Power up with protein in your diet

Welcome to session four of the Healthy
Eating Made Easy series. In this session you will learn how to power up with the
right protein for better health. In this session we will discuss the benefits of
protein, two types of healthy protein and the benefits of hemp powder. Strategy to
help you power up with protein and independence member resources. Let’s get
started. When it comes to dietary protein, there are two primary rules you need to
follow. First, you need to select the right form of protein, and second you
should always include some form of protein. And each meal as protein is
nature’s diet pill. Protein is built from building blocks called amino acids. Our
bodies make amino acids in two different ways, either from scratch or by modifying
others. A few amino acids known as the essential amino acids must come from
food. Animal sources of protein tend to deliver all the amino acids we need.
Other protein sources such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds lack one or
more essential amino acids. Just like fats and carbs, some proteins
are better for you than others. the healthiest proteins contain health
promoting nutrients like omega-3 fats and phytochemicals and are largely free
of components like trans fat and saturated fats. Listed here are some of
the best protein choices to consume. Fish, shellfish, poultry, eggs, nuts, and seeds,
beans, wild game, low-fat dairy products and whole soy foods. You don’t have to
commit this list of healthy proteins to memory just know that there are two much
less healthy proteins and if you restrict these two proteins any other
proteins you eat should be fine. These two proteins you should limit are red
meat, especially fatty cuts, and processed varieties. And full fat dairy products.
The data is simply overwhelming that fish is good for you. Studies have shown
that eating fish is one of the most powerful things you can do to
your heart and brain. Populations that eat more fish have fewer cases of heart
disease, cancer, depression, arthritis, impotence, and Alzheimer’s. Fish
especially oily varieties are one of the healthiest proteins on earth. They
provide complete protein along with several key nutrients and also deliver
heart-healthy omega-3 fats. You should strive for at least two servings of fish
in your diet each week. The oily varieties offer a hearty supply of
omega-3 fats, DHA, and EPA are your best options. Breaded, deep-fried fish,
and fish six do not count so stick to eating fish either baked, broiled ,poach
or pan-seared. Eggs have always been a delicious and convenient source of high
quality low fat protein. Thanks to modern food technology, eggs are healthier than
ever these days. Along with B vitamins, vitamin E, and iron you can get omega-3
fats in your eggs. These omega-3 eggs are available at most grocery stores. You
will pay a bit more but it’s well worth it and as these eggs are second only to
seafood as the most plentiful food source of DHA. Vegetable-based proteins
have several distinct advantages over animal-based proteins. Replace them for
animal proteins when you can. By making this swap you can enjoy your protein
along with a much smaller carbon footprint, phytochemicals, zero
cholesterol, very little if any saturated fat beneficial fiber, high nutrient
density, and less calories. The best sources of vegetable proteins include
beans and legumes such as black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, field peas,
lentils,and butter beans. Nuts such as almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews ,hazelnuts,
Brazil nuts, pine nuts. And pistachios seeds such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower
seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds and hemp seeds. Whole soy foods such as
soy milk, tofu, roasted soy nuts, and edamame. Shrimp, clams, oysters, scallops and
lobster offer a delectable and super healthy alternative to red meat
and our lone calorie and bad fats. Shellfish are packed with nourishment
including B vitamins vitamin D and omega-3 fats. Shellfish have been shown
to benefit cardiovascular health especially when Ian in place of fatty
red meats. Chicken and turkey have never been directly associated with chronic
disease and provide an abundance of nutritional goodness when you get your
protein from poultry you also get a nice dose of several B vitamins iron selenium
and zinc. Three ounces of skinless turkey or chicken breast provide 26 grams of
protein and less than one gram of saturated fat. For the healthiest choices
choose baked, broiled or roasted chicken and turkey hemp seeds are one of the
most nutritionally complete foods on the planet. Hemp seed powder is made from
grout hemp seeds so it is a whole food protein versus the isolated protein. And
whey casein or soy based protein powders hemp seeds provide high quality complete
protein that is gentler on your bones, your digestive system and the
environment. Be sure to select 100% ground hemp seeds or hemp kernels and
use it to make healthy protein shakes or add it to baked goods, yogurt or oatmeal.
Learning to powerup and healthy protein is perhaps the easiest of all the
healthy eating made easy strategies. Let’s recap what you need to do for
success. Always consume the healthy proteins such as fish, shellfish, poultry
beans and legumes nuts seeds . Whole soy foods, omega-3 fortified eggs ,and low-fat
dairy products. Strive for 3 servings of oily fish a week. For appetite control be
sure to include healthy proteins at each meal, especially breakfast. Limit red meat
to 2 or less servings a week, and choose lean cuts when you do. Eat these foods
limit or eliminate whole dairy products such as whole milk, full fat cheese’s ,ice
cream cream, and sour cream. Vegetable based proteins
guard and protect your health in ways that animal proteins cannot. Beans and
legumes nuts, seeds and seed butters, whole soy foods, are all excellent
sources of vegetable based proteins. Thank you for participating in session
for power of with protein of the Healthy Eating 4life webinar series. Here’s a
list of resources for independence members.

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