Record Breaking Fine for Healthcare Company

too happy sad news about health care in this
country first of all california regulators have gone after pacificare they were bought by united health group and when they were uh… bought a couple years
back uh… united health group which is actually
the largest uh… publishers company in the country uh… set on on the door with a lot of tension
in california when do everything right and we’re not gonna you know uh… lesson uh… are treatment of our clients and the doctors i
work with us at our presented by the door come a point that it was between two thousand six and two thousand
eight they atwood routinely mismanagement of cranes we lose thousands of haitians documents failed
to pay doctors and ignore calls the pics of props now wise
that route because somebody gets a disease and the immediate surgery right away ever said that this is an spend a lot to that we have to wait on meanwhile that person is getting sacred sicker a lot
of them dot because they didn’t get the tree because they know hey p dying i don’t have to pay your bills press release and they know that if they don’t pay the doctors
even after whatever procedure is done that some percentage of the doctors will give
up on or some percentage of the doctors will take
laughs so these are the games they play with our
lives and with our livelihood if you’re in the medical
profession so you know what kind of fine at california’s
decided that they’re going to go after pacifica nine point nine billion dollars they’re saying we’re coming for you know i mean violations pacificare had
in just a two year period over a million various says this is a regular occurrence that they do this on purpose to make more money while we also offer we get sicker or sometimes we got they don’t give a damn when i tell you private insurance his private they got a lot of make a profit and in health care how do you make a profit
you paid less in terms of coverage in charge people more and who gets screwed in between we do it is not something private corporations will be good at doing because they’ll be too good at making a profit
off of it and we’ve talked about deals of groups like this before what may be billions of dollars the c_e_o_ big billions and we don’t get read now the second part is even more important i told you that if we did health care reform
and we didn’t control how much taking raise their premiums that they would raise their
premiums any which blamed the democrats in health care personal don’t take my word fort
here’s a small club one of dozens i stayed at the time for march of uh… isn’t two thousand ten
this year okay let’s watch what i tell you i fed they would immediately raise rates and they would blame it on the bill came back and that’s exactly well was happening back
at what’s happening today and i don’t make the stuff up where i get
my so-called predictions from i read the papers they said they were going to raise the rates
that’s why i said that back then and logic indicated that they what because
you didn’t do anything to trawler and now it’s finally coming to fruition so they’re putting what they said into action
white before the election two months before the election here we have uh… regions uh… raising their rates by seventeen point
one percent on average we’ve got the o_d_s_ health plan raising very
spite twenty point seven three on average celtic insurance eighteen percent ever made four percent and then you see those little bars of three
point four six point one nine four center those what they’re saying is cute that’s the
increase too to health care reform we didn’t wanna increase your rates but this terrible health care reform of course increased our costs and we had to pass that cost on to you so
if you don’t like that but republic that is in essence what their talent now how do you like those deals you made with
those groups president obama the dow worked out for you you know what the democrats comically said
after health care reform passed they said no that do you think on average
the race would respect rise in the next year about one percent um… by lapd item that i left that amount if you don’t put any of the law checking the
rates and you put us at the mercy of these monopoly they will raise our rates at their leisure we don’t have other choices that’s why we push for the public option not because we’re pinko commies but because we can’t pay our rates and we
wanted it and honest option well we can go and say hey you know what i
want to be covered what is the rate you’re going to charge me
without your c_e_o_ maybe a billion dollars and if you have that option you might not even have to exercise it they’ve been private insurers would have to
compete and they can’t keep raising the rates over
and over again but we didn’t that answers that they we didn’t fix the core the problem so they’re doing exactly what i told you that
we do it it continue to raise our rates some blame health care reform for now does it look like it’s mission accomplished now do you see why didn’t like the reform
package in the first place

100 thoughts on “Record Breaking Fine for Healthcare Company

  1. @adavidpirtle I am interested in finding where you got this information. According to WHO, the UK has a higher death rate than america, ranked 106 in nations while america is 62nd. Also, how can you complain that insurance lets people die when government insurance does the same? at least with private you can have the government track them down, when it is the government denying you, you are flat out screwed.

  2. @lilnicky492 True about taxes, but then again they also deny treatment to people. If you wanted to try an experimental drug that might extend your life for 1 more year, private health care will pay for it, public will not. They have already denied one drug in America on their public health plan because it didn't work for everyone. Some it gave up to 10 years of life. And Canada does work, except Ontario. I am sure my premiums would go down if my insurance denied life extending treatment too.

  3. @adavidpirtle you still haven't answered my question about where you live that there is no free clinics. Also, what about those 3 countries with socialized medicine that have worse health than the US? If socialized medicine "works" shouldn't it work for every country?

  4. @bluefootedpig And yet everyone I meet on the interweb who live in both of those countries would never give up what they have, for what we here in the US have. ZERO!

    Someone very close to me has a degenerative disease, and has developed a rather large network of friends all over the world who suffer the same condition, most of which are in Canada and the UK. EVERYONE they talk to would NEVER switch places anyone in the US.

    Some video on youtube is meaningless without corroboration.

  5. @lilnicky492 tell me then, why is there socialized medicine in countries, that are NOT third world countries, that have lower health than the US? That pay up around how much we pay? And of course they pay less, look at all their reports of elderly people denied drugs to extend their lives. UK has doctors protesting the fact that his happens. So you would rather have cheaper health care, but if you are over 80, sorry, no treatment for them.

  6. @tehant1liberal I don't think you understand what socialism really is and why our current and even former healthcare system doesn't work. This current system is hardly socialist and is dreadful. I will NOT vote for republicans. I'm horrified how they filibuster every damn thing Obama and his admin has tried to do. On top of that they use fear to motivate people. I will not vote for such a manipulative group of jack asses.

  7. @TruthAndMoreTruth Have you seen what other people think we do in this country? I have had people in Canada, across our borders claim that if you got shot in the street, and went to the ER, they would bill you first, and if you had no health care, they would just let you die. Seriously, that is what other countries think we do. And you are going to base your opinion of our health care on the opinion of people who aren't even part of our system.

  8. @adavidpirtle Again, that could be due to the fact that people don't know about them. Also, many of the uninsured are people who don't want it in the first place. So that 10% means very little. Lets call up some free clinics right now and ask the wait time. I bet it wont be that bad.

  9. @adavidpirtle That is the point, according to my sources, they don't. They have lower. So not sure where you are getting your information from or how accurate it is. Also, not every country lets in as many immigrants as the US. get this… we legally allow up to 400k per year. that is more than ALL COUNTRIES COMBINED! you don't think that might play even a little bit into the cost of medical coverage? And tell me, when it is free, how many illegals will we get then?

  10. Public Option! WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T HR 3200 pass! WE ALMOST HAD IT but WTF happened? Why was it struck down? Didn't Obama have the votes? WTF? God damn what do we do.

  11. @AmericanResponses Almost 80% of insurance payments goto administration costs, its sad that the rest of America is oblivious to this.

  12. @lilnicky492 I agree that America isn't the only country, that is my point. That even with socialized medicine, you still end up being denied, but with government you can't sue the company like this story.
    As for price, look at their papers and their doctors. The doctors are PROTESTING that their patients aren't getting the treatments they need. Do you see protesting doctors here? If you deny drugs and let the person die, of course it is cheaper to provide health care.

  13. @bluefootedpig Yeah the problem with ERs is many Hospitals are under insurance strangulation and could be forced to charge twice as much for the same operation to an uninsured patient versus an insured patient. This is what breaks the working class.

  14. @adavidpirtle I told you, it was from the latest WHO report. And again, you have ignored the fact that we have free clinics that are not stressed yet, meanwhile you complain about health care system. So you are sitting there, with a solution next door, with their doors wide open. If the free clinic system was somehow stressed, then sure, I would agree with you, but currently they aren't, even if they can only serve 10% of the unisured, not even 10% are using it.

  15. @lilnicky492 Well, lets look at it. According to independent news, released 10/2009 reported that government health care denies 70% MORE claims than private. Or in other words, 1.7 times as many, almost twice as many. It may not be the majority, but that is quite a large number. The actual number is 6.9% while private is closer to 3-4%. So according to this research, yes, you are more likely to be denied care on a public plan, thus it costs less.

  16. @bluefootedpig
    Actually YES.
    The topic of health care, and coverage come up often, and those engaged are very well informed. I've heard no outrageous misinformation so far.
    The fact that US hospitals are required to treat someone with life a threatening injury seems to be common knowledge. But, you may lose everything you have ever worked for, and can, and will be denied follow up treatment, unless you can pay (even with HCI)

    I've watched videos of AMERICAS dyeing waiting for ER treatment.

  17. @TruthAndMoreTruth well, two things. First off, there are free clinics for follow ups. And right now, free clinics are not stressed, so people aren't even fully using them. Second, as per a independent study found, public health care plans deny 70% more often than private. Private deny on average, 3-4%, while public plans deny coverage around 7%. So did you want to tell that 3-4% of people who are denied, "sorry, you life just isn't worth the extra cost".

  18. @adavidpirtle I am saying that the 90% of the uninsured don't use it, so they really don't play a factor. Again, if free clinics were stressed, I would be concerned, but they aren't. I believe people can afford free clinics, but they aren't being used. Here is a great little stat: Onterio, wait time for knee surgery is 3 days to 296 days. I can't seem to find the denial rate for canada, if you want to help, you could provide that information. America private industry is 2-4%, public is 7%.

  19. @lilnicky492 I don't think treatment is the only cause of life expectancy. Look at wars, we have soldiers dying all the time. Look at obesity, no other country has the problem like we do. And I am just wondering how you honestly feel when a doctor says, "you need to have this operation" and the government says, "nope, not going to pay it" how that really makes you feel. That pain in your leg, you get to live with it. Now that is quality of life.

  20. @adavidpirtle Okay, maybe i need to reword this. If your car can go 120 miles an hour, but you are only never go above 40 miles an hour, then someone asks you how fast can your car go. Do you only say 40 miles an hour? The free clinics can only handle 10%, but they are not handling 10% yet. They are handling less than 10%, they are not running at full capacity. Why expand the free clinics when no one is using them?

  21. @lilnicky492 That is if your child gets approved. I could be wrong, I am asking a few people that read this to help out, i cannot find the denial rate of Canada's health care. But for example, Onterio for a knee surgery range from 3 -296 days waiting.

    But really, what is the denial rate. Health care does not always relate to length of life. Right now, in america, public health care denies 3-4% more often than private health care.

  22. @bluefootedpig Americans who PAY for health care insurance are told "sorry, you life just isn't worth the extra cost" either directly or passively every day in the US.

    People pay for coverage their whole life, only to get denied a policy when they try to purchase coverage on the open market (with NO gaps in coverage).

    44,000 AMERICAS die every year because they have no coverage.

    Just because "Their" public plans deny 7%, doesn't require that ours to.

    "Public Option" is an OPTION.

  23. @TruthAndMoreTruth You might have missed what I said earlier, but I am for a very basic public option. But I am against forcing everyone to forced to get it. If i want to go without coverage, that should be my choice, but it isn't my choice. Also, they deny 7% to keep costs down. With public denying almost twice that of private, is it really a wonder why socialized health care costs on average, around half as much. You save money by denying coverage.

  24. @lilnicky492 well two things, first of all, people in Canada end up losing legs due to wait times. Read their medical reports. It wasn't life threatening sure, but how would you feel if you lost a leg because the government didn't employ enough doctors to service you in a timely manner? And 7% isn't a lot? 1 in 20? my workplace would have 3 people denied, and the denials are life threatening, but the drugs only prolong life, not cure it.

  25. @tehant1liberal What video did you watch?

    "[US] The most left wing socialist health care system in the world"? Then adopting Canada's system would be a move to the right?

    Well, let's have at it!!

    Do you get paid to be a troll?
    I keep seeing these nonsensical trolls, who fail to make any sense, and when I ask, none will ever indicate whether they are paid to do it, or if they do it for FREE.

    Are you one of those conservative "Patriots" who network over the web to over run web sites?

  26. @adavidpirtle omg, i am not sure i can continue this… capcity: the maximum production possible. Not the CURRENT production. Unless you quoted it wrong, and the free clinics are currently at maximum production, but you didn't say that, you said that their max capacity is only 10%. If we can't tell the difference between current and max, then we might as well stop until we can learn the difference.

  27. @Phelan666 I've only been to Yuma, and (sorry if you live there) that place REALLY sucked donkey balls. Very scenic drive to get there and back though.

  28. @adavidpirtle wait a second, as little care as possible? public health care denies twice as much as public. Private provides more health care than public, so where do you get that they provide less? yes it costs more, but that is what you get when you approve more treatments. You have yet to provide the denial rates for other countries, and even if they do live longer, that is not because of the health care system. Don't try to say that health care magically solves health problems.

  29. @lilnicky492 That is completely unfounded. Canada has better overall health, as in obesity. They don't have skin cancer as much, and there are many other reasons. Yes some of it is health care, but not all of it. Having a doctor tell you to eat more fruits and veggies won't make anymore more healthy unless they do it, and in a world of McDonalds, I don't think any amount of health care will change that. Education solves that problem, not a doctor.

  30. @TruthAndMoreTruth Oh hell no. I wouldn't live in that town if you paid me. I live in a tiny oasis of half-sanity known as Flagstaff. As college/ski town, most of the people who live here are educated liberals. Which is why McCain hates us, because he never gets our vote.

  31. @lilnicky492 I keep repeating them because you do too, you aren't answering basic questions. Saying a lie over and over doesn't make it truth. Life expectancy is not 100% related to health care, it also is education, and work ethic. Canada costs less, yes because from what I see, they deny more often, which is the problem with this news story. They aren't denied life extending treatments, which is a flat out lay, go a 30 second good search.

  32. @adavidpirtle from what I have read, on the average, the Canadian person is more healthy. Obesity is not an epidemic. You don't have kids in elementary school having heart attacks like in America. So tell me how a medical system will solve a 7 year old having a heart attack? They may not all be gurus, but they are healthier than the US population, and that to is a sign of education, not medication.

  33. @lilnicky492 I would love to hear the logic behind this. Explain how a health care system would solve a 7 year old having a heart attack from obesity? Explain how a health care system in anyway can force someone to not eat fast food? it is a sign of education, not health care. But please, i beg you, please, explain how any health care system can force people to eat less. BTW, 7% is huge number when it comes to populations.

  34. @adavidpirtle i thought you said you pay attention… do you just ignore. How does a health care system cure someone of a heart attack at age 7 from obesity? how does a health care system force someone to exercise more? again, this is an education problem, not health care. How much TV do americans watch vs canadians? how many times do americans eat fast food instead of cooking a balanced meal? and how can a doctor force that change?

  35. @adavidpirtle yup, but so will a scale. Lets look at high blood pressure. Medication is a form of poison that kills your kidneys. We have a cure, a 100% full blown cure for high blood pressure. But if you know people like I do, they would rather take a pill than change their diet. So you can shorten your life taking high blood pressure pills, slowly killing you (lower life expectancy) or you can change your diet, and how many change?

  36. @adavidpirtle My point is that I bet our system is actually really good, but our education is horrible and people are not educated on health issues. Example, we have a cure for high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, but how many people are doing this? not many. why you may ask, they would rather take a pill that slowly kills them than change how they eat. No amount of health care can change that mentality, only education can. Not even check ups fix that, if you are not willing to change.

  37. @adavidpirtle so our disagreement is that you believe that doctors should be educators and I believe teachers should be. I assume that because doctors haven't gone through any sort of teaching classes, a teacher would be better suited for teaching young children how to live healthy lifestyles better than a doctor with no teaching education teaching people. Am i right on this?

  38. @bluefootedpig Aside from what was mentioned about more checkups, Americans have to think twce about going to the hospital when symptoms appear. Canadians just go. So who stands a better chance of survivig that heart attack? The Canadian who says, "Lets get you to the hospital just to be sure you are okay." or the American that says, "Well, healthcare is expensive, let's see if you get worse before taking you in." or, "We can't afford the ER, so just be strong and take the pain."

  39. Obama works for goldman sachs and other large wall street entities. simple fact actuallly, high contributors during his campaing. as well as mccain and clinton

  40. @jstutz2003 thanks for joining in jstutz, but as mentioned awhile ago, there are always free clinics available. So if you think you have a heart attack, there are free clinics to go to.

  41. They have to raise your rates because they aren't allowed to deny people with pre-existing conditions. They aren't allowed to deny people because of the healthcare bill.

  42. @bluefootedpig A free clinic is not an ER. Aside from that, it isn't the poor that have to worry. It's everyone who is not rich. Small business owners who pay out the ass for insurance do what I said. Walmart workers who make too much to get into free clinics but not enough to afford health insurance. I can tell you've never been in one of these situations. I've been a Walmart worker and I've been a small business owner. Now that I am military I finally don't worry about going to the doctor.

  43. @adavidpirtle So that is a fundamental disagreement. From everyone I know, and I know many people who are overweight, and more who are obese, who do see doctors, and you know what happens next time, they weigh the same. One person I know has had high blood pressure for 5 years now, sees the doctor more than once a year, and he has yet to change. This is typical, no matter what a doctor tells you, if you don't want to put down the McFlurry, you wont, no matter what they say.

  44. @jstutz2003 It is not an ER. But in Canada, if you walk in thinking you are sick, you get to wait as you are a low priority, so how is that different than thinking you are sick and going to a free clinic?

    But I actually own 2 businesses and work a day job. So I understand for a great deal, although I could be wrong, you can still go to a clinic. Even if it isn't a free clinic, there are small clinics that cost very little to get a check up. I have been to those, and paid cash for it.

  45. @bluefootedpig Because low priority or not, you are still in an ER and WILL get help if you start going into active heart defribulation. An ER is far better equipped to deal with a heart attack than a clinic, who generally send you to the ER for a suspected heart attack anyway! Clinics are no substitute for doctors and ERs, and it is sad that our country in all its greatness can't provide proper healthcare as Canada does.

  46. @adavidpirtle and again, there is a difference between capacity and current levels. Besides that, doesn't it put it back at square one, that people using the ER for non-emergencies are driving up costs? Heart attacks can start to happen several hours before, and if you walk into an ER and say, "i think i'm having a heart attack" you would get placed in the waiting room until it happened, as it would not be an emergency.

  47. @websiteusername What? Bush and reagan too, I was refferring to the "choices" we had this last campaign so the comment was more relevant to recent times. and hopefully you noiticed that i mentioned mcCain and clinto too. Please don't be an asshole. and don't respond

  48. @jstutz2003 Well, you can always go to an ER and wait for your heart attack either way. It doesn't cost anything to wait in a waiting room in America either. So if I understand this correctly, your quality of health care is based on if you can go to the ER for free or not?

  49. @bluefootedpig So in America you can sit and suffer waiting for a heart attack instead of gettig treated? Wow. We should be proud.

    No my quality of healthcare is based on tangibles such as infant mortality rate and quality of life. Quality healthcare isn't any good if only select people can get it. Walmart workers and small business owners aren't getting quality healthcare because it is too expensive. Health insurance should not be a for-profit industry where some CEO is getting rich.

  50. The US and State governments need to start knocking around these corrupt companies with huge fines for being greedy bastards.

  51. @AWSH17
    It's a government run heath INSURANCE program.
    People still have to pay for it.
    It's also an incentive for private healthcare companies to stop screwing their clients around, cut all those multi Billion dollar salaries for their execs, and start charging FAIR amounts for surgeries and treatments.
    If the rates are lower, then your company healthcare plan will be cheaper. That means the company has more money, which means more money for employees.

  52. I feel so sorry for Americans. With every election they're caught between voting for a windbag and a douchebag. Decisions, decisions!!

  53. Health Insurance companies are similar to organized crime (the mafia). They get rich off of peoples money while watching innocent people die in the process, without a conscience. All the while, republicans feels that health insurance companies should remain unregulated, able to drop people when they're sick and raising premiums. The insurance industry only cares about one thing and one thing only, money.

  54. @Zachdudeio2 more relevent to recent times? so you skip bush and go to clinton, good job, and w/e lol, ill respond if i want, its youtube guy, chill

  55. @AWSH17
    Do you enjoy getting ass fucked by insurance companies or something?
    BTW, Republicans are responsible for letting banks and big corporations roll over the little guy.
    You're so fucking stupid, I have to invent a word to describe you.
    Third-wit – For those times when calling someone a half-wit is still giving them too much credit.

  56. @AWSH17
    On top of that, it's the people who are paying for insurance coverage and not receiving treatment that get screwed. People who work for their money and PAY for health insurance are being denied en masse. And like Cenk said, they get delayed and end up getting sicker, or even dying. People being denied treatment for Cancer or Diabetes.
    They don't give a shit about people, they only care about maximizing profits. I don't know how it couldn't be more obvious.

  57. how do you make a quick profit? you pay less, charge people more. how do you make long term profit? you make sure your practices are open to the public, and get rated. How do you make sure you dont get fcked over? you check the companies rated credentials.

  58. @AWSH17
    You think that just one health insurance company is screwing their clients?
    Holy shit, you're dense.
    BTW, i'm a Canadian. We have a public healthcare system. And the last time I checked, we're not a communist country, and our economy is doing a damn sight better than yours.
    You're just another cold-war throwback who still thinks it's 1963.
    Communism? PFFFFT!
    Get with the fucking program.

  59. @websiteusername yes i mean to this adminstration. and i am chill, i was called a fucking moron. maynard keenan and i hope for the same stuff

  60. I've decided that to get real change we need to campaign for a violent communist revolution. That way when we get weak sauce it'll wind up being real reform, and we can have awesome parades

  61. @AWSH17 are you saying pacificare is a small company? lol, you only care about the top 5%, its left to us to care about the other 95% which also deserve representation

  62. TYT, this is where you SHINE! Why can't there be more relevant stories like this?
    There are some tiny perks that I'm sure insurance companies will find a way to avoid fulfilling anyway, but essentially what Obama did was take our trust, then turned around and corralled us into a pen to be slaughtered by drug and insurance companies. Now not only can they rape us with no right to negotiation of prices, but we are required by law to bend over for them and pay for their services.

  63. @jstutz2003 but all that you mentioned has actually little to do with health care, and more about general diet and education. For example, there is mounds of evidence showing that drinking dairy causes loads of health problems, but the government still subsides milk and campaigns that milk is healthy. No amount of doctors can cure that. As I pointed out, we have cures for high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, but we prescribe pills because people don't have basic understanding of health.

  64. @dadreamzworld

    Who said I don't believe in God. I specifically said "I'm not an atheist". That was so you didn't start a silly little "is not, is too" argument with me. And I don't expect anybody to "bow down" so spare me the dramatics.

    What you said was incorrect. That's not why the majority of atheists are so.

    My second point was that all you're doing is turning more people against religion, and if you were truly Christian that's the last thing you'd want to be doing.

  65. And it's also funny how the Tea Party folks could come out of their trailers and defend these corporations and be dirt poor them selves that's stupid

  66. @AWSH17
    It's not against the Constitution for a Muslim to run for President.
    Requirements are: Natural Born Citizen, 35 years of age, and have lived in this country for 14 years. There is no obstruction that says one must be Christian.
    That is how I know you didn't read the Constitution.

  67. To create an industry based on being hurt, so that it is self propagating itself, and calling patients as clients is offensive to being human.

    America is one of the few countries that cares more about money, than it's people.

    It's kinda like wanting to feel better about being sick, than actually getting healthy.


  68. @dadreamzworl

    The Bible? That's not the be all end all of creationism or theism. What the Christian Bible says defines a believer is relevant only to that religion. I never claimed to be a Christian, did I?

    Sob stories? Point me towards them, because you seem to be hallucinating.

    Why would I defend atheists if I'm not one? Why do I need a reason? I don't need to belong to a group to defend them, maybe you do. You came here making false assertions, and I pointed out your ignorance. That's it.

  69. @dadreamzworld

    Next time don't waste my time getting into a discussion with me only to high tail it the moment it becomes painfully obvious you don't have a leg to stand on.

  70. @dadreamzworld

    Sure, you're the wise man and I'm the fool. The thing is, this fool can defend his statements and back up his words whereas you in your high wisdom cannot seem to.

    BEST IN THE WORLD (i'll fight to protect that in the scence that i give 60% of my loan)

  72. @dadreamzworld, I'm not some kid that has to ask to speak, and your comment is for all to see…. so spare me, and the healthcare problem goes beyond "stop crying, and get your money up" considering that familys making over 200,000 a year are also getting squeezed when it comes to heathcare cost and actully loose family members just because they can't afford it, if you see no problem with insurance company's putting a price on people lives, then maby all that god talk is just that, TALK!!!

  73. @dadreamzworld , Tell me what I got wrong, if i'm wrong, and I misread your comment or didn't get the full context, then fair enough, i'm big enough to admit i'm wrong.

  74. @dadreamzworld, Yea I read most of your comments, but few of them were relevent to my original comment towards you, so please explain to me what I got wrong.

  75. @dadreamzworld, This never was a discussin, just insults and you bitching about being "misunderstood", yet you never refuted any of my points, or mentioned why I was wrong, I simply asked you a question, and now you want to end the discussion and call it "sad", how ironic.

  76. @dadreamzworld, I said yea that I read MOST of your comments, so how was that a lie?, and once again many of your comments had nothing to do with my original post anyway, you still haven't ,made clear what is was I got wrong, I simply asked you a fucking question, and you started crying and insulting me, and if you could give a damn what I think then why all the response's?

  77. @dadreamzworld, I admitted that I read MOST, meaning many, not all, thus I did not lie, and like I said many of them had nothing to do with my comment in the first place, so what was the point in even adressing them? you say you never insulted me, yet you then called me a dumbass twice, instead of insults and nonsense, you could have simply explained why i was wrong, and pushed back against my points, but that seems beyond you, so fair enough.

  78. @dadreamzworld, You really don't understand the difference between ALL and MOST, I said MOST of your comments had nothing to do with my original comment, meaning that a few did, and stop bitching about me responding to your comment, it's public forum, for all to see, you stated somthing, and I simply called you on it, and the reason I keep repeating myself, is you still haven't explained to me what I got wrong, if i'm wrong i'll admit it.

  79. @dadreamzworld, Man stop crying about me responding to your comment, I read most of your comments and don't see what I misread, seeing that many of your comments don't relate to my original comment anyway, So do you agree with healthcare for all, or what?

  80. @dadreamzworld, I said MOST of your comments didn't relate to my original comment, MOST!!!, meaning some not all, you said people who complain about healthcare, should stop crying and get there money up, and I simply said it's a little more complictaed than that, so again, what did I get wrong?

  81. @dadreamzworld, Considering that your comments spanned many pages, I thought it was just easier to ask you what I got wrong, and have you explain your case in the full context, but instead you kept complaining without adressing my original question, all the time it took for us to get to this point, you could have simply stated my errors, and said WHY you were right.

  82. @Acelera89 Well good for you. Although I wrote my comment 3 months ago its a little late to start trolling. Have fun with that though. Happy Holidays.

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