Michigan lottery winner keeps getting welfare

we all know times are tight according to one study a quarter of Michigan households receive food assistance so when we got the tip a local lady who just won a million bucks in the state lottery was also on a bridge card we had to see what was going on here this is 24 year old Amanda Clayton this fall holding up her big million dollar check she won from the Michigan State Lottery that's a win in digits many of us dream of being this lucky for Amanda her dream came true so what's the problem well the defenders got an email about Clayton's big winnings in the fact she still was on a bridge card so he tracked a man to Clayton down to this Lincoln Park home and yep she was moving now that she had struck it rich she was going to buy a new house this is the home she bought her cash we also learned she bought a new car as well again what you would expect from a lottery winner but what else we found you don't expect defender hitting cameras following Amanda where she later admits to us when shopping she uses a bridge card to pay for her groceries she gets $200 a month $200 from you the taxpayer we decided to see what Clayton had to say for herself I found her recently unloading the groceries out of her car just wanted to find out if you thought that was a right thing to do epically or why you're still taking money from the state um well I thought that they would cut me off but since they didn't I thought maybe it was okay because I'm not working but you won more than a million dollars no I want a million but after I took the lump sum it dropped down to 700,000 and then after taxes it was just a little bit over half don't you think there's something wrong there taxpayers are really struggling that really need that money just do you really think you have a right to that money I mean I kind of do I feel that it's okay because I mean I have no income and I have bills to pay I have two houses so how do taxpayers feel about this unemployed lottery winner living off of taxpayers dollars to feed her family come on don't take the money there's so many families that need it well I would think if you win a million dollars you shouldn't have public assistance making us as people to actually do need to help look back hopefully the lawmakers wall revision the defenders went to Ida Township to talk to representative Dale Zorn he's pushing a bill to stop lottery winners from continuing to cash in on food assistance public assistance should be given to those that are in need of public assistance that those that have found riches in his bill has already passed the house and he's hoping it will pass the Senate soon we need to have the lottery commission notified the state so the state can cross-check those that are on assistance unless the law changes though it doesn't look like lottery winners like Amanda will be changing their ways so basically you'll keep using your bridge card until the state cuts you off yeah because you think you deserve it I mean it's just it's hard you know I'm struggling that's right after a five hundred thousand dollar windfall she says she's struggling and so that's why she's depending on you the taxpayer to pay for her groceries there are two different bills one in the house the other in the Senate that had each passed which would prevent lottery winners of prizes of $1,000 or more to have their names actually cross-checked with the Department of Human Services to make sure if they won big in the lottery their food assistance then would be stopped but until a bill passes what Amanda Clayton is doing is perfectly legal whether it's ethical I'll leave it up to you to decide

34 thoughts on “Michigan lottery winner keeps getting welfare

  1. how does she have a house without income why doesnt she get a job wait how did she get lottery without money I work no food stamps no help give me a million dollars

  2. Please note when your income status changes, you have a certain amount of time to report the change. It seems to me they are interviewing this woman quite shortly after her win. Also they don't take the benefits you have already received, they just stop issuing new if your income changes. She could have been spending money already accrued on the card. The news station just wanted a story even at the expense of making this woman out to be a villain.

  3. She's a privileged bum…. 😨also minutes ago I found out that she lost her life I won't even ask how? I already can image because where there's money and no responsibilities you only have very few options left, have mercy

  4. She won money,,has nothing to do with envious welfare office. They are motivated by jealuosis not by common sense. IRS, Government officials, and we'll respected banker stealing public money every minuts . Leave that woman alone. Winner is winner.
    Jealousy, envy , hate . All this came after a person won lottery. It also came from evil eyes on my winnings 💰 money. If you feel jealous or envious? Please leave that woman and drink poison and go sleep peacefully in your grave. She is riches now,after she paid back whatever she owe fucking welfare.

  5. .. . She do deserve it because she's white, and can get away with anything..( seriously I'm not mad at her, because Society spoiled her that way ) , I'm an African American female , had a Home Health Care job, making a person's life more better on Earth .I wasn't making that much sometime barely three hundred a month but it's what I had.. And to make someone life one better on earth was worth it . Well my client made his departure in the hospital . which left me without employment. I file for my income tax refund,. Which was the only income. O'Reilly rancilio xoffice in Sterling Heights Michigan Craig Schoenherr affiliated with the US justice department took my entire tax refund due to a student loan that took place 30 years ago when Ronald Reagan was the president, also was proof even back then I was paying on that loan. The long have been resolved )t I mention to him that I did not have any employment I mention to him that I'm in Flint Michigan where there's a lead in water problem and that we are on a special diet not even now, still on bottled water. I mention to him that they repossess my refrigerator and the man Craig Schoenherr ( affiliated with the US justice department in Detroit Michigan who acts as a debt consolidator took all of my income knowing of my heart hardship. I called the student loan department to send me my records they said they could not send a copy of them because it was out of their hands) I sent pictures showing Craig Schoenherr rotten food because they repossess my refrigerator and my granddaughter kept having stomach aches due to the food not being refrigerated also s showed him my little grandson shoes Roberts off his shoes that he needed new ones. I take care of him. That man didn't​ budge, (And the money he took, my income refund was not all that much. I got $877 in all and he took every last dime! Do to a first time and only loan 30 years ago that had been resolved ) I went through holidays that we As Americans generally celebrate 4th of July ,Thanksgiving, Christmas, without any money.I don't have transportation, nor do I have any fair to even get anywhere to try to get a job. I'm close to 60 years of age, and he took every dime I had an even right now I have no income .. I have taxes to pay on this house I have phone bills and also my personal needs I've been going back and forth to the church to get items.i'm borrowed out.also trying to look for employment by phone the best I can but, I'm going to need some kind of income in order to get there.) so No!!! Hell No!! I'm not angry with her!!. It's people out here that don't give a damn about you, so why should she. A lot of the system is crooked anyway! so why should she be straight. She's just a product of the environment, and so am I, being A poor black with no income and some, people in our Society make sure I stay that way! They take every penny you try to make. They go after it, and take it, so that one's can remain poor and look down on in society and nobody gives a damn about it being done either !!! She's spoiled to have the best of things, I'm look down upon to have the worst of things! (but I'm going to keep trying). So what is all the crying about?! We're just products of our society that we live in leave her alone!!!!

  6. The pigeon torturer gets 200bucks a month after win lottery and probably NEVER worked? Typical corrupted socialist/Bolshevik country.
    In mist even corrupted countries the skunk benefits would be cut straight off w/out warning after she win the KKK.

  7. I promise on everything… I don't care…. Who really need it isn't going to get it anyways….. She still broke a 500,000 really isnt anything… Plus she is unemployeed… Shame on everyone talking about her… Keep yo shit I would

  8. u know, state keeps putting the money on ur card every month reguardless if u havent spent last months. i know someone. who saved his and had over 4000.00 on his ebt card. his name isdanny jackson
    athens al. prob. still saving. they don t even notice. he brags @ it.

  9. you got to remember Donald trump had it hard too. his dad gave him a small loan of a million dollars.

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