Nutrition Seminar

So nutrition is a really, really important part of overall fitness and here in the Odin CrossFit we think that nutrition is important to have and best taught by an expert. Behind me right now we have our nutrition challenge going on. We are really fortunate to be working with Amy Goldsmith from Kindred Nutrition. She’s amazing; A registered dietitian and really knows their stuff working out is really important but fueling your body for your workout is just as important. Our eight week nutrition challenge is going on right now and it’s focused on individualized nutrition for everybody – body fat testing at beginning, body fat testing at the end along with the resting metabolic rate testing that really is able to cater to your individual macro nutrient needs. Today we’re learning all about timing and hydration. We have about 30 people signed up for it. Nutrition is half the battle and this is a great example of 30 people getting together and going through and learning as adults to make the rest of their lives healthier.

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