Popcorn the Dolphin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cosmic Kids! I’m Jaime and this is your place for yoga stories and fun. Now it’s easy. All you’ve got to do is copy the moves that I do and enjoy the adventure. Now we always start in the same way and that’s by sitting on our bottoms and crossing our legs and bringing our hands together at our
hearts and saying our secret yoga code word which is ‘Namaste’. Ready? After three. One, two, three – Na-mas-te. There! Now we’re ready to begin. So – shall we find out what our story is about
today? Let’s look through the cosminoculars. Bringing your thumbs and fingers together
we have a look through. Wow! Goodness me! Look at those colours and those shapes! It’s so pretty! Can you see the picture? YES it’s a dolphin, its Popcorn the Dolphin,
Yaaaay!! What’s Popcorn doing? She’s doing yoga. She’s doing camel pose. This is so exciting! We’re off to meet Popcorn the Dolphin who lives in the sea, so we’re going to the seaside. We put our legs out long, and we pack a picnic, bending our knees taking our fingers to our toes, we open up our picnic basket, ready,
ooooop. We take our arms out wide and we twist one
way to get our sandwiches. Here we go! Let’s wrap them up – ooop! – and pop them in. Oooh! We take our arms out wide again, and we twist
the other way. And we get some fruit. Some melons, banana and mango. Here we go! Melon, banana, mango. Melon, banana, mango. Lovely! We reach our arms up high, wiggle our fingers,
wiggle our toes, bend our knees and close our picnic basket, ooooop. Then we come up to our knees and we stretch
our arms out wide and we give everyone at home a great big hug goodbye. Oooh bye everyone! We get on our bicycles and cycle away. Lying on our backs, we criss cross our fingers behind our heads and lift up our legs then we pedal our legs, going up a hill, very very
slowly. Going down a hill really really fast, then
going round a corner weeeee and going round another corner weeeee, and we arrive at the
bus station. Wahey! We sit up and we put our legs out wide and we put our arms at the
side like the wheels. The driver of the bus is singing a funny song
which we know called The Wheels on the Bus. Let’s sing together! Ready? ♫The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round, all day long! Now the wipers. Reaching up tall, ready? The wipers on the bus go swish swish swish, swish swish swish, swish swish swish. The wipers on the bus go swish swish swish all day long. Now the horn! Pressing one finger on your
nose and extending the other one out to the side. The horn on the bus goes beep beep beep, beep beep beep, beep beep beep♫ The horn on the bus goes beep beep beep all day long. Yay! We’re here! And the sun is shining! So we stand up, we reach our arms up to the
sun and we say “Hello sun!” Ready? Hello Sun! Ooh! The sand is so warm beneath our feet. We say hello to the sand, bending all the way forwards we say ”Hello sand!” Now we step one leg back all the way behind
us and we start our sand buggy with a “beep beep!” Yay! We take our other leg back coming on to our
bellies and we wiggle like a little sea snake hissssss! Then we tuck our toes, lift our bottoms up to the sky and we woof like happy little dogs playing on the beach woof woof, woof! We reach our tail up to the sky and wag it
because we’re still a very happy dog and we step between our hands and we start our
sea sand buggies again with a “beep beep”. We step forward again and we say hello to the sand.
Hello sand! And we reach up to the sun and what do we say? “Hello sun!” Now on the beach are lots of crabs and they’re
playing football with a bottle? Let’s go and join them! We sit on our bottoms bending our knees, feet
flat, hands behind our bottoms and we lift up our hips. Now we’re going to digger digger that way.
Ready? And kick a ball at the end! Digger digger digger digger oooh! It’s not a ball; its a bottle!
Let’s go that way and do it again! Digger digger digger digger digger oooh! We catch the bottle. Sitting down we turn it upside down and we
shake it! shake it shake it shake it shake it Out comes a treasure map and a message! Let’s read it! Bending your knees opening it up. Look! A treasure map! And it says, ‘The yoga treasure is yours to win. Be sure to listen to Popcorn the Dolphin.’ We must go and find her straight away. We look through our cosminoculars again to
see where she is. Crossing your legs, thumbs and fingers together. Have a look through! There she is playing in the waves! Let’s go
and join her! We stand up, grab a surfboard and start to
run! Run run run – into the waves! We throw our surf board down onto the water
and come on to our bellies, then we start to swim out into the waves, there’s a wave
to bob over so we bring our hands under our shoulders and go oooop and all the way down
ooooh, lets surf on the next one shall we? yes, OK. Coming up on to your hands and your knees
step one foot forward between your hands and then cartwheel your arms round, and we are
surfing! We jump our feet the other way, hop, and we surf backwards, nice! Ready? Here comes Popcorn to join us. Coming down on to your knees. Criss cross
your fingers come down on to your elbows, she dives in and out of the waves. *dolphin sounds* She sits up on her tail and claps her fins together. She is the happiest dolphin we have ever met
and we’re going to be best friends forever. “You’ve found the treasure map, the yoga
treasure! This is so good! Now we have to go together to find it. There are going to be some challenges along
the way. We’re going to have to do three things,
we’re going to have to STAY CALM, we’re going to have to KEEP BREATHING, and we’re going
to have to THINK POSITIVE. Can you do that?” “YES we can Popcorn”
We reach up high and we dive down in to the waves, *Splidoosh* We swim following Popcorn the Dolphin but – uh oh! – swimming around us are lots and lots of SHARKS! Arggh! Criss cross your fingers behind your back and lift up your shark’s fin. They’re coming towards us. Popcorn the Dolphin knows exactly what to
do and gets in to position. Coming up on to your knees again, criss cross
your fingers! Down to your elbows! “Remember to stay calm, keep breathing and
think positive happy thoughts!” And she starts swimming around us and around us very very fast! *dolphin sounds* She makes so many bubbles that the sharks get dizzy
and don’t know where they are any more. Coming down on to your belly, criss cross your fingers,
lift up your shark fin and “OOH! I don’t know where I am!” say the sharks. We sit up and we wipe our brow. Phew! Thank goodness for that! Popcorn knew what to do. We swim up to the surface of the waves where
we take a look at our treasure map. Hands down breathing in and lift up. Breathing out, lower down. Breathing in, breathing
out. At the top we look at our treasure map. Sitting back bend your knees feet flat, opening
it up, Ah look there’s a mermaid! And she’s sitting on a cross. X marks the spot! That
must be where the treasure… Pssst, pssst! What? *FOG HORN BLAST* And we see it! It’s a huge boat
and it’s coming towards us! Sitting up tall, lift up one leg lift up two
legs, lift up one arm, lift up no arms and give me a wave. This boat is a very big boat with a mast. Lifting up one arm, and on that mast is a flag. A black flag with a skull and cross bones, which means one thing: PIRATES! Aaargh! Standing on the boat we see a pirate, he’s
only got one leg and craggly little hands like this, and he’s got one eye, grrr and
he’s holding a net, a large fishing net. He’s looking to catch Popcorn the Dolphin. Noooooooooo!! Popcorn knows what to do. “You’ve just
got to stay calm, you’ve gotta keep breathing and you’ve gotta think positive!” So we
try. And, sure enough, all of a sudden from out of the water swims a whale! Lying on our backs, we bend our knees and
lie all the way down with our arms by our sides. Hands flat. We lift up our hips going bubble, bubble,
bubble, bubble, POP! and lower back down. The whale lifts the pirate ship straight out of the
water. Bubble, bubble, bubble, POP! And lower down. Carrying the pirates all the
way away from us. YAY we’re safe again! We sit up and wipe our brow. Phew – that was close! Let’s look at the map one last time. Now how are we going to find these mermaids. Popcorn knows. “We’re going to have to go
and find Tommy the Bedtime Turtle. He knows where everyone lives in this ocean, so let’s
go find him! We go to the coral bed. Turning around take your hands behind you,
feet flat and lift your hips up making a bed shape like a coral bed. There’s lots and lots of seaweed in the coral bed. Lying all the way down, lifting up your legs
and your arms and waving it around like your wavy seaweed in the waves. There are fish darting in and out of the seaweed
pointing your toes all the way down, come down on to your elbows and pop pop pop your
chest to the sky up to the ceiling all the way back behind you – like a fish, yay! The seaweed parts, sitting up tall, we lie
back again, lifting up our legs, lifting up our arms and part the seaweed. We rock all the way up, wow and we see that we are here with Tommy the bedtime turtle. Yay! Bending your knees, hands in front of you,
take your hands down in between your legs then shuffle your hands underneath your feet
making two little flippers like turtle flippers. “Hey there what can I do for you? I hope
that I can help you somehow.” We show Tommy the map and he knows exactly what
to do. “You need to go and find the tunnel of dogfish, but be very careful because they’re
not very nice when they’re awake so wait until they’ve gone to sleep. And Norris the Baby Seahorse, if he’s there
he’ll show you what to do. Good luck!” Right it’s time to go, we need to find this
tunnel of dogfish. We swim again on our tummies. Coming flat, we swim down deep where all the fish get a little bit funny and light up. And there we see it, the tunnel of dogfish! Tuck your toes, hands beneath your shoulders coming all the way up coming in to your dog pose! And the dogfish are asleep… *Snore, snore.* Coming down to your knees Popcorn knows she’s
not going to fit under there. “If I swim under there, I’m going to wake
’em all up with my tail, so you’re gonna have to go by yourself, but do you remember
those three things I told you, yah?” Yes we do Popcorn! Stay calm, keep breathing and
think positive! We can do it everyone can’t we? And here comes Norris the Baby Seahorse! Stepping forward on to one knee, lift your
arms above your head. Ooh hello, I’m going to take you through, but you need to wiggle
like a little snake all the way through the tunnel so you don’t wake them up. We can do it Norris! We get in to position on our bellies again, taking
our hands underneath our shoulders, we wiggle through the tunnel. Wiggle, wiggle! Uh! Stay Calm! Wiggle wiggle. Uh! Keep breathing! Wiggle wiggle wiggle… Uh! Think positive! And we get through to the other side. Yay we did it!! Norris the Baby Seahorse gives us a little celebratory neigh. Stepping forward with your other foot, lift your arms and
*Neigh* “You did it! Well done, everyone!” Sitting before us is mermaid, the mermaid
from the treasure map. Sitting with your bottom to the side, swish your tail around to one side and place one hand on your fishy tail and your other hand behind you. look over your shoulder, look back at us and
she says “Ooh la la!” Then she swishes her tail round to the other side, putting an
hand on her tail and behind her and she says it again, “Ooh la la!” Then we show her
the map. Sitting up tall, bend your knees. Open it up. “Oh! Ah oui!” she says. Then she points her
tail all the way forward, sticking it out at the ends, she reaches behind her, bends
her elbows down, lifts her tail up and counts to three in French. Une, deux, trois. Then she opens up her arms, and she reaches
up to the sky as she says “Et voila!” All of a sudden from every direction starts
spinning the most beautiful gold stars! Billions and trillions of them! We stand up and see them whirling and swirling
around us. They’re covering us with their magic, this
is the Yoga Treasure!! We close our eyes as we feel what the yoga
treasure does, it fills us with LOVE, for those around us, for ourselves, and for the
entire universe, its amazing we’ve found the Yoga Treasure everyone and released it
to the world! Popcorn the Dolphin comes up behind us. Coming back down on to your knees, criss cross
your fingers, come down to your elbows, and move forwards and backwards like a dolphin *dolphin sounds* “You did it you found the Yoga Treasure!
Now we gotta go, come on!” We lie back on to Popcorn’s back and we place
our hands on top of the other and we give her a little kiss on the head. We’re so pleased we’ve found the Yoga
Treasure but – oh no – we’ve just realised… We missed the bus! We missed the bus home! Oh no! How are we gonna get home? This is awful! Argh! Argh! “Remember – you’ve got to do those three
things! You’ve got to STAY CALM, you’ve gotta KEEP BREATHING and you’ve gotta THINK POSITIVE! You can do it!” So we try. We sit up, we cross our legs, we bring our hands to our hearts and we close our eyes. We’re calm, we breathe and we think about
the best possible thing. And when we open our eyes, we’re sat on a magic carpet! Take your legs out wide, your arms up
high, it swooshes around! Whoosh! Wow it’s carrying us home! We wave down to the ocean, waving at Popcorn and all of our friends. We swoosh the other way – weee! – we’re so pleased we’re now on our way home that we lie ourselves back down on our magic carpet with our arms down by
our sides and we let the carpet take us all the way home. As we lay here we think of the amazing thing
that we’ve done today, in releasing the Yoga Treasure. From that love we can find true happiness.
That’s what’s so amazing about it! And we learnt some special things today that will help our
life be a lot lot easier, those three good words of advice that Popcorn gave us:
staying calm, that we keep breathing, and we think positive, happy thoughts. We can
do it! We breathe slowly enjoying our rest. And then it’s time for us to slowly come back, so we wiggle our fingers, and wiggle our toes, we
bring one knee in give a kiss, two knees in, give it a kiss, and we roll on to our side
and all the way up to sitting with our legs crossed just like we started. We bring our hands together at our hearts
and we finish with our secret yoga code word which is namaste. Ready? After three, one, two, three. Namaste! Well done everyone! That was wonderful! I hope you can remember those three special things and they help you lots and lots. And come back soon for another Cosmic Kids Adventure! Bye bye!

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