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Today, we are going to review the Philips Lifeline HomeSafe Standard medical alert system. We will show you how it works, and make live
test calls, so you can find out if this will be a good service for you or your parents’
needs. If you are interested, take a look at our website after this for a full detailed
review. Let’s get started! Inside the Lifeline HomeSafe Standard Medical
Alert System package, the main items are a base communicator unit and an emergency help
button. Senior users can choose to wear their Help
Button pendant around the neck, or else opt for a wristband style Help Button. We had
chosen to receive the help button as a pendant in our package. The package came with documents and guides
to help customers get started with the service. Elderly users can initiate an alarm call by
pressing the help button. Alternatively, they can also activate an alarm by pressing this
red button on the side of the communicator unit here. The communicator unit includes a highly sensitive
microphone and loudspeaker to facilitate two-way conversations between the user and the response
associate. This unit has a volume control on the side to adjust the loudness of the
speaker. When the help button is pressed, it will wirelessly
send a signal to the communicator unit to call the Lifeline monitoring center. A response
associate will answer through the speaker on the communicator unit to assist the elderly
user. Let’s do a test call to illustrate. Here we go. The test call was successfully completed.
Two-way communications was established through the sensitive speaker and microphone on the
communicator unit itself. The help button itself does not have a speaker or mic. We will do a second test call in a minute to test the waterproof feature of the help
button. For now, lets take a look at the phone line options and other options that Lifeline
provides. The HomeSafe standard communicator unit needs
to be connected to a home phone line to work. It works with traditional land lines and with
most major VoIP or cable phone lines. Our test call was routed through a cable phone
line. If you are using a digital phone line, be
sure to inquire with Lifeline about its compatibility with their products. At an extra cost, Lifeline offers a different
home-based communicator unit that does not require a separate phone line to work. Other product options include an AutoAlert
button with fall detection and their GoSafe system that is designed to work both in and
out of the home. For more details, visit our website at It’s now time for our second test call. A lot of senior falls happen in the bathroom. According to Philips Lifeline, their HomeSafe
standard help button is waterproof and can be worn in the shower. We will test its waterproof
feature by putting it under a shower and leaving it in water. It’s been about 15 minutes, let’s see if the
button still works. Here we go. This test call was successfully completed.
In cases where the Lifeline Response Associate cannot hear or communicate with the user,
the company has procedures in place to address the situation. This could include calling the user back or
dispatching emergency services. Overall, the Philips Lifeline HomeSafe standard
medical alert system works well. The company offers quality equipment and services. Besides their HomeSafe standard system, Lifeline
also offers a HomeSafe Wireless system that works without a home phone line. Both of these
systems work with Lifeline’s AutoAlert fall detection pendant. Although a pioneer in the medical alert industry,
the company faces stiff competition from other companies providing similar services. Philips Lifeline differentiates itself by
staying innovative, providing new cutting edge technologies like its GoSafe system that
works both in and out of the home. Thank you for watching this video review! For more details on Philips Lifeline or to compare it with other systems, please visit Or, Click on The Link Below if you are watching
this video on YouTube. Have a GREAT day!

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