Remake of our most Popular Recipe Video – healthy chickpea summer salad

sup guys welcome back the healthy recipe we're going to be making one of our most popular recipe videos that I ever made we're gonna be remaking it a little bit lighter and simpler to make this time a little bit healthier it's been a couple of years and this recipe got over a half a million views or more it is my chickpea recipe it's gonna be really really delicious colorful super flavorful and healthy so let's get right to work alright so let's go over the ingredients that we're using for this really simple salad I have here 365 brand organic garbanzo beans and these come in a BPA free can I love these they're incredibly cheap they're non-gmo certified organic non BPA and I get these for one dollar a can through Amazon if you guys have Amazon I'll provide the link below you can order them through our link we'll get a little five percent commission you pay the same price that benefits the channel and there are 220 calories 2 grams of fat and they have 6 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein so the macros on these are amazing and like I said they're a dollar I can and three I believe it's three and a half servings per container so they're great they're great for making salads they're great for making curries they're great for making hummus I will order 20 to 30 cans of these at a time through Amazon and I pay a dollar each so a great great deal saves me a ton of money and they're super healthy I have here a half of a diced bell pepper 1/2 of minced red onion and I minced it up real fine I want the little pieces to get all over the recipe so you can really taste it at every bite I have about 6 cloves of finely minced garlic fresh always and the reason why it is so much better to eat fresh onions and garlic non cooked is because there is an enzyme and some phytochemicals and the alien family of vegetables that have fighter cancer-fighting properties and they're incredibly beneficial for overall health and disease prevention once you cook them they lose those benefits so I always try to put fresh minced garlic and fresh onions and my salads and any recipes that I'm gonna eat raw I have here about a half a cup I'm probably a third of a cup of minced fresh parsley this is from my garden and you guys probably already know that the health benefits of parsley or any of these dark green herbs they have tons of phytochemicals and things like that that are also great when eaten raw not to mention the delicious flavor I have here about two small medium sized diced tomatoes and these are organic organic apple cider vinegar with the mother I think this brand is from Walmart you guys can also order it on our website through Amazon organic olive oil and this is my smoked sea salt with Thai chili this is a ground-up Thai chili with smoked sea salt absolutely delicious if you guys have never tried smoked sea salt I highly recommend it you will never use regular salt again I love this stuff it gives so much flavor to the food it is absolutely in I'll provide a link for the smoked sea salt also will be below through our Amazon links and that's basically it this one this recipe I'm going to make a little bit more simple in the original so it's more practical for you guys to make okay so we're going to start out with a big bowl basically and we're gonna drop our chickpeas in they have been rinsed from the liquid that was in them and kind of let out to to dry a little bit now we're gonna add peppers to no particular order we're gonna add these ingredients minced onions and you guys can see how fine I minced those you want them pretty fine just till it spreads out all that flavor same thing with the garlic mince really really small you get a little bit of fresh garlic and every bite so it's not like overpowering you don't get like one big chunk of garlic and then you're like old man all right got a nice tomato right in there and the tomato I chopped it and then I put it in a strainer also so a lose/lose so we lose a lot of that liquid just so our I don't put a lot of liquid in the salad now we're gonna do our parsley you guys can also do cilantro you could add cucumbers to this there's there's so many options and with the parsley I even use the stems just chop it up into little tiny pieces a lot of the flavor is in the stem I'm gonna go in with my olive oil and I'm only going to be using about a half a tablespoon of olive oil so I watch my oil and my fats very closely I try not to eat any more than 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of oil per day all combined so that seems to be working great for me you know I feel healthy I feel great so I'm gonna keep it that way so I'm gonna add about maybe a tablespoon to have our cider vinegar then I'm gonna go in with our smoked salt smoked chili salt and I ground this in a spice grinder really fine so the salts actually really really fine it comes coarse and it also comes fine I got the coarse kind and then I just ground it but you guys can also get the fine smoked salt through our website look how beautiful all of that color and what's great about this is that it's actually better the next day when these vegetables all absorb the seasoning so you can take this anywhere with you and a Tupperware and eat it later it is absolutely delicious it doesn't take any heating it's perfect on the go I'm gonna go ahead and taste a little bit just to make sure we're right on the salt mmm perfect so I'm just gonna mix this up and we're gonna put it in the refrigerator for a little bit and then we're gonna come back and serve okay guys so here is the finished dish looking at all that color it is beautiful not to mention super healthy easy to make and super cheap you guys saw the ingredients that I use and very easy to find we have the links below if you guys want to order them from Amazon it helps the channel I will get a little 5% Commission when you order through our links and you pay the same price I hope you guys enjoyed it this is a perfect recipe to take on the go if you're going to work go into the office you can put it in a Tupperware super healthy load it with nutrients and fiber and protein so I hope you guys enjoyed it remember to give us a thumbs up if you liked it subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you really soon on the next one okay so I'm gonna go ahead and dig right in and give this beautiful recipe a taste mmm this is amazing the fresh parsley the garlic the onion combined with the olive oil and the vinegar has a little bit of zest super flavorful smokiness of the smoked salt and the chili give it a little bit of spice in there extra kick of heat we've got a little bit of a smoky taste behind it this is something I could probably eat almost every day never get tired

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  1. Hello Hello… Just saw your comment on Brain G's video. re: new algorithm… thought I'd come by and watch some of your videos and be a new subscriber! xoxo
    Keep your head up and keep creating we will too!! xoxo

  2. This would taste just as good even without the oil😊…I luv making this but haven't ever tried it with the smoked salt and the raw garlic…would luv to taste the smoked salt though but the raw garlic will be a challenge for me lolz 😳

  3. I just saw your keto steak salad recipe and watched this video second
    Wow ! You have lost so much weight ….Bravooooo👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    Can you please make some keto friendly (vegan) recipes?

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