Lenovo Yoga S940 Hands-on: Ultra-thin bezels, 4K Display & Dolby Atmos

100 thoughts on “Lenovo Yoga S940 Hands-on: Ultra-thin bezels, 4K Display & Dolby Atmos

  1. Needs.. 16:10, pen, convertible, 2.5lbs
    It's like none of the manufacturers want to make a perfect laptop.
    Then what would they do…

  2. So to say, MateBook X Pro looks good, but it totally (read it 10x) TOTALLY sucks in sales. Like, where the heck do I buy this thing? It nowhere available. Year after premiere and you can buy it.

  3. 4k display with intel's integrated GPU… it just isn't enough based on my experience from the Yoga 2 Pro with the i7-4200U

  4. this is the only laptop in windows section can compete with the matebook x pro.
    I think microsoft should learn from Huawai and lenovo and work on their ugly designs. the only drawback is the price tag 1500$ too expensive, I prefer to go and buy mackbook pro instead.

  5. "a little bit cooler than matebook x pro"
    still has a 16:9 aspect ratio No SD/USB A ports
    Way more expensive (~$500 more at highest ends)
    notch city

  6. Lenovo are thieves. I ordered a laptop 2 months ago. It arrived with a defective motherboard and was unusable. They had me send it back for repairs. They don't have the parts, they are back ordered and have no ETA on when/if the parts will come in. They agreed to send me another laptop. Three different times they said they would ship it. ALL LIES. Nothing was shipped. Their escalation team stopped answering my emails, stopped answering phone calls and there is NO ONE at Lenovo other than them that can help and they won't. Paid for a laptop I do not have….that is theft. I don't care HOW GOOD a laptop is if they steal from customers they shouldn't be in business. Now I have to get the authorities involved.

  7. Try to imagine a laptop model like this, but the performance is like the Razer blade 15. I think Lenovo will look cool compared to other thin gaming laptop.

  8. Any pen slot?
    Is the display matte? Or stupid glossy?
    Is the display HDR?
    Dedicated graphics?
    I wish the sound bar was built into the hinge like their other laptop.

  9. All type c thunderbolt 3 eh? I'm thinking a slim external 1080ti. Dont need a 2080 nor can you use it due to bandwidth limitations of type c currently. Would make a nice slim gaming optional replacement. I'm tempted now.

  10. in my opinion u should get the 920 i have the star waars edition i got it for reaally cheap and i have it for two months and its amaziggggg it does have a 4k display too

  11. It's not OLED
    It's not a 2 in 1
    No big battery (97whr)
    And no dedicated Graphics card

    Why does no one make the perfect laptop? Why? Why always this first world problem bullshit.

  12. Yoga material is low quality.
    My yoga 2 pro and my friend yoga laptop’s case are all breaking down.
    The plastic that cover the screen very low.

  13. Guys do not purchase a Lenovo computer. I am the owner of a Yoga 2 Pro and it has been the most disappointing PC I've ever had. Lenovo and Windows don't give a shit about longevity in their products and Lenovo doesn't give a crap about fixing issues with their systems. I can't count and tell you guys all the issues I've had with my Yoga. But I will never be buying another Lenovo or Windows device again. My Yoga is falling apart, literally. And there have been irreparable driver issues causing it to be unable to auto-rotate, disengage the hardware keyboard and on and on and on. Do not buy a Lenovo or Windows device. Windows 10 is a joke.

  14. does it have havs issues in the cooling system or not? because apple also has thin laptops but with a ton of problems

  15. I have to say, this is the first non-Apple notebook of which I really like the design and overall build quality. If my MacBook were to die on me and I had to get a new device, I'd be really tempted to go for this one.

  16. Does this one also have RAM and Hard-disk builtin to the mother boards? Just like Specter x360
    You cannot increase its RAM or Hard, because they are built-in to the mother board.

  17. I have a yoga 2 pro, it was really really thin till they soldered the ram into the motherboard. The ram is now faulty and i cant do anything to fix it.

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