Reclaiming my health

Reclaiming my health Towards integrated healthcare
for people with complex disabilities What does it take to be healthy? We tend to think about being healthy
as not having an illness that affects our body Yet it also includes mental health and well-being It means having a positive self-image the ability to cope with problems and feeling secure and included Knowing this is especially important for people
living with lifelong physical conditions such as spina bifida and hydrocephalus Frequent medical interventions
chronic pain or unexpected complications can all contribute to feelings of anxiety Physical barriers and lack of appropriate support
may make us feel isolated When we feel anxious or alone
we tend to make poor lifestyle choices start eating junk food become less active
and avoid seeing our friends and family Mental health problems are extremely common one in four people experiences them at some point and people with disabilities can be among them Yet, the stigma surrounding mental health problems makes it difficult to reach out for help when it is needed So how do we break this cycle? Imagine a one-stop shop
where people with complex conditions such as spina bifida and hydrocephalus can get the most appropriate care
both physical and psychological We call it integrated care Psychological support
is a necessary component of integrated care as it helps prevent serious mental health problems and gives us the resilience to take the best possible care of our physical health Integrated care
is also an optimal solution for health systems It helps detect problems early
and reduce the number of interventions As a result, public money is saved Access to affordable, high-quality healthcare
and rehabilitation is a human right of all people with disabilities
of all ages It is protected under the United Nations Convention
on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and includes both physical and mental health So, remember
being healthy is not only about physical health
but also taking care of your mental health Support our work towards an integrated approach to the well-being of all people
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