Quick and healthy food ideas for schools – Chicken two ways

Hi, I’m Paul. And I’m Blair. We’re two high school teachers who love cooking and creating healthy and nutritious food. Well, we’re here today thanks to the Smart
Choices initiative. They’re looking at getting healthy food and drinks into schools, and
they’ve asked us to come along and share some of our recipes. Now, every school knows a good sausage sizzle, but we’re going to do today chicken two
ways. We’ve got a poached chicken on a tabouli salad, and then we’ve got a marinated chicken that we’re going to put in a wrap with that same salad. So it’s going to be absolutely
beautiful. Now, if you’re looking for some different
ideas, head to the website. It’s the Smart Choices Events Toolkit. Lots of ideas around replacing the old sausage sizzle. So without further ado, let’s start doing some stuff.
Let’s get some food wrapped. No worries. Well, for my couscous, I’ve
just had some boiling water with a little bit of salt and pepper and some oil in there. So that’s already been brought to the boil. I’m going to add my couscous to start my
tabouli salad. So I’m just going to incorporate that into the boiling water. I’m just going to make sure I give it a nice stir, coat it all. And then all we’ve got to do is cover it and let it sit for about three minutes and let the water soak up into that couscous. While you’re doing that, I’ve just made some chicken stock, basically getting it to
the boil. I’ve got some lemon, thyme, some chilli. I’m going to put some peppercorns, about a teaspoon in there. I’m going to be poaching some chicken today. It’s a beautiful way to get moist chicken, and it’s a really healthy way of getting your chicken out. I’m just going to slice up a lemon, get some magnificent flavours in there. And as that chicken cooks, not only is it beautiful and tender, all these flavours infuse into it. It’s a lovely way
to cook your chicken. Now, going into the tabouli salad, obviously we’ve got some green onions here. I’ve got to chop up some mint, some parsley, and we’re going to put in some tomato. And the dressing we’re going to make today is tahini and natural yogurt, all right, with a little bit of lemon juice for a little bit of a zing. So, I’m just going to start here, put in our green onion, and then right at the end
we’ll put in our couscous, mix it all together, and it’ll be absolutely delicious. Now, mate, I’m just going to leave this for about three minutes on the boil – I’ve
just checked my watch. Once that’s finished, three minutes, I’m going to turn it off, and it sits in that beautiful broth and cooks away. And I guarantee at the end of it it’s
going to be absolutely magnificent. We’re going to slice that up and put it on that
tabouli that Blair’s cooking at the moment. Now, you’re probably wondering what else I’m going to do. What else are you going to do, mate? I’m glad you asked that question. Thank you. Just at the side here, we’ve got some marinated chicken thighs. Now, these are great to fry up. They have a little bit of fat on them, and they don’t tend to be an issue in terms of drying out. So I’m just going to fry them on the pan. These are what’s going to go in our wrap. So, these are marinated in some low-salt soy and a little bit of garlic,
beautiful little combination there. So I’m just getting this pan up to a decent heat. All right. I’m just adding the parsley first in the mix. Now we’re going to put the mint in. Beautiful, fresh flavours. Nothing beats herbs, fresh herbs in a salad. Not only can you use just couscous, you can use a pearl couscous if you want, too. A little bit bigger, same beautiful texture. One of the other things I’d like to do is just a little bit of smoked paprika, some cumin, coriander, that goes really nicely with yogurt dressings. So all of those Mediterranean sort of flavours. But ultimately, you can cook this on a barbecue. It’s a really simple thing to replace the standard sausage sizzle. And it’s not a bad way of putting together really healthy food, perhaps maybe a little bit more formal sometimes. Yes. Poached chicken, what we’re going to do is just going to slice it up nice and thinly. We’ll separate it, sitting over the tabouli salad, and then we’ll put the beautiful yogurt dressing over the top to complement it. Now, I’m just going to talk to the wraps while we’re doing that, mate. Now, these have got quinoa in them. Really, it’s a case of picking anything you want to wrap them up in and high fibre being the key here. You want to make sure you can get as much fibre into these kids as we can. You’ve got to be patient to get this chicken cooked. Smelling beautiful – the garlic and that soy. You know what I can smell over the top is that mint in your tabouli. All right. So I’ve just got to finely dice our tomatoes up. Key is to get it all the same size when you’re making a salad like this. You don’t want big chunks of one ingredient that overpowers, so we’re trying to get it nice and finely cut. That’s going in. That’s going to add some beautiful colour. In we go. Put the other half in. All right. That’s just about our three minutes done. So what I’ll be doing is just turning off the heat and letting it sit. And we’re going to wait about 10 minutes. Now, do you have to adjust that depending on the size of the chicken breast you’re using? Absolutely. The bigger the thigh, obviously, or sorry, breast in this case, the more you would actually cook it. So you could leave it for three, four, maybe even five minutes, or you could just simply let it rest a little bit longer because it does retain the heat. All right. I’m just going to put a little bit of lemon juice into our start of our tabouli. There we go. About a tablespoon or half a lemon. There we go. Mix those flavours in. Doesn’t it look great? I’ll tell you, mate, it smells beautiful. While these are frying away, I’m just going to check on the couscous. If it’s a little bit dry, you can add a tiny bit of butter or a little bit more oil, move it in. And that is how quick and easy couscous can be made. Mix it all together nice and gently. Look at those colours. All right. It’s been about three minutes, so I’m going to turn that off the heat. So, first stage of our tabouli done. We’ve got our lemon juice in there for a little bit of zest. If you like your lemon, you could put a little bit of the zest in there as well, to give it an extra kick. I like to add a little bit of chilli to mine. So, for our dressing, all we’ve got is some natural yogurt. We’re going to put a tablespoon of tahini. If you don’t know what tahini is, it’s virtually just sesame seeds ground up, isn’t it? I’m just going to put a tablespoon in there. Good dollop of our tahini. We’re going to mix it in. One bit of crushed garlic, I’m going to put a little bit of salt, add a little bit of salt in there. I’m going to put the other half of the lemon. We’re not wasting anything today. Just about a teaspoon in this – I don’t want too much. I don’t want to make it too runny. Once again, the flavours in this you could change up quite easily, can’t you? Oh, absolutely. Cumin, coriander. You can add some herbs and spices. Well, I guess he’s waiting for me now to have this chicken ready. All right. Well, we’ve just got to put in the crushed garlic. I’m just going to … okay. Get it nice and small. It does give it that real kick, a little bit of fresh garlic. So, make sure we mix that in fully. Right. Well, the chicken’s done. Our poached chicken’s right to go. But I’m going to start with this thigh first. So I’m just going to cut it up nicely for you because that’s the kind of guy I am. I’m going to plate up both plates here with our tabouli. So we’re going to put a very generous serving of our tabouli in the middle, and we’re going to slice up that poached chicken, layer it over the top and we’ll put our yogurt dressing as our final piece on top of our chicken. So there’s that one there, looks beautiful. And for our wraps, we’re going to put a little bit of the dressing on first. All right, that’s one wrap. Beautiful. Another one. Not going to stinge with the dressing today. There we go. All right. There’s your chicken for the wraps, my good man. Now, I’m going to pull these out, and I’m feeling very confident. They’ve been sitting in there for 10 minutes, and you can pretty much guarantee they’re going to be perfectly cooked. A lovely way to go. Just putting your beautiful marinated thigh down the middle of our wrap here on top of the dressing, and we are just going to put a nice bit of tabouli, a couple tablespoons of tabouli on both with all those beautiful, fresh mints. Okay. Then we’re done. So, roll from the bottom, round the top. There we go. One there. All right. Well, I’m going to bring some chicken over. You want to plate that one up for me? I’ll finish here soon. Now this is a little bit more …Fancy. Just roll it over there. And we know that’s cooked perfectly. And there’s no reason why you can’t use that poached chicken in a massive, big pot and you’ve got yourself heaps of chicken cooked ahead of time, and you can make wraps with that as well. All right. So we’ll take a little bit of our dressing. I’m just going to put that over the top. So, we have chicken two ways replacing the normal sausage sizzle. On the right we’ve got beautiful marinated chicken in a wrap with tabouli, and what have we got here, mate? Well, that’s our poached chicken, yoghurt sauce, and again, using our beautiful tabouli. So folks, if you want the recipes, Smart Choices website, check out the toolkit, lots of great ideas, lots of great recipes. Let’s dig in. Righty-o. I’m having this one. I want the wrap. I’ll taste it too, yeah. Good work.

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