Quick and Easy Protein Energy Ball Recipe | Kris Gethin

start off with one cup of oats i do
half a cup of nuts because this is a very low-fat snack all right one
tablespoon of pumpkin seeds do one tablespoon of chia seeds I’m gonna do
one big tablespoon of cinnamon ginger turmeric I’m gonna do some cocoa as
well awesome you have a little bit of salt all right and then we’re gonna do a
scoop of rekaged give that a good blend you want it do it until all your nuts are chopped until you’ve gone to a fine flour get yourself
ready to mash up these dates so we use medjool dates mainly because they’re
they’re a lot softer and creamier to work with than the other dates you’ll
find if your mind just helping me hit them just open them up like this is
such an awesome job yeah so the reason why we’re doing four dates here is
obviously it makes it like moist and it binds it together but these snacks these
energy balls are used a lot when I’m biking when I’m running because it’s a
perfect natural energy source that I think is absolutely fantastic when
you’re on the go it’s very light easy to digest and you know getting the protein
in there at the same time so you know you’re staying anti catabolic while
you’re out hitting the trails and we’re using about two cups about two cups of
pitted dates we’re gonna give them a good chop so now I’m going to mix in my nut flour
oat flour combo my re-kaged and all my all my spices alright and add a little
bit of vanilla and a little bit of lemon all right so the portion should be just
about medium sized I’d say make it about two bites big I was eating these during
my half Ironman race about six weeks ago so a lot of the time when I’m going out
training when I’m cycling when I’m running
I’ve actually got them in the pouch on the front of my bike or in my running
pouch because they’re just very light very easy to digest obviously the rekaged is very light so the proteins are getting straight into my system
obviously the carbohydrates coming from the fruit such as the dates and that
their oats very easy to digest as well and obviously there’s some fats in
there just to slow down that digestion a little bit for when we’re doing the
extended amount of like cardio but having the spices in there such as the
turmeric and the ginger and a cinnamon really really does add to the flavor of
these things and they’re really really nice so if you’re having a bit of a
craving you can have them just like this if you want to dip them into a little
bit of yogurt you can do that or what I like to do is get a little bit of kasien
frosting i’ll mix that together and get that in and it’s a beautiful healthy

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