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welcome Am your AmmaSamayal meenachi Today we learn how to make Popcorn Ingredients used for fry the popcorn you may buy corn specially for making popcorn,it small in size big corns are not able to make pop corn corn 150 grams you may add ghee or butter or oil to fry the popcorn am adding ghee Ghee not measured because we know it when we fry? Black Pepper 1 spoon salt 1 and half spoon Turmeric powder 1 spoon Chili powder 1 spoon Add Ghee you may add ghee or butter or oil to fry add Salt add Turmeric powder add Corn add this much amount of ghee for better result Close cooker and don’t put the weight you hear fry sound within minutes if the sound stops,you calculate it will fry completely and it will ready to open Now the sound come,it started frying please put sim the stove after half part of frying Now the sound down very low Now the sound completely down,so the popcorn fried completely easy and simple homemade popcorn ready Home made popcorn ready taste come out yummy you may add pepper and chili as per your taste No need to add Salt,because we already added salt before shift the popcorn to new vessel and add what you want If you like this video,please like,share and Subscribe. Don’t forget to put comments,thanks and bye

100 thoughts on “Popcorn| சோளப்பொரி | Homemade Popcorn | Cooker Popcorn | Easy Cooking | Healthy Food

  1. Vanakkam amma na eppaume unga videos parpen ellame super irukkumn en magal popcorn seiya solli kettute irukka so ippathan unga video parthen nalaiku seiyalanu ninaikara eppadi varuthunu parkalam…… unga blessing la nalla pannuvanu ninaikara

  2. Amma today unga method la popcorn seithan ma supera vanthuchu en ponnu romba happy nanum sema happy amma thank you

  3. Have seen the other videos for this too…. I think we Indians do it best, keeping it so simple.  Thanks a lot for this great video.  A big Thumbs Up!!

  4. Amma ….unga samayal ellame super amma….na periya size la irukra solam vangitan ma…theriyama ….so adha vechi enna panradhu ma…..

  5. ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்கு மேடம் செஞ்சிட்டு சொல்றன் எப்படி வந்துச்சுன்னு

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