Mom’s Claim That Medical Records ‘Prove’ Toddler Was Sexually Assaulted Called Into Question

Well, Crystal accuses Anthony of sexually assaulting their three-year-old daughter on at least two separate occasions. She says the second time was on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas. Of 2016. The first time was July 6th of 2016. Now, let me start with you, and I’m gonna ask the two of you to not comment for a minute here. You say you have unequivocal proof. Yes, sir. Tell me what the proof is. Her, her rectum is partially hanging out of her bottom. H-how is that proof that he did something to her? Because she says so. She said that he did that to her. No, no, no, you said proof. Tell me what proof– Well, how else would your rectum fall out? Oh, there are, there are a number of reasons that, that could happen, according to your pediatrician. This was 6/9 of 17. She said “child sexual abuse, suspected, subsequent encounter, other hemorrhoids, vaginitis. Will refer to gastroenterology.” Now, when we look at the form, the comment about the suspected sexual abuse was what you have written in your hand down here. That, that wasn’t anything that she observed, because this was months after it had taken. There would be no physical sequel to any abuse that had taken place before. This was you writing this down here that there was sexual abuse. What she’s talking about here is that there were, there were hemorrhoids and vaginitis, and you make no allegation of any, any vaginal violation whatsoever, so that doesn’t have anything to do with him. The hemorrhoids you said that she had been given antibiotics, which caused the yeast infection, which resulted in you call an implosion of the rectum from the inside out, which is the alternative explanation for why that would be going on. One doctor said that it could possibly be– Well, now, wait a minute. That’s what you said was your proof, so don’t say, well, that was one doctor. There’s another– No, there’s another, there’s other proof. You said that was your proof, and in fact, that’s not proof, because that’s not what the doctor said. But there’s other proof there, Dr. Phil. That’s not just the only one. It’s okay to talk about this one. They’re very similar. No, you can talk about that one. If it’s hemorrhoids, why’s she saying that he did that to her? We’re talking about proof, and you said the proof was the pediatrician found medical evidence that supported that. It was the hospital. The pediatrician got those after she was seen by the hospital. This pediatrician, like me, is a mandated reporter. So did this pediatrician report this? Yes, yes. No, the pediatrician didn’t report. The pediatrician really did not know how to handle it. The very first call. The very first call. The pediatrician is, has no ambiguity of how to handle it. If the pediatrician examines a child that has been raped, there’s no ambiguity about how to handle it. We thought so. The following pediatrician– They, they have a 24 hour mandate to report this. That’s the problem you thought. Do not talk. Did the pediatrician report this? To the DCF, no. They did not. It was already reported. We already had a case going on. You don’t seem to understand. This is a medical licensed professional, and if they observe evidence of rape, they have 24 hours to report it. It doesn’t matter who else has reported it or hasn’t reported. They did not report it, because we already have a case going on. No, don’t say because. There is no because. There is no alternative explanation. If they observe that this child has been raped, they have 24 hours to report it. They didn’t even look at her. They said that we were not medically equipped to handle the situation. That was what they said to us. So you said this was proof. Now you’re saying they weren’t competent to handle it. No, this was the second time. This is not, this is not, if you look at the dates, this is not the same time. Look, this is a report you pointed to that said was your proof. Yes, there was many, there’s three papers. So don’t now waffle and say that’s not the proof. There’s three papers that go with that, Dr. Phil, not just that paper. If you say there are other pages, I have them right here. Yeah, I’m not doing any of those things that you said I was doing. It says diaper rash. It says skin tags, edema, and diaper rash. It says diaper rash, and it says skin tag edema. Nowhere does it say rape. Please help my daughter. That’s all I really want from you. Please. I’m, that’s exactly what I’m doing. So the truth is, you don’t have medical proof.

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