– I’m not going to rush myself when
I’m explaining grounding. – No you’re not Russian. – I’m not rushing. I like to explain things. – You’re Hungarian. – Oh it’s already taping we’re on it? – We’re on it. – Oh dude why didn’t you say that? – That’s how we get the outtakes. (upbeat music) Ready to blend? – Oh so this is going
to be very very noisy so we’re going to cut this part out. – There go the lights. (both laughing) More oxygen making it
into the blood, the brain, and it contains… (licks lips) (AnnaBlanca laughs) contains … We should actually start this over, Here’s why. – Alright three, two, one, checking again. Hi Guys! I’m AnnaBlanca. – Welcome to Fun with Flags. (AnnaBlanca laughs) I’m Sheldon Cooper. Today we’ll be looking
at the Hungarian flag. It has red, for blood. Green for cannabis, And white for intelligence.
– Purity. And sexiness. (AnnaBlanca laughs) – White for the ever
fertile Hungarian bunny. – Oh that bunny. Kiss here? – So hi I’m AnnaBlanca. Hi I’m Sage. We are … – Welcome back to the
Addictive Wellness channel. – The channel. – We’re so happy you’re here with us. – You gonna do this too? – It’s just … – Oh this! I was like … There’s a difference between the finger. Okay oh we are taping? (AnnaBlanca laughs) – AnnaBlanca likes this! he he he. – Okay hi I’m … – This is AnnaBlanca. I’m Sage. Welcome back to the
Addictive Wellness channel. She … – Hi guys, I’m AnnaBlanca. – I thought I was gonna start. – Oh sorry you go start. – Hi everybody welcome. – We’re not ready. (AnnaBlanca laughs) – I’m still playing my footing. – I like when you’re finding your footing. – I like to be properly footed. – We are footed and grounded. – You’re shaking the brick wall. – Because I am so strong. I am Miss Hulk. No I don’t like being Hulky lady . No you don’t like me? Hi guys, welcome back … Do you like to welcome people? – I like to welcome the people. (AnnaBlanca laughs) (kiss) – Can I have your hand? (clap) – What? I don’t know. – Come on hold me like we dance. – Hi I’m Sage. And I’m AnnaBlanca. Hi I’m AnnaBlanca and I’m Sage. Welcome to Addictive Wellness. Today … – Okay okay okay okay let’s do this. You say you’re Sage and
I’m AnnaBlanca okay. Go. – Hi I’m Sage. – And I’m AnnaBlanca. – Today we’re gonna be talking about maca. – Mmmm … – Not … (babbles) I was about to roll into my next line and it was gonna be a real zinger. But you had something interesting to say, so go ahead. – I was just going to say
hello everybody or whatever. – Hi everybody. We’re here on the
Addictive Wellness channel. We’re still rolling. So today we’re talking about
not Macka B of CUCUMBA fame but maca root. Latin name lepidium meyenii. So this is …
– Can we start over because… – Oh but this was going to be so
good if we had kept going. I really mmm … Why is not just because it’s a good idea. But also … That was such a weird thing to say. (sighs) (laughs) – Woo! My goodness this guys got abs. – That’s what we can start with. That’s a good opener. – Is it? It is cheesy. We are cheesy. We are really cheesy. – We are cashew cheesy. – Actually I really like cashew cheese. You just made me a chocolate cheesecake ice cream. – Hi I’m Sage. Welcome back to the
Addictive Wellness channel. This is AnnaBlanca. She’s not important so
we don’t talk about her. (laughs) – Hi guys. As you’ve heard my name is AnnaBlanca. I’m not important so we dont’ talk … – You have hair on your noses. – Oh did I get it from
the haircut you got today? – Yeah. – I’m collecting hair after his haircuts. As long as I don’t eat them I’m fine. – It wouldn’t be vegan. – Yeah and we are about to talk about something that’s vegan, right? – This is too intense. We can’t go from this. – Okay we’ll start all over again then.


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