Regan Grimes’ Leg Day on Prep at Pure Muscle & Fitness Gym

what’s up everybody it’s Regan Grimes
here IFBB Pro Primeval Labs athlete and today we’re going to smash some legs no shoes no shoes I felt like I get a
better connection especially to the floor when you’re doing squats not
wearing shoes same with leg press obviously a
hamstring curl doesn’t really matter too much but I just usually I come to the
gym on leg days wearing flip-flops and I can just toss them off and get ready to
do it so training legs we’re now four weeks out and you know body fats low
luckily today is a high day so my first two meals of the day had a little more
carbs pretty much around 70 grams of carbs per meal so we’ve got some fuel
there but I am burning through it quick so the thing is is we’ll probably train
legs for about an hour and a half I’ll have about 40 minutes of like having
those carbs actually going to use and then I’m going to expend myself and dig
as deep as I can to to burn the calories and to just you just got to dig deep man
that’s you’re gonna make those changes that’s that’s when you’re gonna make
them the method to my training is I’ll do about three to four sets and then the
last set of every exercise we go absolutely bananas so like failure drop
set fail again partials assisted reps pause reps do whatever you can do to
absolutely bring that muscle to failure and drain the drain it and you just
that’s when you’re going to grow that’s it partials alright
let’s go on the seated hamstring curl the last set that we went absolutely
crazy we started we did 20 second hold then we did 10 reps 10 second hold 10
reps and then 10 partials to failure the second exercise we’re getting into leg
press feet low a little bit wide a little bit outside of your shoulder
width and first set always just a feeler set just trying to get that form proper
and then every set we’re going to increase weight I’m a huge advocate of high volume
training like I would rather do 20 reps of 315 then say 405 for 8 on the squat
bar or like four or maybe here you get 25 reps of 315 like if you can go high
volume like high reps with a good amount of weight that’s gonna make that muscle
work you’re gonna grow and you’re also not going to cause injury and you’re
gonna be able to train for a long time I love this bar just the way it feels
it’s very easy to hold on to I know a lot of you bodybuilders have trouble
with range of motion within the shoulders I actually don’t have that
much of issues I’ve got it pretty much solved I could do a regular bar but
something about this bar that puts you in a position where you’re like front
squatting and kind of back squatting at the same time it’s like right in the middle so
I love this one wrapped up on the squats we’re going to go
right into some extensions and we’re gonna pump as much blood in there as we can under control tons of isolation just on
the quads we wanting to feel every fiber from the hip all the way down to the
knee I’m thinking about every muscle firing
down the quads they squeezing holding tensing flexing and it’s all in the mind
guys the slower you go the more time under tension time under tension more growth
more time under tension more blood you just try to volumize alright guys that’s a wrap for my
workout it’s time to eat so guys I just want to say thank you for tuning in I
really hope you enjoyed this video and there’s lots more to come so stay tuned
to this muscle & strength channel for more cool videos

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  2. I have yet to see someone use various squat options and eliminate the tradional add all that weight ans decompress your spine. Whatever.

  3. i do legs on saturdays 4 exercises legs are a important muscle that you don't must forget to train good video muscle and strength

  4. do we take rest days? yea, i rest few more seconds in between my sets. get up and go to the gym, we got all the time to fucking rest when we pass.

  5. I used to train like this. Lots of reps. Crazy sets, but. There is a danger of overtraining. And that can lead to injury like it did me. So just listen to your body.

  6. I don’t want to be mean, but this video is a demonstration why the bodybuilders of today are not as good as the 90s. They don’t train very hard. He looks ok but he does not have the mindset of a champion. Ronnie, Dorian, Tom Platz etc trained to the max. The results spoke for themselves.

  7. So what I am gathering is that two things:
    1. More reps with big volume make that muscle work is better than low reps big volume?
    2. Question so if I am not very good at cardio does lifting heavy with explosiveness qualify as cardio per say?

  8. Regan what a pleasant change to see somebody actually putting in good effort training HARD nowadays !!

  9. I watched this yesterday and today was my leg day. I was very hyped after watching this, just couldn't wait to hit them legs. Now I'm walking funny and almost puked 😂 Thanks !!

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