuffle to you. Is this on a budget? It looks Chanel-esque. It’s Alexander McQueen. Perfect. Is that on a budget? No, but you got it. I just sorta, yeah, you just shuffle me out, and then you shuffle me back, and then I get right out of it. Right? So I’m like, right out of it. Shoe cam, put your feet down. Shoe cam. (applause and cheers) Those are good. Oh, there’s a little thing, yeah. Cute! I don’t remember what these are either. Someone dressed me, I have no idea. They’re ostrich. Aww, that’s kinda sad actually. But those birds can be violent, right? So screw it. (laughs) Are you a rescue person? I am, yeah, I am a rescue person. But I’ve never rescued an ostrich, so. Well you’re wearing leather. I know, I’m not judging. All I’m saying is that, nope, please. I know, I’m a far from perfect human being. I’m sure I’m filled with other hypocrisies. I eat french fries. (audience moans) I know. But you air fry them. But you air fry them? Of course I do air fry them, yes! (laughs) I air fry those french fries, yes. So how did you celebrate New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day or whatever. I celebrated by being woken up by my seven-year-old at four in the morning projectile vomiting all over. (audience groans) Where were you? Oh my gosh. We, my girlfriend and my son You still with her? I am still
It’s like a year! You called me out when we first started dating. My girlfriend and my son had dreamt up this Arctic safari they wanted to go on, and literally it was like straight out of hell. I’m not trying to sound ungrateful. In Finland. It makes a Chevy Chase movie look like Roman Holiday. (audience chuckles) I mean it was just, we all got the Norovirus, and so I had to pray that it was food poisoning, and two days later my seven-year-old got it. And I mean this kid nailed every single room in our little cabin. He puked in his bed, the living room on the way to me, on me in my bathroom. It was a very, yeah, it was Happy New Year awesome. Amazing.(laughs) Did Lou get it? Lou is too smart. She literally is like nine but goin’ on 15, and she’s like, “I’m not goin’, “I wanna hang out in L.A. with my friends.” Good Lou, good. She’s like, “You’re on your own with this snow crap.” She wasn’t into it, not at all. Did she ask you for black-eyed peas and collard greens and a little piece of pork for New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day? (audience chuckles) No, no, no, no, no! She asked me for NoGoo, is what she asked me for. No, no, but for black people, like that’s what we do
(applause) No, Jillian! This child’s being raised by wolves, though. She knows sushi! That’s what this child wants. (high pitched mumbling) You should tell her though for next New Year’s. She’ll be stunned that you even know that. I mean we have taken her
Black people here in America you have to have the collard greens, the green is for money Come on! No I’m telling you this! Stop it! The black-eyed peas are for health. It’s a thing? All the white people bein’ all, “Yes.” You don’t know! (laughter and applause) You liar, I see you! Stop it! The black-eyed peas, though, are for health, and you have to eat, even if you are vegan, vegetarian. If you just take a bite of a piece of pork. The reason why pork and not chicken is ’cause chickens all look crazy. (laughs) They walk backwards, sideways, and stuff. A pig only moves forward, you see, and that’s where you want your life to go in the New Year, you want it to go forward. So you take that bite of pig. And then, you can throw the rest away, but yeah, yeah. Well wait a minute, these all sound like great things. How come this is only a black thing? I wanna take, I need a little of this in my life. I don’t, it’s like ahhh, over a hundred years old, easily. Yes, this goes way back to our roots, right black people? (audience cheers and applauds) All right, I’m on it, I’m into it! I want money and forward momentum and all that good stuff. A pig moves forward, chickens go everywhere! Sushi, no sushi. All right, I love it! Well you can have sushi later on. Okay, fair. All right, now your girlfriend, Deshanna. Yes. It’s been a year. Little over. Okay, a little over. Now she looks like she will punch somebody in the face for you. She has. She’s a little gangster, yeah. You both look so alpha. I know, but I think that, it kinda works. It’s nice to sort of have somebody take the reins sometimes. I’ve always been very much like, “I got it, no, no, no, I got it!” And when someone’s like, “No, I got it.” I’m like, okay, you get it. (mumbles sheepishly) Look at you! Yeah, it is nice. You can kinda relax for a second. In fact, she like, I was having the hardest time with clothes ’cause it’s not what I do, and clearly I wear sweats all day long. And like, my girlfriend and her sister went and just dressed me. Like, she’s great at what’s she’s great at, and she has a way of just going, “Will you shut up.” Are you gonna get married again do you think? Awwww, really Wendy? (laughs) I’m mean, it’s been a year. You just always gotta do this to me girl! It’s a year, it is! Yeah, but you’re not 25! You’re mature, you’ve got children, you’ve got a great career. You clearly love love. What part of love is marriage? (audience gasps and applauds) Okay, fair, fair, fair, fair, okay. So I get it, I get it, I get it, okay? Okay? How does she get along with your ex-wife? They get along fine. I think that they both kind of, it’s really interesting, because they both sort of struggle with the same things with my daughter actually, who’s very bonded to me. And so my son’s very bonded with my ex, my daughter’s very bonded to me, and so she kinda feels like she’s in competition. And so I think in a weird way they’re like, “You need to do this.” Both of ’em, “You need to do…” Does Deshanna want other kids? Because that was the situation with your ex. There was no cheating or anything. Jillian’s ex wanted another child, and Jillian was like, “No, we’re done.” We’re full. You know that scene in As Good as it Gets? Does Deshanna want more children? All filled up on crazy. We’re full. She, when we first started dating, and then I was like, “Look.” ‘Cause you met on the app. We, there’s this like crazy celebrity dating app that was given to me. And my little brother loves to like swipe and see who’s on there. And I had just had like a hideous breakup, and I was finding myself in Egypt, and he was swiping, of course, and he found her on there and swiped. Does she want children? She knows that I don’t want more. And so I’m like, I just… That’s a deal-breaker for you. My two like really need a lot of attention. And your career needs a lot of attention. It’s not easy being Jillian, it’s not easy! So you were on the cover of Women’s Health magazine. You look fantastic. Aww, thank you. (applause and cheers) Like, you don’t take a bad picture. You never look bad. Oh I do! Really? Oh I’d say I can take a bad picture! So I was reading some of the article, and inside you were talking about people not… well you were talking about people celebrating being obese. I just find that our world is so polarized, and it’s like, y’know, there was so much fat shaming for such a long time, that now the pendulum has swung to a place where it’s like, “You are 250 pounds and you’re ownin’ it, “go.” And I’m like (laughs), no, no, no, and it’s like, when you start to celebrate that, it’s not about shaming, it’s not about excluding anyone. But we also don’t wanna cosign cancer, heart disease, diabetes. This is a no! It’s a no! So we don’t exclude anyone, we don’t judge anyone, but we also don’t celebrate. That would be like handing an alcoholic, like, “You’re an alcoholic, this is fantastic! “Here’s a vodka tonic.” And I say this because I was an overweight kid. I used food as a coping mechanism. Oh, we didn’t even have the picture ready. I mean, I understand it. She had somethin’ goin’ on under those clothes! (laughter) What are the best tips for a healthy New Year, do you think? Honestly, common sense. It’s become so controversial. I had literally gotten in trouble and been on the Google headlines for saying like, “Hey, Keto, not so healthy. “Hey, vegan, not so healthy.” Like both extremes. Or, you know what, these cleanses. Not a great idea, just eat less! I fast like twice a week. When you say fast, what do you mean by that though? Just water. For two days? Not in a row. Are you outta your mind? Are you? Water and a green juice and a power juice in the morning, that’s it. Okay. But then the other days I eat what I want. But see I’d rather you not be like, “I eat what I want.” I’d rather you just keep it kinda balanced all week. No. No (laughs). What’s goin’ on with your fitness app? Can I learn somethin’ there? (laughs) This is pretty much, it’s very straightforward. Are you screamin’ at people? Y’know what? I wasn’t, and we got so many complaints that I had to go back in the studio and I was like, “I will kill your dog!” (laughter) “Go faster!” Like literally, so I had to start screaming in there too. But its basically like me in your pocket. I worked with registered dieticians and chefs, so its like thousands of recipes that you can customize just for you. And the same thing with the fitness. Its all customizable. All my DVDs are in there too, but any device, any place, any time, anywhere, and it’s literally 69 bucks. For anything and everything you could want. Cheaper than a gym membership. Hopefully.
(applause) At the convenience of your home. All right, you don’t go anywhere, okay. I want you to stay around. Ask Wendy and Jillian is next. (applause and cheers)
(energetic music) (audience whooping)
All right, it’s a New Year and everyone wants to get healthy, so now it’s time for Ask Wendy and Jillian. Come on over. How you doin’? Hey ladies, how you doin’? Good thank you. Who are you, where you from, what do you do? My name is Yolanda, I’m from the Bronx. I’m a retired police officer. I got the gastric sleeve about a year ago and I lost 100 pounds. Good for you! (applause and cheers) I have all these friends that order bad things when we go out for dinner. You know, the flan, the custards and all that stuff. Anyway, my first question would be, do I need new friends? No.
No, go ahead Jillian. I just think, just change what you’re doing with them. You know what I mean? Like if you guys have hobbies… Hobbies? Well I don’t, win a tennis match! But going out for food is a hobby, right? (laughter)
Exactly! All you do is you order what you want, let them order what they want. Don’t judge them, and they better not say mess about you! Mmkay, I can do that. My only concern is… Hobbies! Are you tempted by when it’s there? So tempted. See that’s the problem. And will power… Well, you have to practice your will power then. I’m tryin’. All right! I’m gonna’ work on that. Yeah, don’t let them fool you, but don’t stay home, or don’t go play tennis. I still think you could find other activities to do. I love flan too. I love flan. No hobbies? Oh God! Should I have any hobbies? (applause and loud cheering) All right, beehive. What is your name, where are you from and what do you do? Hi, my name is Chris. I’m from Jersey and I’m a student. (cheers and applause) I could fit him in your pocket. How can we help you, Chris? Okay, well, here’s my problem. I have this model build and stuff like that, naturally. How old are you? I’m 18. Okay. (laughter and twittering) Come over a little more so people can stare at you. So my problem is that I’m having trouble gaining weight. Yeah I’m taking like the supplements, and in school I’m going to the gym and stuff like that, but I’m not gaining any weight, and the summertime’s coming up and I wanna look great! What should I do? You gotta eat like every two hours. I know. How much? Quinoa? Sometimes. No I mean like every, like a body builder. Like you gotta carry sacks of food, thousands of calories, sweetheart. Like literally its the exact opposite of trying to lose. You have to eat every two hours like its a job. Should he take some powdered supplement or something? He can, but it’ll, I mean, it won’t, it’ll help you with branch chain aminos and whey. You need calories. Period. End of story. Mad amounts of calories. Okay. Every two hours like its a job, 500 calories minimum, and you’ll be just absolutely miserable, but it will work. Okay, thank you. Thank you Chris. Okay, we have time for another. (cheers and applause) Come on over. How you doin’? Hi ladies, how you doin’? What’s your name, where are you from, what do you do? I am Melanie from New Jersey, I’m 32. So I’m actually a fitness instructor at a workout studio, mostly barre classes, and a lot of our female clients come up to me and wanna know if doing Kegel exercises helps with their sex life. Absolutely! I usually tell them yes. Are you out of your mind? As a matter of fact, let’s hold it while Melanie continues. C’mon girls, three, two, one, go! (audience laughs) Continue. Yeah, that was my main… Jillian? I was gonna phone a friend (stumbles over her words). You don’t kegel? I’m a homo, we don’t really worry about… (laughter and applause) Oh, right. It’s not as much of a thing. Right, right, right. I mean I don’t think it is. Right, right, right, right. I’m like, uncomfortable. (laughter) Well look, if you like a man’s privates, then you best to kegel. (raucous laughter and applause) Thank you. You’re very welcome. Now, oh Jillian, I’m sorry for the awkwardness. My friend Jillian Michaels everybody. Be sure to download Jillian’s fitness app, it’s Jillian’s My Fitness app. (energetic music)

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  2. Her daughter is of Haitian descent, so Jillian would have to find a Haitian chief to make what Haitian household eat on New Year's Day, which is Soup Joumou. Some households would have Haitian patties and fruits on that day as well. I'm surprised that Julian didn't correct you, and she should have know that fact.

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  4. I just found Jillian immature and silly. She’s a woman I wouldn’t take advice from or buy anything from. She’s not selling me anything without laughing or being uncomfortable. I’m a gay man but I could have easily had the conversation about woman’s private parts without giggling and being uncomfortable. Kmt

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  19. This is about the rudest I’ve ever seen Wendy with the guest!! If I were Jillian I would’ve said I’m tired of all these mean questions!! And then hitting her with why isn’t she given her child black eyed pea’s- Wendy was just really nasty today!
    And when they did “ask Wendy” She had Julian along side her so she could help ask questions-But when Julian tried to answer questions Wendy wouldn’t have any of it. Wendy’s down a notch on my approval rating. Just insult after insult, And if she didn’t see it someone on her staff should point it out to her, so she could apologize the next day

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