Meat Lovers Try Vegan Diets For A Week

– Jazz and I are looking at the email of the things we can’t eat. Can’t eat eggs. – Oh, fuck. (bright music) – I really like any type of food except for like really,
really vegetable-heavy foods. – I’m not used to looking at labels. I wanna get a lot of knowledge
into what goes into foods and I think hopefully my
diet’s better after this, and hopefully I learn
how to cook something. – I just went on this journey of having healthy relationships with
myself, food and exercise, and I’m just excited to
start something new and do it in a healthy, positive mental space. – We’re going on our
first grocery mission. I don’t know what to look for. Maybe we’ll just go to
what we normally get and then look for options. We’ve made it to the fruit section which we can guarantee is vegan. – I found some meatless meats. I’m here for sausage! Not in my sexual life, just in this life. – [Lindsay] We’re going
for the safe options. – Safe option. Probably not that healthy
but spaghetti’s good. – I feel like I’m trying
things that I’ve always wanted to try but now trying
stuff I have a reason to. – I’m actually excited. I got a lot (chuckles). I don’t know if I can
even eat all of these. I probably will because
I’m gonna be hungry. – Alright, let’s try this vegan sausage. I put some mustard on
it – that’s vegan too. Consistency, a little
questionable, but taste? Very good! Oh my god, that actually
kinda tastes like sausage. – [Jazzmyne] We have
a little meeting today and here’s all the food that I can’t eat. – Alright so we had catered lunch today and there was tons of sandwiches all of which had meat except one, and it has tofu. I do not like tofu but I
am sticking it out today. – Oh! – Me and my friend were
talking and she’s vegan. She was saying how she gets
annoyed when people do this shit because he will starve and
just don’t end up eating because they can’t eat anything. And so I’ve really been
making it a priority to make sure I’m not starving and I’m not. I feel very full and I’m eating vegetables and I’m eating fruits and I feel good. (she laughs) – So today I realized that
not all vegan food is healthy. I know that’s kind of dumb to realize. I snacked a lot. I had Oreos. I had chips. There was a lot of things
you can eat when you’re vegan and not all of them are great for you so I think from now on I
kinda need to watch myself, make sure I’m just
getting nutrients I need. – So it’s about 2:30 AM. Usually right now, I would make
an egg sandwich with cheese but I can’t because I can’t have eggs. So my lunch today is sausageless
sausage and broccoli. – I’m at the mall and I keep smelling Wetzel’s freaking Pretzels
and I can’t eat it and it’s killing me. – We are on our way to go
to an all-vegan restaurant! – [Girls] Whoo! – We’re here. We’re looking at the menus. The best part of this is that we can just choose whatever’s on this menu. – All vegan. – All vegan. – So after being vegan for a week, I’ve realized that it’s
truly fucking amazing. The meatless meat options,
it still made me feel like I was eating meat but
I felt better about it, honestly because I knew
I wasn’t eating animals. – I think it really just
opened my eyes to the fact that I just need to start reading
my labels of the things I eat because honestly, the things
that even are good to eat, that don’t have vegan
stuff in it, I’m like, oh my God, they have this
amount of sugar and other things that I should be looking
at and paying attention to. – I’m really glad I did this challenge and from now on I can
definitely see myself exploring a lot more options on food. – So yes, I will be
continuing some vegan habits but also yes, I am
driving to Korean barbecue at this very moment. (crowd chatter) – I just ate an egg. I just ate a fucking egg! (soft music)

100 thoughts on “Meat Lovers Try Vegan Diets For A Week

  1. Can somebody recommend me good vegan sausage brands? I ate one once at a friends bbq and it tasted really weird but i wanna try othet ones

  2. I’m a 13 year old vegan, tbh it’s really easy if you educate yourself on why you want to do it, and all the benefits of helping yourself, animals, and the earth

  3. I completely wrote off processed meats. I only eat vegan substitutes. I still eat steak chicken and pork just unprocessed.

  4. I’m not vegan vegan but I prefer a lot of vegan foods over meats And my mom thinks I’m crazy bc “teens are picky” 😂

  5. Lindsay looks so good even close up but when my face is close up to my phone camera I look like an zombie

  6. Most of the food that they eat had things that where not vegan(milk, gelatin, eggs) they didn’t look at the ingredients to make sure that it was vegan ! it was more like 5 days of being vegetarian and also not having eggs or a glass of milk

  7. Thank you so much for a positive video about being vegan. I enjoyed watching and liked that it wasn't starving people for five days! <3

  8. they kept mentioning they couldn’t eat eggs but they could eat cheese?? dairy isn’t vegan but apparently the ate dairy…

  9. Im vegetarian due to health reasons, and yes there are a LOT of unhealthy meatless options. Ima be honest I miss meat but like you get used to it not being in your life and you actually find alternatives to things.

  10. That’s awesome that they actually tried vegan diet! I’ve been vegan for almost three years now and I think I’m vegan for life 😉

  11. Buzzfeed: “Let’s save the animals. Let’s be vegan.”

    Me: Omg so true!!

    Also me: Eats a steak while watching this video

  12. It world be nice if they told you what the name of the vegan restaurant was, so I can also enjoy,but okay….

  13. It depends on the country in my experience vegetables in U.K. can be so cheap but fruits like berries are SO expensive. The use tends to have cheaper meals (pre made). Sweden has lots of vegan options everywhere but can be expensive

  14. On 2:13 when her boyfriend was eating the eggs they looks so gross to me and just a question who the heck eats eggs with a spoon

  15. I feel like the other countries have healthier vegan alternatives like those vegan sausages. Her where I live, when ur vegan you can just eat only grass

  16. I don’t think Oreos are vegan because they are chocolate and chocolate is made of milk and well milk is not vegan

  17. Think it would be good to watch some videos before hand. Maybe dominion? Just so that people can relate a little bit more

  18. She said she couldn’t make the sandwich because of the egg. She’s right but I don’t think they realize that cheese is also not vegan

  19. To everyone saying that oreos aren't vegan…They only say "MAY CONTAIN milk" on the back of the packet, so they are vegan, because they don't have milk or eggs in the actual oreo. I hope this clears things up for you.

  20. I don't have a problem with those who choose to go vegan, I myself went vegan for a while 12 years ago. Been a happy meat eater for over 10 years. But, I really am hating this vegan agenda that is almost literally being shoved down our throats.

  21. I’m sorry but how idiotic do you have to be to have to get an email saying you can’t eat eggs to realize you can’t eat eggs

  22. this is so idiotic, i mean seriously educate yourself before you judge the lifestyle cuz u don’t know what to cook

  23. its not that Vegans arent allowed to eat those items, its that they choose not to for whatever reason, animal rights, health and diet, you really cant understand veganism or learn all that much in just a week. I did a 90 day vegan challenge 2 years ago and lost 19 pounds. Now 2 years later Im still making changes and likely will end up 100% vegan eventually…

  24. Instead of complaining about the things you can’t eat, why not be grateful for new things you get to try! It makes the transition to vegan a lot easier 🙂

  25. I went vegan about 5 years ago for 1 full month just to see if I could do it. The worst part was the first 2-3 days where your taste buds and body are adjusting to everything. The pros: increased focus, felt sharper/smarter, a lot more energy, good digestive health. Cons for me were lack of taste for certain substitutes (cheese), prices, and having to go to the store more often because of the need for fresh fruits/veggies.

    Today I'm a flexitarian (I eat meat occasionally) but only with organic chicken or turkey. I don't eat beef, pork or seafood at all anymore except for maybe a filet mignon 2-3 times per year, usually a holiday family meal. I use Beyond Beef and Beyond Hot Italian sausages and they're both great. It seems a lot easier to be vegan or vegetarian or healthier in general these days. Youtube is free health knowledge, recipes, advice, etc. ✌

  26. Well just come to India you won't have to search for vegetarian food that looks like non veg… You might have to look out for dairy products though…
    But overall I think you will really like it here…

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