Laura and Kori: Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre Experience

I’m Laura St-Cyr, I’m Kori St-Cyr, And we learned about the Birth
and Wellness Centre from our midwife. I was uncertain about the whole notion of a Birth Centre, so I really didn’t know what to expect and I think the minute walked into this place I was like ‘Oh my God, it’s an amazing space’. I work in health research and so naturally the hospital setting is something that I am a bit more familiar with. But I think what’s happening today is that there is a move towards patients being at the centre of care and delivery. AndI think that the Birth Centre represents an institution that has patients in their design from the start, and you feel life in the minute you walk in here. So I think it’s an excellent resource for people in the community to have. We had two wonderful experiences. The first one was so fast, 20 minutes in total, I think, before our son was born. And the tub was amazing. It was a water birth. The second time we really wanted
to be able to take advantage of everything that the birth centre has to offer. We were inside, we were outside, we were dancing, we had music playing. The ability to just leverage the different comfort measures and comfort tools that are here and to be in your own space that’s both, private and warm and homey, but still very secure and enough room for everybody to just be there together. You really felt so that you are the centre of the activities that were taking place. Not that you were on the side, but all of your concerns were listened to. What I appreciated was not only the assistance
that was provided during the delivery, but afterwards as well. The aftercare of them coming to your home and trying to help you through that transition as well is absolutely something that is quite beneficial for families. We chose this place because it helped to make us feel more comfortable, make us feel more grounded in that space of uncertainty and unknown. We had freedom to just make it our own and enjoy every moment.

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