Medical Monday ‘Beetroot’ 1/5/2017

Beetroot you know beetroot vegetable sweet
like a fruit Beetroot inna the Super Food Group, salute beetroot a the truth Beetroots a phenomena some a drink beet juice
to exercise longer Endurance stamina
Minerals like Silica make your bone stronger Iron for anaemia
Blood flow to the brain coulda prevent dementia Whether sports or Leisure
Me seh the nitrate content help your blood pressure High in fibre low in calories The sugar inna it slowly releases
No spikes no sudden increases That means it can help with diabetes
Raw or have it inna juice Beetroot’s got a lot of medical use
Antioxidant anti-inflammatory Also immune system boost
Detox your liver bile it produce Tastes nice no excuse
Make a date with the beetroot get introduce And even the Beet greens have some use
Beets in America that’s how it’s known Beets and I’m not talking headphones
No surround sound my beets from the ground You step inna the Vegan zone Yes Iyah

65 thoughts on “Medical Monday ‘Beetroot’ 1/5/2017

  1. I hope you realize how much people appreciate these fun nutrition lessons – seriously thanks for being so consistent and educational! You're amazing!

  2. I started eating healthy after listening to Macka B. The man knows how to sell vegetables. Now Cucumbers are a cornerstone of my diet.

  3. I just found your videos Macka B and they bring such a smile to my face and make me laugh! Your beats and rhymes are awesome and I love your smile!

  4. Watching these videos has literally brain-wired me to go out and get some vegetables. I was literally just eating a raw beetroot now as I watched this video over again. Cayenne pepper is good too. Thank you Macka B!

  5. I love your channel so much! I really appreciate how you've made healthy food funny and educational. Keep going your awesome!

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