Mental Health Tip #7 – Lose Your Fog, Lay Off Gear And Grog | headspace

(upbeat music) – Sometimes it can be easier to sort of escape what you’re going through by the use of alcohol and other drugs. But at the end of the day, there is support out there. – When we talk to our older son about alcohol and drugs, we try and keep the
conversation really genuine, we keep it open, and we talk about real
experiences that people have. We try not to stigmatize anyone who uses drugs or alcohol. I’m really aware that my behavior can influence and impact my son. – One of the other tips about alcohol and other drugs is being mindful of how you’re sort of consuming those. Whether that means
making sure that you have a full stomach and that your body is okay or substituting a glass of water after every drink just
so your body is hydrated and it’s able to replenish
itself as it needs to. – So I think the most
important thing for us is to be that safe space at home where our son can always
come and talk to us about any questions he has about alcohol and other drugs. He can come and check what
he’s hearing at school and get some good information from us and we can also tell him that if we don’t know the information, we know where to go and look for it. – So if it means that instead of going out for a drink with your mates just to take the edge off, you go for a walk and get into nature or if it means encouraging your friends to come outside with you, go to the beach. Like those kind of things and making sure that you’re sort of looking after your body is sometimes even just the first step
to sort of making sure that those rough times
don’t get the better of you. At the end of the day, your body is important and needs to be taken care of and you’re really the only person who can do that, right? (upbeat music)

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