My Physical Flaws vs Yours

this person says they don’t like how big their butt is because it makes their hips look wider, and today this is kind of a you show me yours I’ll show you mine video only i’ll stick to shapes because I don’t want to make anyone vomit, so this girl says her butt is big meanwhile here is my butt, I don’t know I don’t think our butts look that different, and you’re a girl even if your butt was big, It’d probably a good thing this girl says she hates her small boobs and her big hips, well first off these are my boobs, you could say I’m flat-chested, and there you have my hips I don’t know what to tell ya small boobs and hips are actually a great combination, this girl says she thinks she’s fat and that people make fun of her for a disproportionate boobs maybe I mean we already know about my boobs, they look basically proportionate, and let’s see how I’m doing in the obesity department i don’t know thoughts, you see this thing here, a lot of people are terrified of that, well my understanding is you’re supposed to have that, now I could spend my time uber insecure about it, but I don’t feel like that really accomplishes much, this girl says she hates a lot of things including her collar bones she says she’s vegetarian and doesn’t do anything for her, that’s because you’re already a healthy weight a lot of people are looking at your picture thinking the only thing that’s really wrong with this girl is her perception of herself anyway check it out I believe those are my collarbones correct? I mean they’re bones what is there to be upset about, this person said that they tried scar removal cream and it didn’t work, state the obvious, it helps if you never cut yourself in the first place the only thing I did was tortured my wrist with love, and the other wrist with remember, you know me aspiring to be a better person but if the scar cream you’re using doesn’t work, leave a negative review that way other people will know better, this person is complaining about their boobs and lips being oversized, how my lips doing? *Mumbling* I mean I’ve never really been too happy about my lower lip being bigger than my upper lip, but i’m not sure if I look okay if my lips were any different, so I kind of just accepted myself I mean look at what insecurity can do your face, modify one thing then another thing then another thing eventually you become just some man-made abomination, and in no way looks real anymore yet another vegetarian who doesn’t realize that their body is already in its optimal state, you’re saying vegetarian isn’t helping not realizing vegetarianism already helped vegetarianism has done its job with you, now you complain about your legs so let’s check out mine if I pull my pant legs back this is how big my legs, are I mean that’s pretty healthy right? In fact I’ve had the same body type my entire life, it’s all thanks to a mostly consistent diet this person says their belly extends too far out, they are also a vegetarian ok, let’s compare vegetarian bellies, I’m not sucking my gut or anything this is how far my belly goes out, *Slapping* if I try to push my gut out, *Grunting* that’s how far it goes out, if I try to suck my gut in *Inhale* that’s how far it goes in, I mean like it or hate it this is how we’re supposed to look you eat the amount of food that doctors recommend, and you wind up looking similar to me and yeah pretty similar to you too but for some people, our optimal state still isn’t good enough because there’s still something going wrong in their mind, now if you had to guess what you assume this girl’s a vegan or vegetarian? You’ve seen what vegetarian stomachs look like, so you could probably conclude that this is a vegan stomach, yes vegans do tend to be a bit lighter than vegetarians so if you’re still unhappy with your body weight, so long as you still consume a healthy amount of food veganism might be an option, even then like this girl you might still be unsatisfied with yourself that’s when it becomes something you shouldn’t fix physically with yourself, but rather mentally, this person says they have muscly arms they wish they didn’t look like such a man okey-dokey let’s compare arms, so does yours look like this because this is what a man’s arm looks like, you know what some people are into that, some people have said this persons face is disproportionate, that’s what some people say about my lips, a lot of people also make fun of my acne and my pores, in fact i’ll show you how my back is doing right now, behold the current state of my bacne was there a lot of zits back there? whatever, the point of this video is to establish that we all have our flaws, but for most of us it seems like the biggest flaw is in our minds, so maybe if we work on yourself psychologically we’ll start to feel a lot better about ourselves physically, translation fill yourself with light and happiness I used to constantly say we are whatever we wish to be so the solution, be beautiful… that was cheesy *Chuckling*

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