My Kids Try Healthy Food – Daddy Diaries: EP1

My name is Shan. I’m a father of 2 boys. Ciaran is 6, he’s sporty, opinionated, and enjoys running around the house naked. Ruan is 4, he’s a fairly nice chap, he’s independent, and loves cheese. This show is about my life as a dad. My experiences and struggles in keeping these rascals alive, fed and clothed.
Now I can’t promise to be dispensing amazing parenting wisdom, but I can offer the honest
experience of a dad who, like most other dads, is just making it up as he goes along. Stop hitting my – uh, uh, uh, uh. Now I’m sure most parents have this struggle getting their kids to eat vegetables. I mean it’s no surprise, you can remember when you were a kid, did you
love vegetables? No, I don’t think so. This is a struggle every meal time. Shan: Yummy, yum yum.
Cieran: Blegh! This is tomatoes. My kids eat carrots and broccoli, that’s about it. Things
like tomatoes for example, they will never touch. Shan: Ok, how about this tomato?
Ciaran: Nope. Nope, I’m not trying this. Shan: Ru?
Ruan: No, no, no, no. Kale chips? Possibly. I mean they do love chips,
and so we’ve got a shot with that one. I wouldn’t eat kale, urgh! How am I going to teach my
kids to eat vegetables, when I hate kale? Let me try. Urgh. Why? Why does kale exist? I’ll try the kale. You’ll try the kale? Ciaran: Yeah.
Shan: Ok. That’s weird that you would try
the green stick one. Ciaran, don’t spit on the food, that’s really gross. You eat it. Chips. Chips? What’s it like Ruan? Who would eat that? It’s disgusting. Cieran, stop taking it if you’re not going to eat it then. I’ve tried hard over the years to get them
to eat healthy and things like that. Recently we are hanging out with a family, and because
the dad, I think he was in charge of food in a hotel? I think it was. His son had this
extremely progressive palette. And he would have herring one day, followed by Indian
cuisine the next. I mean that’s true parenting goals right there. We’re nowhere near that. Spoil market. I mean, I get it, kids don’t really like vegetables, they don’t like healthy food, so today, I’ve got some healthy food that masquerades as regular food, let’s see if they’ll eat it. So the boys love nuggets. In fact, being a dad is just one constant stream of them
asking for nuggets, and you eventually giving in and letting them have nuggets. So what
I’ve got today is meat-free nuggets. It’s made with fermented fungus. So it’s high in protein, low in saturated fat, high in fibre, no cholesterol, definitely sounds healthy.
Let’s see how they do. Nuggets. Sit down. Wah!!! Gor gor, must share. So I’ve brought
out the nuggets, and the boys were happy, ’cause they love nuggets. In fact, they are
nugget connoisseurs, their taste is so refined, they’ve had so many nuggets over the years,
that I thought, that they would actually be sort of put off by the taste, because it’s
not quite they are used to. So, what do you think of these? Ruan: Good.
Ciaran: Good. Well they gobbled it
down! It was great. And this is really quite a revelation because kids love nuggets so
much, but as a parent, you’re always “oh, it’s really bad to let them have nuggets”
you know it’s processed meat. But if I can do this every time, then I feel better about
myself, like I’m getting healthy. Healthy dad. Although the boys were aware that they
weren’t quite the same as the McNuggets that they are used to. You think this is from McDonald’s? Ciaran: Nu-uh.
Shan: Why not? Supermarket. So McDonald’s nuggets are still better than these ones? But I’m still finishing these. So since we’re doing well with the meat-free nuggets, we
thought we’d try other nuggets. These are lentil flaxseed nuggets. It’s really dry and crumbly. Well, I’m still going to try it. Let’s see if we can convince them to take
at least a bite. Some more nuggets for you! Nug-life. Shan: What do you think?
Ciaran: I don’t want them. So just from the look of it, the boys didn’t want to eat that nugget and that’s something important with kids. The look of something, if it’s unfamiliar to them, sometimes they just say “nope”. Recently I made chicken stuffed with cheese. They love chicken, they love cheese, but just because I sort of presented it in a slightly fancier more adult way, they were like “nope, not going to eat it”. I was like, “are you serious? I spent hours in the kitchen making this. You like chicken, you like cheese,” and they were gone. Ru? Eat it. Tell me what you think. We hate this kind of nuggets. Shan: Ok so, you don’t like these nuggets?
Ruan: Nope. How about cheese? Ruan: Yes.
Ciaran: Yes.
Shan: Want some cheese? Yes. Ok, let me get some cheese. So the boys
love cheese, especially Ruan, so I got some healthy cheese. This is a raw vegan nut cheese
platter. The cheese, is made from cultured cashew base, and pro-biotics. Hmm… Yeah, there’s a cheesiness to it. The taste is ok for the boys, but they’re used to cheese looking like grated cheddar, or even cheese sticks. So the fact that this look so different, I
don’t think it’s going to work. So what you do is, you take a carrot, and you dip. What do you think? Yuck. Nope. I’m not eating that again. Hey Ru! Look at mister, mister carrot. Ruan: I want this one.
Shan: Walking down the street. One good think though, is he ate some carrot!
Maybe that’s what I should do! I should add vegetables and something even worse as a comparison,
and they’ll eat the vegetables! Genius! Ok, one last time? Generally the boys love rice.
And fried rice is great, I mean, who doesn’t love fried rice? It’s the best. So this is
cauliflower fried rice, which is rice replaced by grated down cauliflower. I mean there’s
chicken and egg as well. Let me try. It’s ok, it’s very unsatisfying though, cuz you’re
expecting a nice big fried rice carb and then you get this kind of grainy substitute. Ok, here is some yummy – Ciaran! Don’t hurt your brother. Ciaran: I don’t want it.
Shan: Fried rice! I’ll just eat the egg. Me too. Here, have a little bit of fried rice. Ahhhh. Ok, so I’m not eating it if Ruan’s not eating it. It’s just fried rice, Ru. Ciaran: It’s so disgusting that Ruan want
to –
Ruan: So disgusting. Wait, wait wait. Just eat it, don’t spit it out. It’s disgusting. Ok, let me get a tissue, just sit on your seat. Ya, so the boys were not a fan of the cauliflower fried
rice. So then they brought the bin, he spat it out, later we had to go and wash their
mouth out with water. Divas. But then I try the point system which I haven’t done for
a long time, actually. ’cause they are very competitive, so sometimes I’ll just say, “you know what? You get 20 points if you eat this carrot.” You know what? It’s 20 points for
the first person who eat this spoon. Ahhh! 20 points. Surprisingly it still worked. I’m
not like tallying up the points at the end, they don’t get money, they don’t get medals,
they forget about it straight away, but they still do it for 20 points! Just take a moment, Ciaran, just try it, just try it. It’s chicken and fried rice. What does the rice taste like? A tongue! Tongue? But what does this rice taste like? A tongue. Taste like a tongue? Yes. Does it taste like a fruit? Or a vegetable? Or a meat? What does it taste like? Salad. Shan: Taste like salad?
Ruan: Yes. So they are aware that it’s a vegetable based thing and of course, vegetables are a no. So I don’t know if the boys have ever seen a cauliflower before, so I brought one out, and they reacted as if it was an enemy. I’m going to get my own (spoon). Ok, stop attacking the
cauliflower. So the boys are pretty ok with spaghetti and spaghetti bolognese and pasta, so today, I have zoodles. So it’s spaghetti and meatballs, but instead of pasta noodles, it’s zoodles, which are zucchini noodles. Like you shave zucchini into strips. The meatballs,
no problem, they ate that, because if anything’s in ball form, or nugget form, kids will generally
like it. But as for the zoodles, well I think Ciaran tried a little bit. I’m actually surprised
that he even put it in his mouth to be honest. Ok, so you don’t like the noodles? This is cucumber. Again, obvious that they were vegetables, and I wouldn’t be expecting them to be eating
zoodles anytime soon. It’s time for dessert, how about chocolate? Ruan: Yes!
Shan: You like chocolate yeah? Ok, I got some chocolate for you. So most kids love candy and chocolate, my kids
are no exception, but chocolate can be high in sugar. A healthier alternative would be
dark chocolate, which is 90% cocoa, and very low in sugar. Ok, here’s some chocolate. So the chocolate came out, it’s in the silver packaging, so it looks like chocolate, they dived in there, took a bite, and much to their surprise, it did not taste like the chocolate
that they were used to. You don’t like this chocolate? I don’t like that kind of (chocolate). What’s wrong with this chocolate? I taste some already. Shan: What’s wrong with this chocolate?
Ciaran: It’s so sour. Sour? What do you think, Ru? Sour. That’s all. Oh. See! You see, dad! Yeah, it’s sour. Wow! Is this cooking chocolate? Like people actually voluntarily purchase
this for their own pleasure? I don’t understand. I know there are some parents out there who are very good whereby making the kids eat healthy, even eat organic food, and when you
see those parents, yeah, you feel a bit bad. I do feel a bit guilty. At this stage as a
dad, I’m just happy that they are eating some vegetables. So if they eat some of the carrots, I’m kind of satisfied with that at least. I don’t really need them to have zucchini
in their lives, you know. Some kids are very difficult to feed, some just aren’t really that into food, which is crazy to me. If you have a kid who is very difficult to feed,
a bit picky, you do really need to try hard, find tactics and tricks because I honestly
feel the amount of food, the quality of food really does affect them physically, ’cause
if you look at my boys, I feel like Ciaran is kinda small for his age, and Ruen is kinda
big for his age, and their eating habits were kinda like that when they were young. Cieran was a bit of a picky eater and I think it kind of shows now, whereas Ruan was like gobbling
down, I need to give him massive amount of rice, and now he’s big for his age, so I think
it does make a difference. So that is episode 1 of Daddy Diaries, it’s actually the first time me and the boys have filmed on camera like this. I hope it was ok. Make sure you subscribe
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can also get the Clicknetwork APP, which will let you watch the videos before they hit YouTube. I will see you next episode. Big bad guy. Ciaran! Don’t touch (the mic). Forget about your mic, Ru, don’t touch, don’t touch it. Ok boys, wait. Come and get me. No climbing! This might look good on video but it’s taken us hours.

86 thoughts on “My Kids Try Healthy Food – Daddy Diaries: EP1

  1. We don't see much of daddies taking care of kids kind of videos in Singapore, would love to see more of this!! And Shan's voice is so soothing yet eununciated, I wish he'd read out to me everything that I need to read (like the menu).

  2. Hehehe, I really do love dark chocolate.🤔Cute vlog. Maybe if you have them help you shop and cook? See you next time.

  3. Actually it's good they willing to try the food they don't like…

    And that chocolate is sour? Isn't it supposed to be bitter?

  4. Thats just so cute!! I really love the way they try to express the tastes… cauliflower tastes like tounge (tastless) and the expression for the chocolate…

  5. I agree better than "No sweat" good concept and loads of potential! Trying things to get kids into doing /Eating healthy! Good ideas for me when I have kids in a few !

  6. I craved every green vegetable when I was pregnant, immediately when she was old enough for real food loved green vegetables. Her favorite was broccoli and okra. I think what you eat when pregnant plays a part. First one I craved junk food and that's all she wanted. It was hard with her, I feel your pain. Love the episode!

  7. This was so cute! I suggest making salsa if you want them to eat more tomatoes and just hiding it in a burrito or something. You can make the burrito really healthy with salsa, avocado/guac, black beans, chicken, lettuce, w/e you want.

  8. How my parents got me to eat vegs when I was a child: “look at all the older cool kids! They’re eating vegetables! You should eat it too to be cool!” Then proceed to tell my older brother and cousins that “look she thinks you’re cool for eating vegs, show her you can finish your plate!”

  9. What my mum used to do for my younger brother was to prepare minced beef/pork/chicken bolognese, with hidden veggies in the sauce! Just cut them really small and let the sauce simmer so the veggies are softer and my brother didn't realize they were in the pasta sauce. Hope this will work for you mamas and papas out there!

  10. maybe you can try the 70% dark one instead of the 90% one HAHA cos the 90% one is a bit too much even for me and I like dark chocolate! looking forward to more episodes!

  11. I have never noticed until today that the font on the clicknetwork on the left hand corner looks like something else 🤫

  12. I have 2 year old twin girls. They've been given the same foods to eat since they were starting solid foods. One is a very adventurous eater. She will eat almost anything put in front of her. The other has aversions to some foods, especially the texture of meat. So I think it really has very little too so with getting them interested early on. They just don't like things and that's ok.

  13. You are way toooo kind as a father you need to be a little strict in a way like they can't choose what they eat
    Because when I was their age I eat everything my parents give me I wasn't allowed to choose and if I reject food ._. I get fucked they'll beat me ._. but I'm not saying you have to beat your children I'm just saying be alittle more fierce

  14. I can't stop laughing, this is too funny! They're so cute!! Shan, if you still want them to eat dark chocolate. I suggest 70% chocolate, it's the lowest amount of coco that are still healthy or you can try from low to up with the coco %.

  15. Shan!!!!! I grew up hearing you on the radio and I'm so excited for you to have a youtube show now. Your kids are so cute!

  16. We have the Quorn brand here in Australia too. I like the mince version for taco's and the like, but my kid somehow won't eat a taco… a taco!
    These kids are just like mine. Sooo hard.
    my kid loves natto.
    (Japanese fermented soybeans which a lot of people find really gross)
    i hear there's some vitamin K in there, so ok.
    love the bloopers.

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