Physical Therapy Stretches for the Neck : Squeezing Shoulder Exercises for Neck Physical Therapy

This next exercise is another exercise that
will not only will kind of help strengthen but also help relax you too if you are tense
at the end of a long day. And what we are going to do is go ahead and squeeze our shoulder
blades back together so we pull in our shoulders back. This is another excellent one for posture.
So what you are doing is you’re trying to touch your shoulder blades back and you hold.
Get about five seconds so hold hold hold and relax. Go back again. Again, keeping a nice
upright posture you’re holding you’re squeezing squeezing squeezing then relax. Go back another
time, hold it hold hold hold. Relax. Again great exercise you can do help relax you as
well as do a little bit of strengthening so let’s do one more time, hold it, hold, hold,
hold and relax.

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