Kids Healthy Food Favorites: Yum or Yuck?

try the pizza loaf hour all right Sophie any thoughts Wow very happy James happy to be any idea what’s in there what the secret healthy ingredient is you know what you know what high five because you are smart because you are right there is Jesus there’s also this is what squash looks like so there’s actually squash this wonderful yellow vegetable is in that pizza but last certainly not least like yeah I’m you don’t like it do you gala it’s no good oh you better save a little for dinner later kids but you want to try this last little dish what’s this what’s this called again Lisa these are Tater Tot shows sounds good right shows like nachos my chips tater tots you guys like tater tots right nachos it’s like a Tater Tot and and a nacho got married all right give it a whirl kids so this is the last one get that sign up here’s your’s yummy or yucky kids I can’t even eat it so it was tough tough to eat because it was crumbling too big to pick up you know at least she’s being honest honesty honesty is the best policy but you know isn’t that what if I told you that those were made of Lisa cauliflower [Applause] you don’t want to eat it okay your donut James if you want to you can spit it out in there okay and you know what what’s crazy is you may look at that and think only kids do that I’ve done that on this stage before too but I gotta tell you Lisa these are fabulous you

6 thoughts on “Kids Healthy Food Favorites: Yum or Yuck?

  1. I like respectful James is. Even though he hated the food so much, he refused to spit it out on TV until he was told he can. Very well mannered.

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