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all right see What we got going on here? So I Know I’m supposed to Talk to you guys about Health care Right that flower here. I get that I get that supposed to motivate you guys to take on the charge of Health Care I embrace The changes in health right I get it. I inspire you to go forth and Advance the Medical Industry into its rightful future and Stuff like that. I know this know I know I know this I know this that’s why they swear. They brought me out here um honestly, I I kind of feel like talking about Health care though is that bad They’re wrong. I don’t know just just work with me for so I I mean, what if we? What if we do something different today? You know what if if we just we just threw the conventions away? I mean, I mean if the goal is for us to leave here Different than we came Then let’s start today more different than saying right after all that is kind of what I do I mean, you know you heard the introduction of me like I am the world’s looking for love you know this oh It’s real it’s real you know I speak to health care organizations across the globe about defying conventions You know in creating? transformational change and innovating new standards of care for wellness and prevention, so I could do that for you guys and it would be cool, but today the Poet in me I Kind of feel like talking about love Let’s do that. She wants to do that I think [so]. Yes, she just she just gave me approval so we’re going to do that. We’re going to talk about love I don’t care sorry wgU if that’s not what you brought me here for okay? But it’s my stage right now And this is a lot of power for brother to have so I may use it to talk about love right now, okay? Who’s with me anybody y’all with me. Okay? I got a couple okay. Good. Good. Good good. Okay, so let’s see here uh When’s the last time that you found yourself writing a love poem at work about? work Yeah, no not so much right? Yeah, I get it I get it out in you know I didn’t think it was possible either I’ll be the first to admit I was with you I was not not the not the policy writers, and you know providers the informers and insiders You know I mean the real people sitting there wearing mortality beneath your suits and ties Who have also lost patience with? health care through a patient’s eyes who have waited too long and felt too unsafe and exhale too many sides that siphon from us our belief in the possibility of What health care can be you know until eventually? the the definition of the words exceptional care Come to share space with the words pet unicorn no perfect world Mile High [Club] cute ideas Probably not going to have him buddy Probably not going to happen. So I hate to break it to hate to break it to you, right So I was with you. I want. I really was I was I was surrendered to the old ball-and-chain Notion that providers are from Mars and patients are from venus right I have pretty much written the healthcare industry off because [Health] [care] was Too stubborn you know impersonal conover Stiff you know all of my health care dates were terrible communicators who spent the whole time talking? instead of listening And they were so well learned in mathematics of health that they had forgotten the humanities of care So yes, I was bitter. I was bitter. I’ll admit it. I was ready to start dating outside the industry You know telling my friends. I was happy just dating myself for a while. Did you know? but then well I Miss someone I did I did [I] met someone someone uh unexpected Yeah Unexpected she she entered the bar a seductive source speaking in some exotic Altruistic tongue, who are you? she asked Now you know me good come on I’m a player in this industry ok give me with that you know accustomed to this routine I barely looked up for my insulin and diet coke on the rocks as I pointed to the crinkled nametag Clung to my chest hi. My name is diabetic Because it was Wednesday, you know Tuesday’s. I’m terminal Thursday’s I’m breast cancer Weekends, I’m partial to obesity But it was Wednesday, so diabetic she responded know Who are you I? Chuckled at her amateur attempt to engage me and Taylor her communication to my individual segments So I dove just enough to call her bluff. I told her that I am Diabetic asthmatic, I need the epileptic and occasional. Ooh neurotic I got carpal tunnel and cavities collided and cancer a curious mole on my right foot. What is that? I got high blood pressure. Low blood sugar high cholesterol. Low iron. Aha this ringing in my ears. Do you hear that stuff? she said Sliding her outstretched finger along add right ear that had rivard the lines of my cheek many hardships ago and said who are you oh um No, no, you make you do it to touch Amantha I Don’t know what kind of which gregory Let’s see was wielding by Suddenly. I cracked open Wide all the way open showed her the Fragile ugly of every ailment in me exposed every accuracy Rendering my vitality and [they’re] told her that my heart Had once been broken and none have since been able to mend it. She said all right What else I said I get headaches Too often or or I have this deep Phantom abdominal pain that test upon test has yet to explain and Pondering what it might mean makes my hands tremble at times or or I have so lost control of my weight gain or my stress management, or just my joy and basic vitality that I reflexively recoiled from our reflections on the pupils of others and There are too many nights that I lie awake until Dawn so paralyzed by my own hollowness that I am unable to feel if I even have a pulse And in that moment, she did something well unexpected She leaning forward Fastened her eyes to mine and whispered you are beautiful She held out her hand to mine and still the trembling She reached her arms out to hug her chest against my come on in for the dog huh yes, huh, but lean to the right So that we met at the heart and then she performed felt that she to form the world’s first quiet miracle the world’s first soul transfusion breaking off a sliver of her soul and placing it onto my breath until they dissolved it into my bloodstream and We became one I was hers mind body and soul She got me all She got me no she does it is everything that we all hope for in a relationship Don’t don’t front like y’all are hardcore gangsters Okay, listen. You know she she listens to me with her eyes You [know] she speaks with her heart. I i hate to sound all dr.. Phil with it, but she gives me quality time You know and undivided attention And I trust her you know she never makes me feel that she’s just running around on me with every other harm to thicken Haley That wants to get in her bed, right and she she’s hip but she doesn’t try to be she’s persuasive But doesn’t lie to me informed, but respect my privacy Traditional yet she provides for me. It’s a good deal. She treats me like a true friend with benefits oh Yeah Really good benefits that cover the enrichment of my life Not merely the postponement of my death so I’m I’m putty in her hands and Make no mistake. I am in her hands every Fragile Trembling bone in my body is comforted each time she adds a bit of treats to my treatment She’s she like She likes a mother Who gets her daughter to take her out of prevention pills? By hiding them in a spoonful of her favorite pudding and then feeding them to her with the metaphoric digits, God Except the cooler version of that You know where where [the] mother is a cutting-edge? Innovation in gynecology and the pudding is the prevention of a cervical complication and the [22] train is the Hilarious YouTube video called Baby got packed I see we [have] fun together. We do we [just] have fun together I she’s so creative in how she communicates when she wants some time with me You know she’ll set up a little create a little website or send these hilarious posts Maybe maybe call [me] at home or Dm me at work. You know with some adorably? engaging requests like Hello question if Instead of pictures of our kids we pulled out little wallet size x-rays and tests results to show the friends at parties What is the last thing that you would want to hear about yours is? it a Oh my God look at your prostate. He is getting so big Is it be oh? What an adorable heart and he’s got your father’s murmur look at that look at that? Easy to see oh are they growing up or what? I haven’t seen your blood pressure levels They were 120 and 80 uh-huh look you adam Or is it D? none of the above If you chose D Why don’t you come by and see me some time for a quick physical and let me take your mind off? the ABCs of your health sometimes though You know she just reaches out to say I don’t need anything. There’s nothing you oh just Sending a smile just saying hello She no longer asked me who I am These days she lets me know you were beautiful mighty in your meekness wealthy and your weakness she wraps the suture of her voice around my ailments and Impresses from medicinal lips against the exposed skin of my crown to kiss my relapse into remission she improves her rapid response to me to make sure that I am protected moves and Handles me with tenderness tells me my life is precious and and I listen I believe her I Comply she shows me the value of my best possible life teaches me to distress through my stress and and remember my testers pay attention to my breath and tend to my rest and Isn’t this? what we each deserve to be comforted and He’ll don’t they don’t we all seek to be valued and heard nurtured and [cecile] and not by a provider by a person Not as a patient as a person sharing the experience of being human With another human being the health care that we provide For each other. It’s inseparable from the experience We share beside one another so if what is said is true that we are all a product of our experiences well, then the experience is a product of us all the [experience] is the product the experience is the product which means none of you are providing or selling the product of Health care I don’t care if you are the best digital marketer on health care on this side of the planet Earth or the top Pharma sales rep in your region. It doesn’t matter if you are savvy enough to sell snow to an [comeau] because the truth is you’re Not really selling something they don’t need But it’s also not about selling fire to an eskimo cuz frankly You’re not always selling the hottest product around hello self care is not iphones. You know No, it’s it’s about haha, got you selling snowball fights to an eskimo and family nights around the fire Selling melted snow to a thirsty eskimo and then toasting to the wellness they desire It’s not about selling insurance Policies to millions of Americans it’s about Selling Millions more smiles Silent smile that That just levitate above insurance acceptance letters for people who previously lived in fear that The loss of their mobility could make them lose their home selling 15,000 330 Extra days to the grateful mother who mistakenly told her kids that she was dying 42 years ago your product your Product is is the it’s the frustrated still obese? husband who tries and tries Again, and then one morning while he’s wondering, what’s the point? He sees his 92 year old grandfather Kiss his wife on the forehead and realizes That’s the point Puts on his walking shoes pulls out its fitness app and Tries again This is your product. This is your true product. It’s the it’s the 65 flames hovering above a Buttercream cake for a silver crowned birthday boy. [who’s] Favoritest gift in retirement spill is those last 10 candles that graced this Since he went into remission it’s the [seven-year-old] who brings his older sister to silent tears as she watches him and the Lab Tech Stay up past his bedtime To bedazzle her insulin pump with Rhinestones that will perfectly match her prom dress This is your true product. It’s the mother who wakes up each morning Who in her room? and each morning wonders where she is and it’s the young man wearing her face who brings her tea and spreads apricot Jam on her lightly toasted English Muffin while going through the morning Routine of introducing himself to his own mother You may not know all of the work that Scientists geneticists are doing to fight diseases like alzheimer’s he May not know about the wearables The Tech Innovators are designing to keep patients from from missing Critical Warning signs and about the programs that Policy riders are allocating resources To in order to enable people to make better decisions about care and prevention or even even about the whole nurse Who takes it upon herself to? Ornament the Mother’s room each night with dozens of photos of this young man each 1mon occurred with the name Dan No There’s need to know about all that He’s just grateful that many years of good living later when she lies on her deathbed surrounded by Family and her Frail body Surrenders its last breath Her mind. Here’s the whisper of those photos and That science and those policies and that tech and she calls the young man to her side one last time Squeezes his hand Says I love you son And calls him by his name She calls him by his name You see there are no faceless ghosts in your beds every one you make rounds for his name and Saliva and families Everyone that you change Bedsheets and trash for his pulse and thirst and and trembled everyone that you sell Medicine to is hope and crossed fingers and prayers and please please and believe in Magic Because every day we are given a reason to believe in Magic and sometimes it’s the magic of healing and Sometimes it’s the magic of releasing Every day we are given a reason to believe in heroes on some days It’s the hero who saves on others the Hero who survives every day we are given a reason to believe in the power of Love in the power of your purpose to deliver life-Changing service But you [too] must always Believed just as much as those whose belief you feed the mother whose newborn son is on a ventilator Fighting to breathe the veteran and foot amputee whose hands Can’t stop trembling as he throws away one of each of his shoes while trying to make peace with his next step the grandmother in Hospice care who loves that you love brushing the music in her hair as You sit listening to the final enchanting crackles of a record that has play the most amazing life the bandage child who only recognizes her face in Crack Mirrors ever since Sudden impact Shattered her reflection and and you will think [that] she’s just sleeping at night as you make you around, but she’s actually praying that she is still someone’s favorite color and She will think that you’re just making your rounds at night while she’s plane But just stopping by her room just to save her the beauty of her lavender This is what happens when you dress yourself in Humanity when your patients see you Sporting the fashion of their family when your members see you rocking their heart on your sleeve When your customers see you dressed head-to-toe in their needs? And I do mean all the way down to toe because the toes is how a brother knows if Someone is adhering to the soul donor dress code all you got to do. I’m gonna get you look sleepy Let me get a secret. Okay. All you gotta do Check the shoes Check the shoes. I know I know that. I am in an environment of extraordinary Empathy when I can walk through the halls of any office or facility and see physicians in white jackets and [Flip-flops], huh? nurses in Blue Scrubs and fluffy uggs a lab techs in black slacks and combat boots of med school professors in Gray Suits and shut Tailors what when I see you honoring your vow to get comfortable each day in shoes That are not your own Because you cannot put the bounce Back in someone Step until you can first Put yourself in their shoes And not to fill their shoes But to feel issues to know a [coworkers] yellows and her blues To find your communities tickle and its blues to be a members Mender and his muse not because you have to because you so choose to write Poems about a love that will always be true when you do what you love and you love What you do and someone very close to you will eventually look at you Like you crazy They will know your core happen this going on So there will be the skeptic who sees the blush in your cheeks when you come into work looking all in love and Respond with what’s wrong with you Right there will be the Jaded Supervisor or colleague So well learned in the mathematics of health that they have [forgotten] the humanities of care who will try to tell you? Poetry has no place in the business of care it has always been So in the timeless battle between lovers and haters and no one knows this More than me. I am quite literally in the business of writing love poems at work about Work, I have encountered every species of hater out there trust me Right I cuz I I didn’t just start off as the world’s leading Poetic voice no I started you know like you in the face of convention. We know what the world telling me. Hey Buddy yes, so listen probably not too smart to base your life script on poetry I’m just laying a little tip from your uncle here, okay? Because uh first of all are one, you’ll never make a difference We’ve talked to be one okay, too You’ll never create success with poetry for provides and three you’re probably not going to get the girl at the end of the movie With poetry you come to slam right and I said thank you for that and got started See I knew that the model for me wasn’t out there, so I had to create myself out of thin air right and so I decided two in the trim that I was seeing the strain that I noticed of People constantly trying to fit me into their existing labels their existing conventions You know people asking me are you are you a speaker, or are you a? Performer [and] my answer was yes thank you for asking and they could not make sense of that it didn’t exist within their parameters and their paradigm and so I had to create a space for Myself within the labels with been in between the labels and I decided to create my own category of Inspirational speaking called Poetic voice that basically seamlessly fuses inspirational speaking with spoken word poetry to help organizations tell their most powerful stories more Powerfully and show them the best versions of themselves So that they can live into it, and that’s the joy that I have in helping organizations across the globe Especially [health] [care] organizations right because that’s where I feel mom. My impact is so immediate. It’s so impactful right now It’s why I began pushing my way into Health [Care] is why? Nowadays, you can find me on Monday Helping Johnson & Johnson Do cute little powerful Poetic videos to address childhood obesity and then Tuesday? inspiring cardiologists and phlebotomist that mayo clinic’s of managed blood transfusions better to create better care and medical error and Wednesdays helping hospital Association’s attack the problem the terrible problem of medical error so that we can stop these unnecessary deaths by Inspiring the work that they have a head, but also celebrating the work that has been done and and on Thursday helping genentech inspire the scientists in their labs to try to create a cure for cancer and then on Friday I don’t know performing that my goddaughters poetry day because you know that’s healthy, too You know that’s medicine too and at the end of the day, it’s all Making a difference which means I make a difference with poetry that’s one first of all okay Tell me I don’t get okay, but that’s not it. Let’s go to [two] now okay. So now you I mean, what what what a? Be a successful we’ll listen let’s just say that I bought seven since I quit my job 15 years ago as an elementary school teacher and Began [to] do poetry full-time joining the ranks of all probably 225 of the full-time poets that you’ve ever heard of in your life I have since built a successful speaking and poetry career I have purchased my house with poetry I have gone on every vacation Purchase with poetry I purchased my second home a month ago with peretz poetry I have never looked back on any of the the income or the status or Anything that I was concerned about when I left my job I never had to look back always built the success with poetry. I pay my staff with poetry so as far as I’m concerned According to me and the irs. I have built my success with poetry. That’s too and and and when the time came for Me to take it to the next level with my woman For me to use all this poetic skill and all this love poetry at work to write a poem about the person that I was gonna be putting in work with [for] the rest of my life, I Was innovative and convention defined and daring enough to stand in the club in front of 300 people? perform a 35-minute love set get down on one knee proposed to my wife on stage and I got the girl at the end of the movies. That’s three Which means I? Like that’s what we call in the business world return on investment But it only happens when we invest in love When you keep yourself dressed in empathy I see you When when you insist on only selling products that move? experiences when you commit to providing Daily Soul Transfusions breaking on a sliver of your soul and placing it on someone’s breath until it dissolves In the bloodstream, and you are one this is the challenge I now give to all of you right no matter what your job is in healthcare. This is your challenge nurses I want you to treat every patient Connection like you’re standing outside of their window at night serenading them with love songs until they let you in Physicians freed every exchange with your support staff like the hospital floor is a ballroom And you know it takes two to tango on public health workers treat every interaction Like the image in the DJ. Just turned on us know Jan And you want to ask your community to dance administrators and executive treat every day at the office like you got love poems to write during lunch like it’s Valentine’s day and your business card reads cupid baby Like this is the kind of love that. I want us to start off today and each day Celebrating and not not that safe siloed Soulless ordinary love no buts that Everyone bringing health to everyone you see love that laughter Prescribed by the pharmacy love and delivered like flowers to patients And I see love right at billing pays it forward and legal fight for me Love that trees card with Hr. Hearts Ip Love on that Advocate taking care of the community Love that hospital-Wide Hospitality love that love notes with check. Yes Or no, do you [like] me love that yes? always check for how health Care can be Loved that Bold brave bursting with Possibility love that. I am afraid to start my day with a little poetry Love so let today be the day you proudly reveal to the world Your love affair with Health care Let’s add a be the day you begin sharing with each other the love poems that you write at work about Work about being the everyday people who heal people every day About proving that all it takes to give your best Is your best all it takes to change the life of one person? one person inspiring one person engaging one person loving one person and going out of your way to create an exceptional Health Care experience for one Person at a time and there is nothing Stopping any of us from having this in someone nothing stopping any of us from being this for someone from from extending that palm that Still someone’s trembling from receiving that hug that leans to the right from making unconstitutional being each other’s quiet miracles personal sold owners and and from actively Pioneering [up] a new standard for care where we treat each other? face to face And we feel each other Hand to hand and greet each other heart to heart and We heal each other full soul Thank you. Thank You all thank you so much. Thank

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