Maggie De Block Health Minister teaches us about healthy food?

Hi guys, I am shooting this short video from my car, because I want to update you on the news that I heard this morning on the radio as well as in the online newspapers from Belgium about our minister of health, Maggie De Block who is also an MD. I will show a picture of her up here. She is proposing that in the Belgian supermarkets and grocery stores we are going to use a kind of nutri-label it’s not obliged by the sellers of the products, but the nutri-label should state how healthy a product is. It takes into consideration the vitamins, the fiber, the calories, the saturated fats, and the sugar. I like to give some points of critique on this proposed label. Because this nutri-label is not individualized to the persons needs. Minister Maggie De Block, who is an MD, is forgetting that the number one priority for health is bodyweight… thus… the amount of calories taken in every day and the calorie balance. If you’re taking in more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. If you take in less than you burn, you will lose weight. That’s the number one priority for health. The second priority is the quality of the food the micronutrients, vitamins and fiber. So even very clean food, if taken in in limitless amounts, will be unhealthy, if you’re taking in way too much calories every day. So first point of critique these labels will not be individualized second point of critique who is saying what is healthy, because it’s not taking into consideration the amount of calories you can eat What will the label do? A certain label up to a quantity of calories? And another label if you’re taking in too many calories? A next point of critique is that this label can impossibly take into consideration all the micronutrients and vitamins that are in it. For example, if you like to eat Brasil nuts, that are very healthy because they contain the good fats as well as Selenium. It’s easy to give it a healthy label, but it’s not difficult to take in more than a few hands of Brasil nuts which are going to give you way too many calories and an excess of Selenium. So these are just my points of critique and let’s take another look at Maggie De Block, our MD, Minister of Health, and let’s not forget that the number one priority is bodyweight and calorie balance. My needs as a lifter, working out several times a week, very hard and intensely, with a lot of muscle mass and a low bodyfat percentage will be probably very different from our Minister of Health’s needs. Right? Okay, guys, thank you for watching, thank you for watching and see you in a next episode of how to lose fat series.

40 thoughts on “Maggie De Block Health Minister teaches us about healthy food?

  1. Our minister should better take care of things that matter…instead of increasing prices of needed meds…and now this…every person who buys their food, healthy or not knows of its whether good or bad…no labels needed. Maybe she needs the labels for herself πŸ˜‚ It’s more than needed ! I’m ashamed in her place she’s 1) a doctor (she should know better) and 2) minister of HEALTH (no advertising to the outside world)

  2. I think you are absolutely right! Those rules do not apply for me when i work because my work is most of the time extremely hard and demands a big lot of energy . It's complicated already to know what is in each thing we buy and perhaps we donΒ΄t need to know that much! Instead of that they should focus in things like: What was the year of the harvesting of the sunflower seeds to make this oil, or what was the year of harvesting this olives for this oil? Stupidity is a huge desease in some rulers brains and all they see is business and money. I want to know how old is the olive oil i buy or any other oil. Stop giving me almost expiring oils when they should be used new ones each year. Just an example as in many other things. Cheers

  3. another case of the nanny state knows best
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  4. What about regular nutrition labels? I like to look at calories and total carbohydrates first but I also look at protein, fat, and serving size.

  5. That interesting. I know people like us have a more in depth understanding of nutrition, but for the layman some sort of grading system may help. Not sure gonna be a lot of trial and error I believe.

  6. Informative video, i didn't know what happened there, I loved the face you made at the end of the video haha

  7. Very important topic, when i do my shopping i just read the ing. But if we educate about identifying the label will be easier.

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  10. Yes! Nutritional needs are individual and when it comes down to it , its all about calories in and calories out!

  11. Maggie is a good politician and doctor, this is a great solution to know which product could be expensive or not. Example : if the product has D or E nutri-score that means we have to avoid this product or read the content more carefully. the nutri-score A or B : it's like safety but still we have to read the content. That's my opinion and a lot of people need to have this kind of scales.

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