Low Information Diet – Tim Ferris’s Productivity Hack

Information overload is a real thing in the
21st century. You dont need to know all about the news of
the day to function and be a good citizen. This video will go over what a low information
diet is and how to implement it. A low information diet is when you restrict
how much information you intake daily. It was popularized by Tim Ferris – the author
of the 4 hour work week. Whether its news or social media, there is
just too much stuff to keep up with. When you do try to keep up, you probably realize
you wasted a lot of time. The time you use to keep up with all this
information can be better spent doing something else. Quick thing to note. When you are on a low information diet, your
brain still needs to consume information so I suggest learning something whether its through
video, audio, or reading. While a low information diet is simple in
theory, how you implement it is up to you. It is up to you to limit what you consume. I will go over 5 ways you can limit what you
consume. Dont consume anything that doesnt concern
you. A lot of stuff on news or social media wont
concern you. You dont need to know that some distant friend
got a new car or know about what is happening on the other side of the world. A good way to figure that out is to ask yourself
is it going to impact you anytime soon. You can cut out a lot of information by focusing
on what really matters to you. If you think you would miss something important,
you wont. If something big were to happen, everyone
would be talking about it and it would be all over the internet. Dont consume anything negative. If you go this route, you will most likely
have to stop watching the news. The stuff reported by the news is often negative
because negativity, especially fear, is the best way to get attention and clicks. Think about it, lets take the stock market
as a topic. For the past few years before 2019, there
were always talks about a incoming bear market when the market was doing well. Fear will always win your attention. But all this negativity brings no value to
your life. You dont need to waste your energy worrying
about other peoples problems or theoretical what ifs. Reduce the hours of consumption. Lets say you watch the news and go on social
media for a combined 4 hours a day. Start reducing it little by little so you
can adjust to consuming less. You can lower the amount of time you consume
stuff everyday or every week. Ideally 0 is the target to aim for but that
usually is unrealistic so try going for maybe 15 or 30 minutes a day at most. Go cold turkey. This is what Tim Ferris recommends. For a full 5 days, avoid all newspapers, tv,
news websites, and web surfing except for 5 minutes to check the news during lunch,
a hour of tv for pleasure before bed and a hour of reading fiction before bed. See how you feel after 5 days and make some
more adjustments. Replace the news consumption with learning
a new skill. As mentioned above, we still need to stimulate
our brains to keep it sharp. Instead of receiving useless information,
we can feed our brain useful information that can be used in the future by learning a new
skill. You can learn however you want, just make
sure during the time you spend learning you are being productive and actually learning. Do you limit how much information you take? Leave a comment below and if you enjoyed this
video and want more, check out my other videos.

7 thoughts on “Low Information Diet – Tim Ferris’s Productivity Hack

  1. I love what Tim said about news consumption in 4HWW. Very true and it definitely strengthened my idea that traditional news is toxic!

  2. I don't read, listen or watch any news for the past 10 years. I rarely visit Facebook already and I don't feel any losses. Actually, I see only the benefits of being able to stay focused for longer periods and having a LOT more creativity. I love this calm feeling of not being stressed from all the information pressure around us.

  3. This was a really interesting video Jerry, really appreciate you sharing this. Really enjoyed 4HWW too

  4. 15-30 mins? I'm sitting like 10-12 hours everyday , watching videos, plus playing video games and reading articles…

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