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hi Christina thank you so much we get so much for coming you’re relatively new to our practice although you yourself are not relatively new you’ve had a birthday how old are you with your most recent birthday 95 okay so we’re going to get this thing out for you and you’ve not even seen any of our videos before so you’ll experience it from the actually doing it before you see what it’s like so I thank you for letting all of us see this dilated pores of whiner okay this is the part where I give you the shot so will it will burn a little bit there you go does that hurt a little bit stings a little bit is it still stinging I get a little bit over on the side of it oh the liquid just comes right out through the poor there this helps it to to go easier because these things are hard we may need that more we’ll find out shortly and then we try to use some forceps on it so first let’s just see what happens with pushing on it from the sides and even with using that scalpel we’re not going to get a whole lot there no you okay so now we’re going to are you hurting it all just getting fatigued we don’t want to cooperate kind it’s a very hard collection of crappiness material so I’m kind of stabbing into it with the forceps and then pulling and we may have to extend a whole of it by making an incision in the skin so what happened was the skin produces this material and somehow it kind of pushed into the skin so it made a pit where before it was flat and because of that pit all this material collects instead of just coming out oh they’re those looking harder the lock sometimes it is sometimes it’s actually as hard as a rock a corrado lip alright so still without having to make any incision in the skin we’re able to see how far we can get I I kind of take pride in not cutting people if I don’t have to yeah we were taking some of it out it’s a little easier to get around in there am i hurting you no okay my knee just your knees do you need to get up and walk a little bit and then lay back down when he wanted okay was it felt one biggest love it so this could have been here for quite some time you know about how many decades Oh about 15 years 15 years okay cuz they drained it since it’s laughing and then the nurse could he get into it completely I think she did it because dr. little the my tips employers okay who well it is so extensive and big if you want I’ll go ahead and cut into it a little bit to get it out if you want it out okay all right we’re going to cut from the inside out it seems to go kind of horizontal across like this so I’ll go across that way first see if we can avoid doing much more than that so I just did it one direction here have you seen any of our videos on on the computer no I didn’t even know who took them out I just took a tax loss I had a big ol Melissa it along listen this is one of the things that was one of the significant balls early I’m going to use the knife a little bit more maybe I also going to come this direction this time because it’s not uncommon try the pickups with teeth here and see if it’s able to get a better grip hard to get both sides okay well you know Christina do you want to see it Oh for heaven’s sake do you want to take that home in a doggie bag yes I do oh look at that nice clean little or we’re not going to use any suture on it we’re just going to let it heal up so this pit that’s left behind it’s now empty and nice and clean because it came out so nicely over time it will kind of flatten out and we actually have some pictures of previous patients that tap into and I’ll even get a little oil dots there so it’s kind of our after so we will avoid that you’re going to put it in your will write you can will it you sister okay there it is I said well there I don’t you can’t see the best but that’s in there that was in you for 15 years oh yeah because someone was already there uh-huh okay hey we’ll do a closing here thank you so much for joining Christina myself to get that dilated poor of whiner out after 15 years of it not being completely remove I am reminded if you are new to our channel and want to see some of the behind the scenes or extra videos from the live videos and archives are hard to find those are available for people on our patreon and there’s a link to that that you can find and if you haven’t subscribed to this channel please do so you don’t miss any of these and you’ll be able to watch them and see them until next time Christina myself dr. mark vantaa and all of you to stay in good health

100 thoughts on “Old Dilated Pore of Winer Removal | Auburn Medical Group

  1. If i had've seen ur video, I'd have went elsewhere. What a Palava!. No constant cleaning of the site. I have no training in this field but i do with biology. From the first 20sec i said to myself, do the women a favor, this is going to need an insition, get it out, including the sac and that's will be that. But, you pocked, fulled and proded her till you eventually needed to cut her anyway and took minutes of needless intrusion before doing this. Sometimes people who don't want to hurt you end up doing the most damage!….

  2. That was so suspenseful for me lol lol… Each time it looked like you had it and it just didn’t budge all the way… I was like come on, awe.. ok he has it come on, awe – LOL

  3. Lol…i like how she said "yes i do".
    This was much more invasive than the way Dr. Lee does it. But i really liked watchinh in come out hole like that.

  4. Not in the slightest teaching you your job…just interested to know and it may be a stupid question…would some sort of vacuum plus a tube to put around the outside of the 'hole' to suck the offending mass out work? At the end of the day if your first attempt had worked you would have stretched the hole anyway… surely that is better than an incision? I remember my dad telling me how before the 30's and 40's to treat boils etc a heated empty milk bottle would be used to clear the wound/hole etc . Putting the opening of the bottle over the wound and as the air cooled inside it would create a vacuum thus sucking out the matter. Again no offence meant.

  5. So why not use a teeny tiny wire style ear loop? They work great for small abscesses (in rabbits, where the pus is very inspissated)

  6. Why do doctors always give an multiple injections. Most of these blackheads could be squeezed out with fingers easily

  7. She looks like she’s in her latte 60’s no where near 95!!! I would love the storytelling she must have!!

  8. Yea good for her shes amazing living to 95 and letting us see her all over the internet!! Shes wonderful!! 😊

  9. This is probably a stupid question but how are you able to cut the skin with such minimal bleeding? Is it because there's hardly any blood flow to the enlarged pore?

  10. Just letting your group know that this video has been stolen by at least one group or individual. "Dr. Alice" or "Alice, Her is the link to there version of the video=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgCN-njkg8k

  11. Why do people hit the ‘dislike’ button??? He did exactly what the title said he was going to do! If you don’t like these type of videos, don’t watch them !

  12. this was horribly unprofessional, if I were you I would be ashamed of this video….it makes you look incompetant and uneducated.

  13. It’s amazing how many doctors are on here making comments. To the laymen…..They think you can just easily rip it out without having to go through these steps. Wrong! If you think you can do it better
    ~shut your mouth and become a doctor and make your own videos.

  14. AT 95 years old, her skin's abiility to heal is going to be less! how did it look on follow-up? I didn't see much blood with the incision and got concerned!

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