Psycho-spiritual Care in Health Care Practice

So we’re here today to launch the book
Psycho-spiritual Care in Healthcare Practice which I’ve edited and a number of
clinicians from Oxford Health have contributed. The book comes out of
research. It was research into the relationship
between spiritual care and counselling and psycho-therapy, because I’m also a
psychotherapist. Holistic care, true holistic care is body, mind and spirit. Patients do talk about their spiritual needs identified in lots of different
ways so the kinds of questions of meaning and purpose as well as out of
the context, for some people, of faith. We do treat people very well physically and we regard their emotional needs as being important but we’re sometimes just
not quite sure about, or we’re not confident in, being able to respond to
spiritual needs. So the book is very much about suggesting ways in which that gap can be bridged. Clinicians will look and see that there are resources, there are ways in which we can deliver good quality spiritual care that is borne out of research.

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