Our Wellness Program Impact on Parkinson Fighters!

[Music] it’s just fantastic the activities all of the activities are just fantastic they have done miracles in my opinion – Elliot who was afraid to walk without the Walker and is now running around the house without anything all the time and walking outside without help which is fantastic given the Parkinson which has slowly deteriorated he has Parkinson’s now how many years from the manifested science and of 2000 but I went on undiagnosed until 2003 so and since then it’s many years now and given that he can move around like this and function so well is also in my opinion due to all the exercises the boxing the dancing the singing the voice therapy the exercises on all the equipment and the voice therapy has had me an aspect of teaching us how to swallow things properly that’s been very important for taking medication and not getting it stuck in the throat there are all kinds of things that we have learned in each activity that has improved his condition there’s no doubt about it [Music]

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