Music for Wellness | Course Overview | Music Therapy | Suzanne Hanser | Berklee Online

[MUSIC] I’m Suzanne Hanser, and I created this course for you. This course is about how you can use music in your life to enhance the quality of your life, to cope with everyday issues that you have, and to bring that inner musician out in the open, to explore your creativity, your musicality, and maybe that hidden talent that you never knew you had. As a music therapist, in the course of my career, I’ve created and built on my colleagues approaches to music as therapy, music that can help us to change our mood, to evoke beautiful images and our mind’s eye, to elicit memories that are important to us, and bring us right back to a special moment. These are some of the techniques that music therapists use, and that you’ll be introduced to, so that music can enhance your life. This course will introduce you to the field of integrative health, a new revolution that speaks to how we can integrate ancient techniques and contemporary technologies, and put it all together in a framework to help us meet our potential, and live better lives. The course will take you through all personal experiences with music; music for comfort, music for awakening, music for peace. You’ll find your inner voice, and you’ll also develop some playlist so that music listening can enhance your day through a lot experimentation, and also learning about the mechanisms, the underlying principles that affect music. I hope you’ll have a more whole experience of using music in your life, and bringing out the best. Are you ready? Let’s begin. [MUSIC]

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