Knee Pain Relief: Dr. Madhuri Sharma’s Success Story – Dr. Bharti’s Holistic Wellness, Vasant Vihar

I am Dr. Madhuri Sharma, my age is 77
years. I retired as a Deputy Director General Health Services from Ministry of
Health. I had some problem regarding my knees I had some pain in while
walking and getting up at the morning my knees used to be very stiff so with that
and I heard about Dr. Bharti so I thought that just be going talk to my father a
very pleasant person and he suggested me for some treatment and I had 28 sittings
for that and I feel quite better than what I was and if I continue to do I
think I will be perfect and I can have my normal routine.
I have closely observed Dr. Bharti’s Holistic Program. It is very scientific
and easy and follow and follow it as a that they are focusing upon the
scientific metabolic mechanism and correction of all the deformities
developed due to the Osteo-Arthritis and now I feel that I am quite benefited
with this treatment and I would like to suggest to some of my friends also to go
through this treatment this holistic approach of Dr. Bharti and they can
also be benefited and I am god bless you

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