Pregnancy Tips – 3rd Trimester Cooking & Nutrition

Hi, I’m Latham Thomas, prenatal wellness
expert with Today, in our cooking and nutrition segment
for your third trimester, we’re going to talk about cravings. Most women don’t think much about losing their
pregnancy weight until after they’ve had the baby, but what you do during pregnancy can
be most important to thing to lose the weight later. In these last few weeks, the baby will put
on all of it’s weight–up to half a pound a week. Learning to control your cravings
can be a tremendous help at this time. By being in touch with your body’s needs and
signals, you can avoid giving in to unhealthy cravings. You’re not ignoring your cravings, you’re
just enjoying smaller amounts of these high-calorie foods. Remember, you may need to watch your
diet if you have high blood pressure or elevated blood sugal levels. Just remember to check
with your doctor. If you crave salty, fatty or sugary foods,
choose nutrient-rich foods instead. For instance, If you want potato chips, just have a few
(maybe eight or ten), or you could try some nuts. Nuts are also crunchy and may be salty.
A spoonful of all-natural peanut butter may also satisfy you. Nuts and nut butters are
also fatty and salty, but they provide healthy fats and vitamins. Healthier options for salty and fatty foods
include cheeses, olives and avocados. It’s okay to indulge your cravings, so long as
you don’t overdo it.

6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Tips – 3rd Trimester Cooking & Nutrition

  1. I'm 6 months along and I have trouble eating, because as soon as I start eating I feel full and have trouble breathing :S Any advice?

  2. hello
    I am 8'th month pregnant week and I am having healthy food but inspite of this my fetal isnot much healthy as it should be. she just almost like 34 weeks fetal so please guide me how can I improve my baby health

  3. further more I have no complicated pregnancy and issue. I am healthy and active. I will be very grateful for your great advice
    thanks and bless

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