Prayer For Exercise & Fitness Breakthrough | Healthy Body Motivational Prayer

welcome to the prayer for an exercise
and fitness breakthrough. this is a prayer I put together where I’d like to
pray for anyone within the sound of my voice. all I ask you to do is to agree
with me as I pray and together we will seek our Heavenly Father. let us pray.
Heavenly Father we gather together and come into agreement in the wonderful and
powerful name of Jesus Christ where two or more gathered there you’ll be in the
midst of us and anything we agree upon is touching you will surely do father in
Jesus name there’s no distance of the Spirit and we thank you for the person
I’m praying for who desires a prayer for an exercise and fitness breakthrough
father in this moment of Prayer they make a commitment to a healthier life
yes they desire to begin to better their physical well-being we ask you for
divine help so that they can see this through in Jesus name yes they are not
alone because you are with them as they journey to exercise more and increase
their fitness level they know that they need to take better care of themselves
Lord they know that they need to get into good physical shape their body is
the temple of the Holy Spirit and through better health they can do more
for your kingdom we bind and rebuke any pain and hindrance that would try to
stop them from their wellness and goals we speak to their body and command every
cell every organ every system to operate as it should when their body is
exercised and fed properly in Jesus name we praise and thank you for your grace
and the Holy Spirit within them that will help them take supernatural charge
over their flesh with their flesh in submission to your awesome power they
will be able to carry out their commitment to better health we bind and
rebuke any hindrances to them on their journey to better health we bind and
break any stronghold so that would dare get in their way
in Jesus name they receive your grace and your divine power to effectively
assist them to exercise and to eat right they yield to your supernatural power
that will help them remain triumphant on their journey to better health and
wellness the person I’m praying for thanks you for empowering them from
within so that they can remain unwavering in this area of their life
from this moment forward we decree and declare that they are in charge of their
flesh and their flesh is not in charge of them their flesh is ruled and
controlled them long enough and in this moment of praying this will no longer
occur we decree and declare that their flesh is in submission to their spirit
in Jesus name with your help they are taking charge and submitting their
fleshly desires to your sanctifying power old bad and unhealthy habits that
used to trip them up have lost their power of persuasion over them like never
before they clearly recognize that their body
is the holy spirits temple and they will treat it with respect they will look
after it they will discipline it they will
exercise it they will feed it properly Lord with your help they will do
everything they can to make sure their health is top-notch give them wisdom
revelation and understanding about all they need to know about health for their
body and their mind in Jesus name they will do all that they can to ensure
their physical and mental health is as good as it can be so that they are
strong and they are equipped to live a healthy prosperous life
they will follow the lead of the holy spirit as he guides them step-by-step on
their health journey they desire to complete what you called them to do and
if their health is in question they will be limited as to how far you can take
them there for the person I’m praying for will continue to get their body and
their mind into better and better shape they will run the race you’ve called
them to and have a lasting blessed life they will have a physical body in mind
that is free from unfavorable effects due to laziness a lack of discipline and
in activity praise your name both now and forever
we believe and receive everything we’ve prayed and give you glory in advance for
this prayer is answered in the wonderful and precious name of Jesus we pray amen thank you for praying with me this is
Daniel the creator of daily effective prayer be sure to subscribe to the
channel and share it with others if you haven’t already God richly bless you you

100 thoughts on “Prayer For Exercise & Fitness Breakthrough | Healthy Body Motivational Prayer

  1. I definitely need this. Fortunately, I should have a part-time job at the local fitness center once I hear back from Vocational Rehabilitation. I already have a "scholarship" with them for a free membership but my normal ride has had bigger issues lately and taking Transit can add up. But if I'm getting paid. I just have to show up a bit early, work out and clean up.

  2. Amen ❤️❤️❤️

    GOD bless you, Daniel.

    “My help cometh from the Lord”


    Thank you, LORD, for answering my prayer.

  3. Thank you Daniel for praying with me and for me! And for the inspiration to be a better prayer!
    It's impressive at how good you are at praying. God bless you my friend! My prayer for you is your prayer for you. A-men!

  4. Amen. I believe and receive, through the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and decree and declare that this prayer – Prayer For Exercise & Fitness Breakthrough / Healthy Body Motivational Prayer is effective immediately. Amen. Thank you so very much, Daniel / Daily Effective Prayer, with my love and blessings !

  5. Thanks, Daniel, my health has been on ny mind and this prayer was justed what i was looking for, to be in powered, by Jesus and God and the holy spirit, to help me stay on track, to bring praze and glory to God bye takeing care of my temple,💪 so that i will be blessed for doing so. Thank you, and Amen. 🙏My brother Daniel…

  6. Amen, we come into agreement with this prayer, we can do it in Jesus name. He will walk, run, lift weights, you will coach us as we go through this journey. Thank you Holy Spirit to guide us as we go. In Jesus name. Amen.

  7. I agree,believe,and receive in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ Amen! God richly bless you! Healthier Me! 🏃‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

  8. This is right on time 😂😂!! Thank you God for using Daniel to bring this word, I so needed this, help me Lord through this journey of exercise and weight loss. I agree, believe and receive it, in Jesus Christ Holy Name Amen 🙏🏾

  9. Amein amein and halleluyah on behalf of myself,my wife and all our family in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we receive this prayer amein 🔥🔥🔥

  10. I needed this prayer 🙏🏽 Please pray for me YouTube family. My health is suffering because of the extra weight. I have tried and failed to keep the weight off. I pray that God provides favorable conditions that will allow me to exercise everyday. I pray God changes my palate to crave healthy food. I pray for motivation as I embark on this healthy journey. In Jesus name, I powerfully pray, Amen 🙏🏽

  11. Brother Daniel,
    God Bless You and Thank You for Your Prayers!!
    Our God is an Awesome God!
    I come into agreement with You in Prayer!
    I Thank God for helping me to become healthier, and exercise more in the coming new year.
    I Decree and Declare That my body is my temple, and I will continue to treat it as such!!
    For this Prayer is Answered!
    In The Precious and Powerful Name of Jesus Christ!

  12. This is exactly the prayer I need at this time. I suddenly gained 20lbs within a short span of time and the doctor doesn’t know why yet. I need to get blood tests done. Please pray for me. I’ve never been overweight in my life and this rapid weight gain is a concern. I feel like I have hypothyroidism and prediabetes and high cholesterol. I really don’t know what happened to me. I’m on a lot of medication. I’m in chronic pain. I have a heart condition and I’m developmentally slowed down. I’m on the autism “spectrum.” Help me please Jesus. I’m sorry for avoiding prayer time with You, I’m sorry for my anger outbursts, and I’m sorry for anything else I did or didn’t do that offended You. I love You. Thank You so much 🙏🏻 I pray this through Christ, our Lord, amen.

  13. I enter into agreement with this wonderful prayer l believe and receive all my miracles in Jesus's names Amen and Amen
    Thanks so much Daniel

  14. Amen and Amen!!! I really needed this prayer. Thank you. I am 57 and have maintained a fairly steady normal weight for many yrs. However my health has been on a rollar coaster… one of my fleshy desires had to go. Cigerttes are poison. I won't elaborate how I have struggled with this since childhood but I will say it is from Satan and intended to rob kill steal and destroy. I am grateful I have overcome because Greater is He who is in me than he who is the world. One of my health issues is weight gain. I thank the Lord for His strength to overcome. If you are a brother or sister struggling with addiction and ill health as a result continue to seek first the Kingdom of God. Victory is ours because Jesus poured out His blood…. Our bodies will surrender if we do not lose sight of the cross. The Cross is the most beautiful place…
    it is where Jesus paid the ransome for ALL our sins🤗


  16. Good morning! Thank you brother Daniel. I appreciate and recieve this prayer in the name of Jesus. HALLELUJAH. Thank You Daniel for praying with me. May God continue to richly bless you.

  17. I receive, believe, and stand in agreement in Jesus Christ name, Amen! I weighted yesterday and realized that I have returned to a weight that is unhealthy for me, which explains the sudden onset of sickness. Praying for weight loss and to be healthy.

  18. Hallelujah! You are on a roll sir I was about to make a request for this prayer. Lol God bless you, and I definitely come in agreement with you in Jesus Christ name Amen!!!!

  19. Thank you Father for this beautiful prayer through Daniel. I am in complete agreement, believe and receive it by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, Amen

  20. I agree, believe, and receive outstanding health and discipline to stay in shape in the blood of Jesus name I pray Amen 🙏🏾 🙌🏾

  21. I agree with you. In the Wonderful and Powerful Name Of Jesus Christ Amen. For myself, my 2 sons, my daughter in law. Better shape, better health, healing, exercise, eating habits, energy, strength, uplifting spirit all neeeded in your Awesome Name Sweet Jesus Christ Amen. We need you so much right now and always and forevermore, mentally, emotionally, verbally, physically, and spirituality. In your Precious Name Jesus Christ Amen. Thanks in advance for this prayer is answered. Praise and Thank You So Much God Almighty Amen.

  22. We pray and prepare for a healthier spirit mind and body for the new year in Jesus name. Amen and hallelujah. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  23. AMEN ♥️ AMEN 🙌 AMEN!!! I Have A PAID Membership And Haven't Been Using It These Last Few Winter Months !!! Time To BREAK THIS BAD HABIT !!! I'm In Total AGREEMENT WITH YOU !!! ♥️

  24. This prayer is for my granddaughter me my family members we receive and agree receive these blessings to exercise and eat healthy in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth father please help us on a journey to accomplish our goals amen

  25. 🌈 I come agreement with this prayer in this video on the behalf of my love ones & I in the Mighty Matchless 🌈 Name of Jesus Christ Amen 🌈

  26. * Save my flesh and keep my soul holy in the Lord. Also give me the continuity for build-up myself with wholeness. Let me stay in your will. Amen!

  27. O Heavenly Father Empower your people to go Above and Beyond their Fitness and Exercise Goals to make Our bodies the Divine Temple of the Holy Spirit and become Strong, Healthy, Young and Full of Energy to Glorify You Forever through your son the Lord Jesus Christ on this earth AMEN!!!

  28. I'm in agreement with Pastor in Jesus Christ mighty name. I believe, I shall receive an exercise and fitness breakthroughs to lose 100llbs. I seek a commitment to be successful as I journey more to exercise. I shall prevail to get healthy and fit when I exercise and eat food that's a weight loss and not a weight gain. I decree and declare that these prayers are heard by God and answered in Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen. daily

  29. I am in Agreement with Daniel’s prayer that I need to get my body into better shape and I take authority over my body as to how I will exercise it, to discipline it and feed it wisely in Jesus name Amen !

  30. Happy Holidays,

    Thank you, for your prayers. This year, has been pretty difficult for me! My health has been under attack all year! My job has been very difficult as well. However, I thank GOD for your Daily  Effective Prayers! God has been blessing me, through believers like yourself that are devoted to the LORD JESUS CHRIST! Thank you so much! Please keep me in your prayers! GOD BLESS YOU!


    Julie Williams

  31. In agreement with this prayer in Jesus christ mighty name I pray for God's blessing and breakthroughs in my life to take care of my body and health…

  32. God our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Thank you that we listen and obey the Holy Spirit to heal deliver and set us free to walk in perfect peace. Come check out my channel and let’s read God’s word together. Thank you for complete healing to the body of Christ.

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