Quick and healthy food ideas for schools – Raising funds the healthy way

Hi, I’m Paul. I’m Blair. We’re two high school teachers. We love cooking and creating healthy and nutritious foods. Now, the Smart Choices initiative have asked us to come along today, and they look at getting healthy food and drink into the schools. So we’re going to share some of our recipes with you today. Today we’re looking at two healthy food fundraising ideas, a super smoothie and a
healthy pizza. Let’s get going. Let’s cook away. Now, you’ve got a little bit of work to do today, mate. I do, mate. I’m making my own bases. Now, it’s not going to rest because it doesn’t have any yeast in it. So all we’re doing
is a cup of self-raising flour straight in and about the same amount, a cup of natural yogurt. Now, it’s wonderful; it’s a great little
versatile recipe, this. You can use it for pizza bases, you can make your own pita bread, you can make flatbread and the key is getting the right consistency, isn’t it? You don’t
want it to be too moist. You want to be able to roll it out and have a nice, steady dough. I’m just going to put some seasoning in there with that, about a teaspoon. And also, you can put some flavours in there. You can chuck some dill, you can put some chives in there as well. Rosemary, chilli, salt and pepper.
Stop it. Okay. Now, I’m going to do something really simple. I’m just going to cut and dice while you’re doing that. Right. Well, I’m just going to pulse this until we get the right consistency. Now, obviously if it’s too wet, all right, we’ll put a bit more flour in. If it’s too dry, we’ll
put a little bit more yoghurt in. We’re after that consistency. There we go. It’s a little bit wet, so I’m going to put a little bit more flour in. Give it another pulse. There we go, until it’s starting to join together. Righty-o. What sort of flavour are you going for today? I’m going to do a vegetarian on my pizza,
so we’ve got zucchini, we’ve got sundried tomatoes, capsicum. We’ve got some red onion. And I’m going to top it with some dressed rocket, mate, and feta. All right. Now, it
doesn’t need too much kneading. You just want to bring it together. All right, a little
bit of a floured base here and after that, we’re going to roll it out. So, I’m just
trying to bring it together here, just kneading it slightly, a little bit more flour required.
We’re going to do a couple of simple Aussie pizzas. So I’ve got some pre-prepared egg, got some feta cheese. Feta’s better. Got some nice, tasty cheese. I’ve just diced
up some ham and pineapple. And again, this is up to your own creative juices, depending on what kids like and what you want to put in. This is a really simple pizza. So if you’ve got fussy eaters, you can just do a simple ham and pineapple, entirely up to you.
So, no resting required. We’re already looking at a beautiful pizza base. All right.
And really, the thickness is up to you, isn’t it, mate? Yeah. If you want to do a nice, thick base and keep it lovely and doughy, you can do that. All right. What do you reckon, mate? Well, I think that’s looking pretty good. You don’t want it too thin. Nope. But you don’t want it too thick, obviously.
You can use this as a soft bread too. You can wrap it up and make little wraps and fill your ingredients, almost like a soft-shell taco. There we go. Look at that. Straight
into there. So, we’re just going to put our topping on, just like you, Paul. We’ve
got our pre-made base, another thing that’s very easy to make as well, but you can get
so many good flavoured ones these days. So we’re just going to spread it around with
the back of a spoon. The thing we love about it is it’s just so quick. So I’m just going to put a dabbling of some cheese, grated cheese on the base. Not too much. You don’t need a lot. It’s going to melt; it’s going to spread out. And then we’re going to go with our toppings. All right. Well, I’m just adding some egg
here too, lovely little protein hit. There we go. All right. Red foods, beautiful. Few thinly sliced zucchinis on there. We’re both going to be topping both these with some feta. There we go, some sundried tomatoes. I’m going to top it with the rest of the
cheese and the feta. And when it comes out, I’m going to put a little bit of dressed
rocket on just to finish off, almost like a gourmet pizza over here, isn’t it? It’s such a lovely, healthy option when you know what you’re going to be putting into your stomach. Look at what you’ve made in that base. There’s very little in it. There we go. A little bit of cheese over the top. Finish it off. There we go. Just a little
bit of crumbled feta. Now, what have we pre-set the oven, 180? 180. If in doubt, go to 180. Look at that. That’s what I do. We are done. Now, that took very little time at all. Money for jam. In they go. You want to take the top shelf? And I’ll
take the bottom. Yup, no worries. Ooh, watch out. So that lot probably 10 to 15 minutes? Maybe not even that. Not even that. We’ll see. 5 to 10 minutes depending on
how thick your base is, I think. So, we’ll see you soon. Hey, why don’t we go and make some smoothies while we’re at it? That’s not a bad idea. You have any ideas? Let’s clear the bench and let’s get started.
Well, the pizzas are in the oven, which tells me one thing: mate, it’s–? Smoothie time. So let’s get on. I’m going to make a fruit-based smoothie, all right. So all I’ve got is some watermelon, some orange, and some mint, just to give it a little bit of something different. Well, that’s pretty simple. I think I’m going to give it a little bit more of a dairy-based one. This is something you could do if you want to do it at breakfast. I’ve got some berries, some yoghurt, natural yoghurt. I’ve got some oats. You could put those in if you wanted to, but it’ll obviously change the
texture. It will, however, make it a really good drink that’s going to have some added fibre in it, and some milk. So, again, both very simple. So, we’re just going to use a food processor here, and we’ll just blitz the whole food
up. We love using the whole fruits. So you could use any fruits you wanted to. You could chuck apple in, blitz it up, keep the fibre in there. It makes it really, really nice. So, I’m just going to chuck some mint leaves in here – very refreshing to our drink. Here we go. This won’t take long at all, folks. It looks good. If it tastes as good as it
looks– And really easy to set up for a stall, too. You can just have all your produce already pre-cut, “What sort of smoothie do you want?” Blitz it up, serve it. Away you go. All right, there we go. I’m going to give that a whirl.
There we go. There you go, mate. You’re on. All right. Let’s see how we go. You’ll love the colour too, won’t you? Beautiful. That ice is just about chopped. I’m happy with that. Now, let’s see your pouring skills. What could go wrong? What could go wrong? Ah, look at the colour of that. I’ll tell you what we’ll do. We’ll swap
over. Okay. Cheers. Here we go. Smoothies, easy. Mm. It is absolutely beautiful. Delicious. We should check those pizzas, hey? There we go, all right. Look at that. That’s all for me. So remember this was the yoghurt and flour base that we pre-made. There we go. That’s all done. Now, Paul, you used wholemeal, did you? Always looking to add a little bit of fibre into the kids’ diets. And there we have our Aussie pizza. It’s already gourmet. There you go. That looks beautiful. So, there we go. Smoothies and pizza, what a great fundraising idea for your school. Healthy base, beautiful. You like that? [laughs] We should probably try these, too. So which one’s this? Is this the– This is the pizza base. Again, wholemeal. For a bit of extra fibre. And this is our pita bread. I’ll try this one, mate. I’ll go for this one. Still sizzling. Aussie pizza. Delicious. Mm. And I guess there’s only one other thing to tell you. If you like any of these recipes, the smoothies, the pizzas, go to the Smart Choices website and download away. Fantastic. Well done.

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