Medical Office Assistant

>>STUDENT: I’ve always wanted a career in
the medical field. I enjoy helping people and I wanted a job in health care. When I
heard about Lane’s Medical Office Assistant program, I knew I’d found my career path. In just 12 months, I completed the program,
got my certification and found a good job. This was a great way to get my foot in the
door.>>ANNC: Medical Office Assistants work in
doctors’ offices and clinics. They prepare patients for examinations and treatment and
assist physicians with those exams. They set up sterile trays, give injections and draw
blood, assist with minor surgeries and handle diagnostic testing in the laboratory. This is a career that requires good people
skills. You need to be patient, understanding and a careful listener. You also need good administrative skills.
Medical Office Assistants often manage appointment schedules, organize patient medical records
and handle transcriptions, bookkeeping and the processing of medical insurance claims.
Lane’s program provides a strong foundation for a career in the medical field.>>STUDENT: Long-term, I really wanna continue
with my medical studies. And when I do, I’ll already have great experience from my time
at Lane and in the workplace.>>ANNC: Learn valuable skills and start your
career with the Medical Office Assistant Program at Lane Community College. Start your career

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