Kyäni Wellness TV: Episode 055–All About HL5

Hello and welcome to another episode of “Kyani
Wellness TV.” My name is Dr. Andreas Bechtler, member of
the scientific advisory board here at Kyani. And in today’s video, we’re going to talk
about our unique proprietary formula called HL5 and why you should consider it for your
dietary intake and collagen needs. [00:00:22] [music] [00:00:35] Well, so why should you consider collagen
and why should it be a part of your dietary intake? Well, to be short, the short answer is that
these proteins make up 30% of your entire body. In fact, when you actually break it down it’s
the most abundant molecule in the body, makes up 75% of your skin, 90% of your bones, 85%
of your tendons, 70% of your cartilage and 70% of your ligaments. Now the problem is and what we need to understand
about collagen is that its benefits if not met through our dietary intake can wreak havoc
through a variety of different systems. So as I share with you these benefits, also
understand when you’re not getting it the opposite will hold true. It’s critical for absolutely healthy aging
if you want that thick vibrant plump skin that ages well, that is free of wrinkles as
much as possible, of course, we can’t stop aging but we can certainly help to slow the
aging process down and collagen is absolutely critical. I mean, if you think about it our dietary
intakes have completely changed. We don’t make bone broth like we used to. Our moms, like I remember my mom used to make
soups with big bones in it, big broth and she would be at home and she’d be cooking
all day and she would make all these wonderful foods but because of today’s hectic lifestyles,
we’re just simply not getting it. So if you’re not eating bone broth on a regular
basis every single day, if you’re not eating the skin on organic chicken, for example if
you will, or the cartilage found there, you are not getting your collagen needs met. And so we’ve come up a really convenient way
so I’m gonna be talking about that with you in a moment but I really want to stress the
important need of collagen, right? It helps to repair after injury, helps to
maintain or even promote weight loss, healthy blood pressure, boosts metabolism, increase
fat burning, reduce cravings, bone health, increase in muscle mass and an increase in
strength as well. And that’s why we’ve also put it together
in a blend in our FIT20 performance protein which I’ll be breaking down for you in another
video as to why we did that. But one of the biggest threats to your health
is sarcopenia and that is muscle loss. And that happens over time and begins at the
age of 30 where you lose about 3% to 8% of your muscle every single decade with the average
male losing about 30% of their muscle by the time of age of 60. And as we get older, our actual protein needs
actually increase. They do not decrease. So we really wanted to address this from a
fundamental health perspective and really make it easy for you. I mean you can just simply rip it and zip
it as we call it with these pouches and get five grams of hydrolyzed collagen protein. Now, 75% of your skin is collagen, it makes
up the lattice network or the structure underneath the skin when it’s firm in tone, but over
time it breaks down and it starts to cause those fine lines and the wrinkles start to
form. And these lattice networks not only are here
in your skin but they’re also inside your bone, they’re in your ligaments, they’re in
your tendons, they’re also in your blood vessels. And we talk a lot about cardiovascular health
here so it’s really important in maintaining the integrity and the structure of your cardiovascular
system with healthy levels of collagen. Now, of course, the problem is that collagen
production declines with age. Our ability to produce collagen becomes less
and less as part of the aging process. So it’s yet another reason why supplementing
with collagen, in my opinion, should be a staple among your daily dietary intake so
that you can age well and age in a healthy fashion. And so that’s why we’ve created this HL5 product. It’s a wonderful flavor. You can actually mix it quite well. One of my favorite things to do is put it
in a hot tea at night. That’s one of my tricks is here’s a little
dietary hack if you will. If you have those late night cravings, you’re
hungering for something sweet, instead of doing that make your favorite tea and then
put in a pouch of the HL5. It’s a lemon citrus flavor and it is absolutely
amazing, it will curb your appetite and the ingredients as you’re about to see will actually
help ignite your metabolism through the night helping you to burn fat. And so it’s a wonderful quick little bio hack
and if you just flip that instead of the sweet treat you will start to see a change in your
body, your skin and your tone and how you feel and everything else that comes along
with it. Now, why hydrolyzed collagen? Well, hydrolyzed collagen is basically collagen
that’s been broken down into its individual peptides. What does that mean for you? That means you’re gonna get the most broken
down by available easily absorbed collagen, end of story. It is the best source of collagen that you
can take. Now it has a very unique amino acid profile
that are very important, in particular, glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, glutamic acid, arginine
are all critically unique and distinct from whey protein or whey protein isolate and which
has a different amino acid profile. These are structurally very important. Now you might be wondering what type of collagen
do we have. We have grass-fed type one and type three
collagen. It makes up the majority of all of your collagen
in your hair, in your skin and in your nails but also in your ligaments, in your tendons
and in your digestive system. Remember that lattice network that I showed
you? It’s really important that your digestive
tract is very firm and tight because if that breaks down that’s what creates that leaky
gut and leaky gut results in inflammation and things getting into your system that shouldn’t
and so it’s really important that you get this. Now a lot of people out there will always
tell you, you need to have all five types of collagen. Well, I actually don’t agree with that and
here’s why, because the amino acid profile of collagen in and of itself is the same and
they make all of the types of collagen that your body needs. So in my opinion when someone markets all
five types of collagen, it’s really just a marketing statement versus any type of scientific
or medical benefit to you. And so we chose bovine over marine. Why? Well, some people will have an allergic reaction
to fish or shellfish, so we wanted to make our product the most unique and most consumable. It really also has a nice blend of the type
one and type three and marine is really predominantly of type one collagen. And so we found this to be the best one to
put into our product, to really help you to address and meet your collagen needs. And these are very important, these amino
acids, in maintaining the structural integrity of your blood vessels for the reasons that
I already mentioned to you earlier. Now I’ll be doing more benefits and breaking
down the science of the product I just want to give you a really high-level overview how
wonderful this product is, why it’s unique, but I want to tell you again also why bovine. Well, it’s really important for helping with
joint pain, okay, from osteoarthritis to rheumatoid arthritis because basically, bovine collagen
stimulates cartilage production, okay. It’s really important, which can cushion your
joints and reduce that joint pain, improve gut health which is what I was also talking
about, reduces the symptoms of leaky gut by helping to repair the microscopic holes that
can occur in the gut lining. Very good for athletes in recovery. Again, that’s why we’ve put that as a blend
inside of our FIT20 and like I said more on that for another video. That can help speed recovery, increases strength
by recycling ATP, the energy currency, okay, that’s in cells. And there was another episode I did on mitochondrial
health, go watch that if you’re really interested in energy production, ATP and micronutrients
that are really critical for that. So it’s more efficient which helps increase
muscular strength and power. And of course, like I said marine collagen
may cause allergic reactions. You really can’t go wrong. I’m not trying to downplay it. It’s really a personal preference. We just simply chose to go with bovine for
the reasons that you see here because I think it really offers a full spectrum and helps
you to meet your collagen needs. Now what are the additional ingredients? Well, we have also added chicory root extract. This acts as a prebiotic for improving absorption
and digestive health. We’ve also added fern extract which also aids
in digestion, absorption, healthy inflammatory response to the body. It’s a very powerful antioxidant. It also helps to strengthen the natural UV
protection of your skin, so when you’re out in the sun so there’s less collagen damage
from UV exposure due to the sun. Now apple cider vinegar, I love apple cider
vinegar. I’m so excited that we put this into our product
because it’s a natural antimicrobial, aids in digestion absorption, helps maintain healthy
skin and blood sugar levels and very rich in acetic acid which also aids in fat metabolism
which is one of the things I was talking about when I was talking about my magical tea that
I recommend that you have every single night. And then CoQ10, very powerful antioxidant,
very important for mitochondrial health, very important for anyone on any kind of statin
medication that notoriously kills off your CoQ10 levels, offers that same UV protection,
mitochondrial health and energy metabolism. And then sodium hyaluronic, helps to maintain
healthy skin, assists in healing, relieving joint pain and to helping in preserving bone
strength. And you will not find another product like
this on the market today because of this very unique profile and how they are all designed
to work synergistically for more bioavailability, better absorption and really what I feel like
a total package in helping to rejuvenate your skin, cut down on unhealthy inflammatory response,
repair leaky gut, strengthen your collagen from the inside out and supplying you with
some critical antioxidants to help you combat free radical damage and other stressors that
can really wreak havoc on your natural collagen. Now how much should you take is probably the
question you might be having. Well, at a minimum we recommend that you get
5 grams a day and that’s exactly what’s in one pouch. And you might be saying well why not put 10
or 15 grams in here or 30 grams in here? Look we want you to be able to control how
much collagen you take in. I will do two of these a day in addition to
one FIT20 after my workouts. Now sometimes I’ll use FIT20 before workouts
or as a meal replacement and I’ll talk about that like I said in another video another
time. So there’s really three different uses that
you can have with the FIT20. That will usually always get me right around
this number. That’s the number that I’m looking for. This is the starting point I recommend for
people who want to lose weight and want to be able to increase their energy. This will help you to manage a healthy or
maintain a healthy inflammatory response, line your gut and improve your digestive system. Now if you are basically looking to replenish
cells, facilitate healing within the body, you’ve got a lot of inflammation that is going
on, then I recommend that you do 30 grams for 30 days. Some people call it collagen loading if you
will, just to help accelerate the process, get the amino acids in for all the benefits
that I spoke of plus the other ingredients and then once you’ve done that and you start
to feel better in combination with healthy living you can revert back to that 10 to 15,
10 to 20 grams a day which is where I hover around with my intake and daily needs. So now here’s what I love about HL5 if that
wasn’t enough even more. It’s 100% all-natural, there are 0 sugars,
no artificial sweeteners, okay, or preservatives that are found in here. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO because
we really focus on being the world leader in healthy living and the world’s most pure
and most potent and high-quality nutritional supplements in the market today. And of course, all of our manufacturer’s certifications
here, GMP-certified, NSF-certified, FDA facility, HACCP and HARPC certified and Safe Quality
Food-certified all to ensure the purity, potency and effectiveness that what we say is on the
label is actually in the product. And so hope you enjoyed today’s episode. Post your comments your questions below. Make sure you follow us on social media, #healthylivingmovement. Tell us how you’re living healthy today and
what we can learn from you. And know that by being on all of our products
you also get access to our world-class healthy living hub. This is where you have information on fitness,
training, workouts, nutrition, meal plans, private Facebook group, accountability, support,
answering your questions, everything that relates to healthy living all in one place. Combined with healthy fitness, healthy nutrition,
you can start to see why Kyani is the world leader in healthy living. See you again soon.

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