New Life Spectrum Aquarium Nutrition

Since Spectrum was introduced over 15 years ago, we’ve never lost sight of who our real consumers are… Your aquarium fish, invertebrates
and corals. We know you enjoy them, and want to keep them healthy, happy, vigorous and colorful. Freshwater tropicals and marine fish kept indoors… …lack many of the nutrients that make up a complete diet… leaving your fish looking faded and sluggish. Sound familiar? New Life Spectrum’s complete, high quality
nutrition formulas provide a balanced diet. High quality protein from marine sources… Like Whole Antarctic Krill and Whole Herring… With no soy or animal byproducts. These premium ingredients are easier to digest for aquarium dwellers, making it ideal for carnivores, omnivores and even herbivores. Spectrum also uses a variety of aquatic veggies… like Ulva Seaweed, Chlorella Algae, Kelp,Spirulina, Wakame and more. Not to mention garlic, vitamins and trace elements vital for your fish’s health. Everything needed for a well-rounded diet… It’s In There! Better, more digestible ingredients mean you feed less and produce less waste… for lower phosphate levels, better water quality and a more disease-free environment. And fish fed proper nutrition means better natural resistance. Of course, it’s easy to say we’re the best.
How about we prove it? Feed your aquarium nothing but New Life Spectrum for thirty (30) days… You’ll see a noticeable increase in color and vitality in your fish that regularly eat Spectrum. The fish in this aquarium come from many different habitats and have various dietary requirements — from herbivores to carnivores — and all
have thrived for eight years exclusively on Spectrum. Here we have a skinny Powder Blue Tang not fed on Spectrum. .. And the same fish after 10 days fed New Life Spectrum exclusively. It’s full health restored. We all know Moorish Idols often waste away even when they appear to be eating. It’s health restored. New Life Spectrum is available as pellets,
powder, wafers, flakes or gel… …for every fish or invertebrate, every size, and every stage of life. With some training, even predators like Lionfish will relish and thrive on Spectrum’s
floating pellets. The fish shown here are siblings, raised indoors under identical conditions. As you can see, the color difference is significant. Here, we see the results on a notoriously
difficult to keep Achilles Tang. Of course, many foods claim to be the best. What is the Spectrum difference? We have spent a lifetime caring for fish. We don’t compromise. We’re dedicated to doing the best for them and giving you a rewarding aquarium keeping experience. But what does this actually mean? It means using high-cost premium ingredients. In every jar of Spectrum, more of every dollar goes into quality ingredients than in other brands. We use whole proteins from krill, fish
like herring, and scallops. …never animal byproducts or terrestrial
proteins. Good enough is never enough. We’re always looking for ways to improve Spectrum. Not cut costs. Over the years, for example, we’ve increased concentrations of premium ingredients… increased use of aquatic veggies instead of terrestrial plants, and developed ways to bind the pellet with less wheat. It’s a common idea that feeding a variety
of foods is needed for aquarium health. You use a selection of different foods… …including pellets and flakes — and supplement with freeze-dried and frozen foods like brine shrimp and worms. You may even rotate foods on a daily basis. Why? Because you’re worried that
one food can’t provide everything your aquarium needs. And you’re trying to cover these gaps
in nutrition. But with New Life Spectrum, It’s In There. Let’s take a look. Frozen brine shrimp and
worms? Whole Antarctic Krill and whole fish like herring are in there. And superior to brine shrimp. Not to mention Spectrum ingredients like Omega-3 fish oil and scallops. Veggies?… It’s In There. Spectrum contains a “basket” of several varieties of algae and seaweeds… All of which are aquatic and mimic
natural diets. As well as garlic, which is antiparasitic, immune boosting and attractive to fish. Trace elements and vitamins? It’s In There. Spectrum contains biologically active vitamins and trace elements… …that are abundant in their natural habitat, but often missing in aquariums. Fish appeal? It’s In There. Premium human-grade ingredients mean, once they begin eating it… your aquarium dwellers will eagerly consume Spectrum pellets indefinitely. Color enhancement? It’s In There. Spectrum achieves this with no added hormones or artificial coloring agents. New Life Spectrum offers a solution to suit
every need, size, variety and stage of life. Our family of products include… Our core Spectrum formulas, in a variety of
pellet sizes and recipes for every fish type. Thera-A non-medicated foods enhanced with extra nutrients, Omega-3 fish oils… … and — most importantly — Garlic… …to help build immunity, fight off parasites and condition newly-acquired or sickly fish. AlgaeMAX pellets, wafers and gels. Our herbivore formula is enhanced with 9 types of aquatic algaes and seaweeds for variety… …while still keeping Spectrum complete nutrition. Meaning its great for omnivores, too. Nutri/Science foods. Innovative feeding solutions, including Nutri/Cell micro-encapsulated food for corals. And Nutri/Gel gel foods for grazers,
bottom feeders and fish used to frozen foods. FLOAT. Our line of floating pellets in a variety of sizes for all surface feeders… including a 1 millimeter pellet that’s an ideal, nutrition
dense substitute for flakes. Optimum Flakes. Flake food with the Spectrum
formula. Enhanced with garlic. GROW formula fry starter powders and pellets, enhanced with Omega-3 Fatty Acids to help give your fish a kick-start toward reaching their full potential. If your fish are suffering from Ick or Hexamita,
we have solutions for that, too. Don’t take our word for it. Try it, and let your aquarium companions decide.

11 thoughts on “New Life Spectrum Aquarium Nutrition

  1. The new Tropical brand from Poland that I have the most food now and Hikari is excellent too. For me, the most important is the result. If your fish grow fast, have beautiful colors and crave for what they eat, I consider that brand. I tried NLS before. It's a good one. Yes, you have beautiful colors and health but in the case of my goldfish, they don't grow fast with this food. Some Discus don't like the taste. That why, I changed. But I like their AlgaeMax and Thera A.

  2. NLS the best fish food in the market, You can see my african Cichlid's tank and you will see the difference in color, looks awesome.

  3. I adore NLS. I give all my fish, from fry to adult, Freshwater and saltwater, NLS. They adore it, and look absolutely beautiful!! A little goes a long way!

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