Master Wellness Volunteer Promotional Video

Why did you become a Master Wellness Volunteer? Ruby Watson, Dallas County:
I am semi retired and I like being busy and I love to learn so I found an article in the
paper about an opportunity to learn something I�m not like the others you talk to I wasn�t
not a nutritionist I wasn�t a cook. I needed to learn. And I wanted to lose weight and
be healthy. So I took the class. And giving back what I learned, that was easy for me.
I like to share the knowledge
I have. What do you enjoy most about being a Master
Wellness Volunteer? Kay Barnett, Collin County:
I like all the places we go, the people we get to be with, and the people that are our
counterparts� Mary Clark, Collin County:
I think using my passion to teach people out in the community, we have a great group of
Master Wellness Volunteers, and I like being part of that too. What is the most memorable experience you
have had as a Master Wellness Volunteer? Kay Barnett, Collin County:
For me personally, I loved working with the Walk Across Texas program. I did that as a
site manager, and I got them all organized, my captains were great. They had 8 people
on each team and I had 5 captains and they did a super job. I think if we could have
won the thing we would have because we walked all over Texas, several times. How was being a Master Wellness Volunteer
affected you personally? Ruby Watson, Dallas County:
It�s given me an opportunity to return. I had someone I met through Master Wellness
Volunteers said that she felt like life was a third, a third a third.. you spend a third
of your life learning, a third of your life earning and a third of your life returning.
She�s now working in the Peace Corps. Well I�m kind of a jumble. I learn, return, and
earn simultaneously, I�m still learning, but as fast as you teach me I�m happy to
return it. Tonya Stricker, Ellis County:
In so many ways, it�s educated me. I was a cook, it�s how I made my living my whole
life as a chef and healthy didn�t play into good food. Now my family is eating stuff like
kale. So our own life at home is better, we�re eating better. I also had cancer last year
so I�ve been educated about eating, and exercise and how you can whoop this stuff
back through your own healthy lifestyle and that�s what this has done for me. How has the Master Wellness Volunteer program
affected your community? Mary Clark, Collin County:
There�s a social service agency that�s wonderful, family services and myself and
other Master Wellness Volunteers teach nutrition related topics there such as keeping your
food safe and how to shop for and prepare healthy economical meals and I really think
some of that demographic there at family services would never have access to any kind of reliable
nutrition education if it weren�t for Master Wellness Volunteers If you were trying to convince someone to
become a Master Wellness Volunteer what�s one thing you would say to them? Linda DeFrank, Ellis County:
If you have the desire you can be part of this group. The instruction and the information
you get in training and the support you get from your agency will help you tremendously
to do whatever part of this you feel comfortable with. So if you say I don�t feel comfortable
talking in front of a large group, well there are so many other things you can do. We have
health fairs, you can actually do some of the prep work for some of the things we do
for some of these groups. You may not want to be front stage, but there are a lot of
ways that you can participate and also feel that you�re supporting the community and
the health of your area Mary Clark, Collin County:
If you�re interested in nutrition and health education just go for it and do it and you
will not regret it. Tonya Stricker, Ellis County:
Your biggest surprise is going to be the difference it makes in your own mental and physical life.

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