PRE & POST WORKOUT NUTRITION – 26 Weeks – s2e14 – Ultra Running

now this is what water's supposed to look like last week it was very foggy heard the pool guy came yesterday my neighbor swam in the morning said it was really bad so I'm glad I waited took a few days off the pool let the fourth of July weekend stuff filter out now let's get a swim well it is Tuesday morning and I am going to get in somewhere between 12 and 17 hundred yards I haven't decided quite yet just see how I feel mainly I'm gonna be doing sets of 200 just to continue to filled up my endurance and work on the longer swims without taking as many breaks on the wall feeling good swimming you know it's funny when I started a month or so ago I was I felt like I was gasping for air every every lap now I've kind of settled back into a groove and swimming is just kind of coming coming back to me you ever got a pool wet put a shirt on it's really hard especially if you put it on backwards it's not worth taking back off those pretty good workout ended up doing 2,000 yards warmed up with a 500 then 200 then 300 give me a thousand yards then I did 3 250 s for 750 and then I did 5 more 50 yard Sprint's followed by my burpees my 50 burpees think about swimming is I am hungry all day long after I finished swimming I don't know what it is I can run I can ride I can lift but something about swimming I'll be hungry all day every Tuesday well just about every Tuesday the girls go to the beach so my job in the morning after you ready is to get all the stuff out of the shed and in to the van to try and keep it all nice and convenient so it's easy to get out I think I have it all sand toys beach chairs umbrella wagon I am home for work and just unloaded the car put all the sand toys and all the beach toys away had some dinner but you know I've been putting off the podcast and putting off doing some other videos just because my garage has become a mess and I just can't be that creative when things are messy I don't know what it is I am so much more creative and still so much more motivated when things are clean so tonight I'm working on cleaning this area and then I've got a couple boxes to open because one of them are some supplements from a company that reached out to me called to fit I'm excited to open them and try them out and another is a bike that I got my daughter because she has not learned to ride her bike without training wheels yet and that is my goal for her by the end of the summer all right it's getting cleaner get Tina cleaner I can get to the wall get to my desk which is a good thing but I have pumped open up this box from to fit they reached out to me about their products and talked to me about being ambassador but first the first thing I wanted to do was send me the product and have me try it and decide if I liked it before anything else and from there figure out what we want to do together so I'm pumped to open this it was started by two guys who basically were looking for clean supplements and weren't finding what they wanted so they started making their own years later now they're a full-blown supplement company so let's see what they sent me so first there's a really really cool to fit shaker bottle made out a jar that says to fit that's pretty sweet to fit sticker and there are three packs of the to fit pre intra post basically mix one packet with twenty ounces of water immediately following a workout the cool thing is is they are really upfront with all of the ingredients I'm not sure if you can see this but all of the ingredients listed right on the back the post-workout is 190 calories with a total of two grams of fat 20 grams of carbs and 20 grams of protein it's fairly balanced between carbs and protein the other is three packs of this is a the pre-workout is a blackberry lemonade and it can is 15 calories and again all of the ingredients are on the back right there right up front so tomorrow I will take this before my workout I'm gonna hit the trail then when I get home I will try this so thank you to the two fit crew for sending me these samples to try out I am looking forward to trying them tomorrow this is a pedal this bike balance bike for my daughter we're gonna give it out better cover up the light all right well let's see what we have the Sun is setting the day is over it's been a good day I hope you're enjoying the frequency this week I am just enjoying experimenting with how much I'm putting into the video training versed actual talking content what I'm experiencing that things I'm thinking verse just all of the action footage of the week trying to find that right balance and figure out maybe doing a video a little more frequent verse an entire summary at the end of the week but let me know I think I hope you're enjoying them thank you for the subscriptions we are creeping up on 6500 can we hit 6500 in the next week come on if you haven't subscribed hit that subscribe button hit that like button leave me a comment let me know what you're thinking and I'll talk to you soon one more package we have family coming next week to visit from DC Kristina's brother and his family they're all coming out I'm actually taking next Wednesday Thursday Friday off we're going to the beach gonna be another busy week next week so because we don't have enough beds we got an air mattress [Applause]

19 thoughts on “PRE & POST WORKOUT NUTRITION – 26 Weeks – s2e14 – Ultra Running

  1. Really enjoying the daily vlogs….love your energy and enthusiasm too. It’s inspiring! 👍🏽✌🏽

  2. Loving your videos Chris, I cannot believe how organised your life looks, we could all learn a thing or two, keep it up mate..👍

  3. OMG, my kid started cautiously slow on a pedaled bike, and now I’m scared shart-less because he goes so fast. Those things are such a simple yet ingenious innovation… what it took over a century to think of is baffling! Love the daily’s

  4. Great daily vlogs Chris! The editing is incredible as well! You really deserve a lot more attention than you get – hopefully you'll get there very soon. All the best!

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