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  1. AND the most severe damage cannabis causes as consumed for long time is that it damages your short-term memory.

  2. So if its that good and stuff why is it illegal in some places for all the that I know tobacco should be more illegal

  3. After 15 years I had forgotten how good it feels to be productive and actually get stuff done! Nemery Thentel’s advice (google him) was the only thing that guided me to the right direction and it’s been a couple months now since my last smoke 🙂

  4. my friend smoked at my house and didn't know he had scitzerfrienia and had two seizures and had to go to the hospital

  5. everytime i am lookinig for resons to quit smoking weed , i only find benifits of smoking weed, i dont find a reason to quit this
    but everytime i smoke i always feel guilty. i shouldnt have done it. this is my last time. but i cant . what should i do ?

  6. No one has died, but there are things worse than death. Smoke, but don't get too greedy, because when your mind goes, you'll definitely know it and it will scare you like nothing before.

  7. there is a recent research showing the oposite

  8. PLEASE HELP I don't feel right after smoking weed on and off for the last 7months I feel foggy and can't concentrate I don't know how to explain it my mind just feels weird can someone help me.

  9. I am a student from University of Maryland College Park. I am working on a project proving the adverse effects of marijuana. I need the statistical data related to your video on it. Please help me and my teammates with that.
    The required format is .csv or excel file. Please help us as we can not do the statistics without your help.
    Thank you for your time.
    I hope to receive your help

  10. This is disinformation.
    Your not supposed to smoke cannibis. Your supposed to cook it in foods, make oil out of it and use it in teas.
    Cannibis( i.e. marijuana coined by Harry Anslinger and Randolph Hearst) will cure any dis-ease and this is why the oligarchs and their dogs banned it.
    As a Native American. My people cooked and ate tobacco and cannibis.
    This is why the oligarchs and their dogs= Harry Anslinger and Randolph Hearst.
    During the 1800-1900’s and today. There were many tests done on indigenous people of America. Anglo Saxons thought that American Indians and black people had magical powers like rapid healing etc..
    What they found was that we ate thousands of pounds of hemp and cannibis and stayed healthy no matter what types of poisons they tested on my people. So they hired goons to out law cannibis today called,” marijuana.”
    Today cannibis will cure: all cancers, HIV, Autism, Herpes, all STD’s, mental illnesses etc…
    The art of critical thought is coming back but most people cannot see past hate and BS.
    How can you criminalize a plant?
    If that’s the case then tobacco, carrots, kale and all trees should be illegal.

    I don’t care what you about me. Just think for yourselves for a change.

    The creator doesn’t make mistakes with plants.

  11. Damn lol a rat has a life expectancy of 2 years. If we take a human who lives to about 80 and we multiply those 3 days by 40 that means a human would sleep 120 days off 40'000 joints. That's 4 months lmfao

  12. Weed is really bad for teens because their brains are not developed yet. If they start smoking young, 13-16 yo then they will get short term memory loss as it shrinks the brain. Long term use also increases anxiety and makes a person anti-social. This lady is not telling the whole story. And yes people have died from it when they jumped out a window while in a state of paranoia or drove high. I live in Colorado and I guess you guys don't hear about these stories but it happens.

  13. Well, this is a very interesting approach to say the least. I mostly agree, and yes, it's great to get rid of that mental fog, the headaches, lethargy, etc. Super uplifting lol. Having increased energy, motivation and clarity, … what a difference! As long as you don't suffer from cravings during detox (like Nemery Thentel explains in his website), it's so much easier than one would think.

  14. I feel dizzy after smoking it , it’s been 3 days after n I dunno y but this sometimes happens after, doesn’t always happen

  15. So…it's my first time smoking it….how much do you think i should smoke so it doesn't have much effect… so i can walk around in college??

  16. Can someone help my my mind still feels very out of it after weeks and i dont like it can i make it go quicker by any reason?

  17. Please someone help me and answer this question. I am A First Time smoker and I smoked two nights in a Row Sunday night and Monday night. It is now Thursday and I have Been Feeling Really Dizzy and Nausea For 3 days Now. Can Anyone Tell me what’s Going On .

  18. If I slept for 3 days I'd lose 7 lbs. Not to mention accidents which are bound to occur. Those rats must have had THC IV. How else do you deliver that much THC to a rat ?

  19. I wouldn't say schizophrenia I would say paranoia and yeah if you're hiding something you're usually paranoid if you're not hiding it don't worry

  20. I’m currently high and I don’t know why I’m her is bc im hug and I am going to text one whole pargph and I’m good bye guys

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