Nucleus Custom Medical Animation Process

Thank you for your interest in Nucleus
Medical Media we hope you enjoy this video explaining
our production process. Our animation team produces a creative
brief for you based on your initial proposal. This brief includes the goals of your
project, the intended audience, style, and what to expect from the final
deliverable. Our writers work with you to create a
script to the action in your video. This script includes narration if you
want it. Before the script is finalized, you will have the opportunity to review
the script for accuracy and visual flow. Next we use the script to build models
for your animation and create a storyboard. At this step we’ll point out key frames to describe our concept of what’s happening in the animation, and what the narrator is saying at each
point. You will get another chance to review it to make sure we’re on the
right track. We will advise you to check for items
such as accuracy, object placement, general textures, and
camera angles. From there we create what’s called an
animatic. This is a rough draft to the animation
that we provide to clients as one more review step before the final product. Watch your animatic for details such as: how objects move, timing, transitions, camera motion, and narration quality. Note the colors will not be as vibrant
as the final animation. When you’re happy with your animatic
we’ll move on to the final animation. Our animators enhance your animation
with elaborate textures, lighting, and special effects, creating an
animation that exceeds your expectations. When your animation is finished you’ll
take a final look to make sure it’s everything you wanted and more. Our post-production team adds your logos, and delivers the animation in the file
format you need. You have complete control of this fun,
creative process. If you’re interested in working with
Nucleus, please contact us using our toll-free number or visit our website.

15 thoughts on “Nucleus Custom Medical Animation Process

  1. That is great video .

    I would love to know if you have any kind of course for making these kind of graphic design and editing for designers ? if not can you suggests to me any ?  

  2. Thanks nucleus team.
    There are a lot of things to learn from you.
    Can you please tell me how much time you take to make a 5 minutes video?

  3. First of all i want to thank you for making such amazing educational videos…. that even for free
    A BIG Thanks
    These videos help me a lot
    Keep up the good work 😊👍

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