Response to Dr. Gabriel Cousen’s Anti-Fruit Video – Loren Lockman, Tanglewood Wellness Center

hi this is Lauren Lachlan I’m coming to you from the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica a few days ago a friend of mine forwarded me a video recorded by dr. Gabriel Cousins and asked me if I could comment on this is my comment I respect I’ve known Gabriel for probably close to 20 years I respect him very much we have very different opinions certain things including what an optimal diet looks like and I want to address today where I think he may be missing the boat a little bit first of all in the in the video that Gabriel that was sent to me Gabriel talked about two studies and he was talking about two groups of people that had experimented with living on a essentially all fruit diet and apparently failed and he kept referring to these as studies he said I quote there are only two actual studies and then he went on to to talk about these two communities but there was no study whatsoever a study is when a scientist actually collects data and corrects for issues that might be affecting that data and then calibrates there you know tallies everything to see what’s going on there was no study it’s a it’s a story about a group of people that tried something it didn’t succeed why they didn’t succeed frankly I have no idea I don’t know what they were doing I don’t know whether they were eating enough what they were eating I don’t have any of the details as far as I know neither does Gabriel but I want to be clear that that what he talked about does not constitute a study of any kind in fact although Gabriel shared his opinions and it’s clear that his opinions are strong and and well-formed he shared absolutely no facts to support those opinions he did talk about the fact that several other raw food leaders agreed with him and he mentioned a few people including Brian Clemente and dr. young and a few other people even these people all agree that eating a lot of fruits not a good idea as if if a lot of people think something is true that makes it true and you know unfortunately this is a logical problem that many people in our culture today are suffering from a lot of people will think something is true and everyone then will that must be the case you know it’s interesting my background was in the university was actually in finance and one of the things that we learned was called contrarian investing and in contrarian investing what you do is you do exactly the opposite of what everybody else is doing the reason that this frequently works is because in fact the majority is often wrong and there’s no no difference here the fact that many people believe that fruit is problematic doesn’t make it so you know I’ll point out to you that in the early 1600s Galileo now the well respected scientist who invented the telescope Galileo or discovered it at Galileo went to jail in the early 1600s about 1616 I believe because he supported Copernicus’s support Copernicus Copernicus was his teacher Copernicus was the first one to say that the Sun and all the other planets did not revolve around the earth but that in fact the earth and the other planets were revolving around the Sun well this is contrary to the idea that the church had been teaching people that the earth was the center of the universe and because Galileo supported Copernicus his ideas and was willing to say so publicly he was imprisoned now the majority clearly said Sun revolves around the earth did that make it the truth absolutely not it’s no different here there are two primary arguments that people use to talk about why we shouldn’t eat too much fruit the first one is simply that fruit contains too much sugar let me point out to you that the only thing the body must have 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year 366 and leap years is sugar okay now we can eat steak and potatoes and make sugar or we can consume fruit which contain means both glucose and fructose and many other important minor sugars perfectly ready to use and they’re in their form that we need them right there which is a lot more efficient than having the body have to do a bunch of work and our bodies like every other species on the planet are governed by something called the law of efficiency the law of efficiency says body always wants to do what’s going to be most efficient the most benefit for the least amount of effort well it’s far more efficient given that we need sugar all the time to eat something that contains it rather than to eat something where the body then has to make it so are we getting too much sugar well no I don’t think so now is there an impact of eating fruit on blood sugar well yes but minimally let’s look at some facts first of all most people are familiar with the glycemic index maybe you’ve heard of that but the glycemic index does not talk about how much impact something has on our blood sugar but the glycemic index is actually saying is how quickly a substance gives up its carbohydrates so here’s an example first of all on the glycemic index scale the the benchmark is white bread which has a glycemic index of 100 okay now watermelon has a glycemic index of 72 which makes it pretty high anything over 70 is considered high on the glycemic index chart so watermelon is a high glycemic index food and many people will tell you if you’ve got blood sugar issues stay away from watermelon because watermelon has a high glycemic index but the glycemic index is only telling us how quickly watermelon gives up its carbohydrates not how much impact it has on your blood sugar well what talks about that well that’s something called the glycemic load the glycemic load chart is very different because on the glycemic load chart anything from 1 to 9 is considered low anything from 10 to 19 is considered medium and anything from 20 and above is considered high has a high impact so watermelon has a high glycemic index but what’s its glycemic load or the I see a load of watermelon is about four which means it’s very low it has very little impact on your blood sugar the reason that’s true is because watermelon is a mostly water and B contains plenty of soluble fiber and that fiber slows down the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream so even though watermelon tastes very sweet and it’s delicious and it has a high glycemic index when you eat it it has almost no impact on your blood sugar now let me put this in into perspective for you by talking about some other things that people commonly eat and what their glycemic loads look like first of all cornflakes Kellogg’s cornflakes glycemic load 33 okay that’s not sweet it’s just corn but all starches are broken down to sugar and the absence of any real fiber it has a massive impact on your blood sugar okay this is one of the reasons people Goodwin ate cereal because their blood sugar gets spikes remember cornflakes 33 watermelon for all right fresh corn 20 high kidney beans 17 okay not high but on the high side of medium minestrone soup 18 that’s not sweet 18 lentils and cauliflower curry 31 cooked barley between 19 and 21 buckwheat between 15 and 19 millet 26 carrots 6 now are there some fruits that are high well fresh fruit is rarely going to have a high glycemic load the highest that I’ve come across is bananas which can register as high as 15 between about 12 and 15 so they’re in the medium range there’s no there are no fresh fruits that have a high glycemic load now raisins dried fruits which nobody should be consuming very much of because you take all the water away the most important thing and what happens well the sugar gets concentrated the glycemic load of raisins is about 28 the glycemic load of dry dates the way most people eat dates 42 this is something you do not want to be consuming a lot of because it will have an impact on your blood sugar and too many bananas can have an impact as well but if we look at the rest of the fruits right so we’ve got all these other things ranging from 20 to 35 – and so forth fruits warm out of 4 apples between four and six grapes between six and nine pineapple very sweet right 8 pairs 3 to 4 mangoes and 8 there are very very few fruits that are not considered low glycemic load foods for the reason I just mentioned therefore I mean what this is telling us it’s a scientific measure of how much impact these substances have on our blood sugar nothing has the impact on the blood sugar of the things I mentioned no fruit of the complex carbohydrates and even the grains and beans that people are eating have more of an impact on your blood sugar than most fruit does okay so it’s complete and utter nonsense now the second argument is that eating too much fruit makes your body acidic well here’s what’s true first of all if you eat fruit on top of other foods you’re going to wind up with some problems including an acidic system you’re going to wind up with an ejection you’re going to wind up with food rotting in your stomach because fruit takes on average probably 20 to 25 minutes some fruits as long as 45 having things like bananas others may may digest in your belly in 15 or 20 minutes but you know in under an hour fruit is ready to pass out of the stomach into the duodenum but if you’re eating fruit as dessert on top of other food that other food might take two three even four hours to digest in your stomach what that means is that fruit will sit there and begin to ferment and that causes problems but if you take somebody who’s eating only fruit no they’re not eating on top of anything else they’re eating mono fruit meals by themselves but their body’s not clean yet what happens well when people eat fruit it requires very little of the body’s energy to digest and process relative to almost everything else they eat and it also contains more water as long as you were not talking about things like bananas and dates it contains more water than almost anything else people ever eat what does that mean it means that the body is able to begin cleansing itself much more rapidly much more vigorously than most people’s bodies ever cleanse unless their water only fasting so if we get the body clean with water only fasting what happens we eat fruit we have no problems at all there’s no acidity in the body because the body is consuming something that has no trouble dealing with it has low impact on the blood sugar it’s not creating a problem fruit isn’t acid forming everything else weeds acid forming when we eat a lot of fruit and the body’s not clean yet the body is able to begin cleansing and that’s where it appears to be acid for me this is something that these esteemed gentlemen who are dismissing fruit as a healthy substance don’t seem to understand now there’s a little bit more consider the fact that several years back they found a man frozen in the ice in Switzerland I think he was about five thousand years old and the contents of his stomach when they looked at his stomach thought about first essentially only fruit berries fruit a fruit based diet Johns Hopkins University very prestigious university in Maryland the great state of Maryland they study the teeth of every known hominid all the predecessors to man what are they fine they find these weren’t hunter-gatherers who are living on me that every single hominid that’s been found to date according to Johns Hopkins University ate primarily fruit and this shouldn’t surprise us because we share over 99% of our genetic material our DNA with our closest primate relatives what do our closest primate relatives do to get their food well they get over 90 percent of their calories from fruit every single day how could it be there our bodies would need something completely different from that when in fact our digestive systems are almost completely identical to theirs the key is to understand and remember that we need to first of all get the body as clean and efficient as possible and once we’ve done that we thrive on a fruit-based diet I’ve been doing it now for over 20 years I haven’t been sick a single day my body works better than it did when I was 18 years old all the problems I had then have gone away I was very sick when I was younger today I’m as healthy as can be I’ve had over a hundred students mostly in their 20s not one has ever been able to keep up with me that one’s ever been able to run faster not one you know it’s I could go on and on what you want to understand is that there are people out there that have a particular belief system a pre-existing filter about what’s true and they’re not really willing to reconsider I came into this completely open because I had no pre-existing beliefs simply looking for something to make me healthy and I found it and if you want to be as healthy as possible you may want to not not be so quick to accept what these experts are telling you use your common sense look around at what happens in nature and you’ll see as primates we are fruit years

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  1. remember dr gabriel cousens is a medical doctor… mr lockman is not… read one of dr cousens books and look up all of the research studies quoted in each of his books… dr cousens is one of the most thorough researcher in the study of reversing diabetes…
    then please research mr lockman… and see that people die after taking his advice… it is on google under practicing medicine without a license… he was brought up on charges..
    you have the right to put any food you choose into your body… and only you pay the price.. do your own research…be accountable for you…

  2. I go by feeling… it is important to always FEEL everything …My ultimate feeling which is emotion based is to always feel unconditonal love and communicate with this feeling…therefore through feeling I have realized that foods are completely related to this clear "feeling" I long to feel…And so because what i feel will always be true to me and what i feel in every moment which is always set to move and shift into next true my experience when i go with what i think or believe, i create limitations that cause my feelings to rebel i know, i want to be healthy and make the highest choice next for my body during this gradual and safe detox process…with this intention i am able to clearly see the addictions with people like Loren whom I resonate very much with I am able to keep feeling many resonating feelings with his deep understanding and sharing factual information. Thank You Loren!!!

  3. Hey loren I appreciate your videos and you taking your time awnsering peoples questions. I have an overgrowth of candida and am very overwhelmed and confused about the best diet approach. Everybody has there specific way on approaching this. I have tried both the High raw fat diet and the high raw fruit diet. Both of them seem to make me feel worse in differernt way's. When I do high fat raw vegan diet I feel spaced out and clogged up and then I do high fruit raw food vegan and I am more irritable and can't sleep well at night. This is a nightmare to say the least. I would love to do 80/10/10 to heal my candida but I it has made me worse, granted I did it for only two day's. I am just so confused on how people get well with candida on high fruit. Candida lives on sugar. Dosen't make any since.

  4. I am sorry Loren but a fruitarian diet does not provide sufficient nutrition to prevent cavities. Fruit will act as a fuel source for cancer because cancer runs off glucose. Fruit is naturally high in sugar content. Check out Dr. Brian Clements videos on fruit. He is director of the Hippocrates Health Institute and has much success treating severe cancer by eliminating fruit and other sources of sugar. Fruit aggravated my teeth and caused me more pain and distress.

  5. About Dates-a research conducted at the Technion institute in Israel discovered that a certain amount of dates (100 Grams if I recall) doesn't influence the blood-sugar level because other than sugar it also contains a substance that affects the insulin levels. check it out. that's a link but for the sugar issue you might need to search another online source for that research.

  6. You make a lot of sense, so I appreciate your video. But, something that concerns me is what you have said about bananas and dates. It just so happens that recently I have been having banana and date smoothies, along with other fruits like mangoes, berries and nectarines. I'm not on a full fruit diet, but have dramatically increased my intake of them. I have candida, and this routine seems to be helping my skin rashes and vision, albeit rather slightly. My intention has been to gradually go fully raw and eat mostly fruit in an attempt to beat candida. Bananas and dates provide plenty of calories, hence why I have been making smoothies by combining these two fruits. Is this whole approach of raw foods incorrect for beating candida? You seem to imply that balance must be restored first. Is it also wrong to combine two fruits to make a smoothie? I can't see how it can be possible to have a mono meal without eating too many of the same fruit, and get enough calories. I tried a water fast for a few days, but just couldn't continue. 

  7. Hey Loren, good to connect at Raw Fest you still in the UK brother? Good video, the truth will set us all free.

  8. Our fruit here in the UK has been so hybridised and made to taste so sweet. Surely the fruits of old were not so super sweet!?
    I am fructose intolerant and would love to live on fruit if I could get away with it but I can't..I get itching from even small amounts of fruit. I heard a very well know raw foodist in a very recent video happily stating that her periods had stopped and seemingly thinking that this was a big bonus.. as her body did not need the cleansing. We were taught as teenagers that the uterus prepares itself for the fertilised ovum each month in case of a pregnancy.. no cleaning needed here only the body preparing to receive and nourish a young foetus… hmm .. a lot of food for thought!

  9. Oh boy I'm disappointed 🙁 I didn't know Dr. Cousens was against fruits wtf? I'm diabetic and have zero issues with fruits/sugar. Most of the days is the only thing I eat during the whole day. If anything, I have to be careful my sugar doesn't drop too much. I'm type 1, can't be reversed but being raw vegan doesn't hurt. Mostly fruitarian

  10. (Sorry edited out, I see now Brian Clement is addressed below).
    Good video and thank you for the high quality free counselling you provide right here in the comments, Mr Lockman, that is to really be appreciated.

    I remember once I was a small boy and went visit my granny at the village. I woke up my granny says have breakfast I said no thank you, I ll go to your orchard and pick some fruit. I went and there were big red ripe strawberries, I took them and yelledl in my head OH MY GOD,  it was orgasmic, the intensity and nuances of the flavor, very different from what you buy in the shop, and my satisfaction. Inside my child brain, I realized that most of the other food was wrong. Later I went to my mother and asked her please now on I want to eat only fruit, but she said NO, saying would be too much money to fill my stomach with fruit only (wrong).

    I dont know if humans are frugivorous or not, after reading the debate below, but me, I feel essentially I am, if I could.

  11. Food combining is definitely important but all the primates eat animal foods – either insects and/or other small mammals even their own species like chimps – and quite regularly too – read Jane Goodall!

  12. I kinda agree with this guy, I myself eat meat, but I been slowly starting to realize that we are not meant to eat meat, I personally believe that we are suppose to eat fruits and greens. There are many reasons why I think this is how nature intended us to be, but one that really sticks out is our teeth, if you look at nature all meat eaters have sharp pointy teeth, (sharks, lions and so on) but all animal that eat fruits and greens have flat teeth like ours.

  13. Loren, what do you think happened when Ashton Kutcher was eating only fruit to prepare for the movie about Steve Jobs…..and I think he went to hospital after a month of this diet – and the news was he had "pancreatic issues" as a result.  Do you think he approached the whole thing incorrectly?   Of course all the news about this  pointed out that Jobs had died of pancreatic cancer, so Ashton's issues were made even scarier when they did the side-by-side Jobs/ Kutcher diet comparisons….very curious about your thoughts on this…  THANKS!

  14. What's your response to the idea that fructose is only metabolized by the liver and therefore more likely to be turned into fat?

  15. You do not need sugar! You can live on a ketogenic diet and ketones will replace the role of sugar. Your brain loves ketones!

  16. your arguments are clear and brilliant dear Loren. not surprised considering you've had enough natural fruit sugar and live on your supreme natural diet. I feel like u are a friend, from afar, and I don't say this for TOO many people. love & light to you, I continue to enjoy your videos. they're very easy to watch and listen to. we both speak clarity on our youtube channels in a world that is rather cloudy and muddled up eh! haha 😀 <3

  17. Thank you so much for this video. There has been soooo much confusion out there about the glycemic index and the effects of fruit on those with diabetes.  I really appreciate your information and the knowledge you've shared here.  Thank you so much! Very helpful!

  18. Love this video Loren. Its great when authoratitive  people like you give intelligent information on eating fruit, a diet which i've always instinctively believed in, though not fully mastered in my own life yet! There is so much rubbish out there! And so much fear mongering. I feel really safe with your advice and want the world to wake up and listen! Many blessings and thanks for sharing xxx

  19. Hmmmm…my candida overgrowth has taken over body, and is causing me a lot of health issues and discomforts, due to many months of antibiotics.  Hind sight, I should have rejected the pharmaceuticals and the hospital, which have destroyed my health.  Which has also caused type-2 diabetes, an extreme case of eczema and psoriasis, joint pain, etc.  My symptoms are worsening.  I don't know what to eat or drink, or if I should eat at all, in order to begin this healing journey.  So, yesterday, I stopped eating everything, and I'm only drinking sugarless teas with distilled water…period.  Because most foods seem to make me break-out in extremely painful, extremely itchy psoriasis rashes on my face.  I don't understand what I need to do first, in order to improve my health.  Should I continue fasting, or immediately begin the fruitarian diet?  But if I begin the fruitarian diet after my fast, will that cause my candida overgrowth to revisit?   Please, help!!

  20. Actually, you have things mixed up re: the story behind Galileo. MUCH of the church was supportive of Galileo and it was MAINSTREAM SCIENTISTS that generally objected to his ideas. The pope had different ideas than he did on the matter ona PERSONAL level and it was a personal issue that came up w/ the pope and not the church as a whole that got him in trouble. Others in the church were open to the idea.

  21. scientists r also people. they search about things that matter to them and often they have individual experience. for example, a researcher whose ex- girl friend used to eat .. or do that …, so they conduct a research and actually depending on the context, the results may show that. recently i saw someone has done research to show people who like quotes and sprituality are less intelligent. It is definitely an issue that this person has had in his her life – for example, s/he doesnt like these type of ppl

  22. Are we referring to the hybridized, gas ripened, commercial fruit that contains immature acids (and might decalcify teeth and bones) or are we talking about sun-ripened organic fruit whose acids have been converted by the sun into good sugars?? I would love to hear Loren's take on this. He seems to be a rare voice of logic in the highly emotional world of diet and nutrition.

  23. Loren, that was an incredible talk. Great intro, great presentation, and excellent closing. Glad I could appreciate it 🙂 (sharing now!)

  24. I've been going back and forth, back and forth, between the fruit camp and the other camp, and it seems to me that the only people who are properly addressing the fruit vs. omega 3 fatty acids are those who are looking at the fatty acids in fruit and greens. I almost never hear anyone talking about purslane, which is a perfect food source of omega 3.
    I read a Joseph Mercola article this morning. He slammed it home that you have to eat dead fish extracts in order to get the correct fatty acids. What part of Eating Dead Animals Is Never Helpful doesn't that guy get?
    From where I sit, I'm actually starting to fall more into the fruit camp. Thanks for this, Loren. Best, Cheli

  25. Oh, and thank you for pointing out the FIBRE aspect of fruit. The anti-fruit people almost never mention the LOAD aspect. I mean, if you don't juice it, you're getting the fibre. DUH.

  26. listing my friend, you preach information but have little knowledge on this subject. especially on Brian clement and his view on the this subject, your leaving out the full truth on the subject. did you know he ranks a fruit as one of the top foods in the world, of course you don't because you don't know the whole truth. Your extremely dangerous because there are so many variables on who should or should not eat ripe or picked non ripe fruit. It's a long topic and you don't understand it. remember they only put people in jail for life based on science. they don't care what you think

  27. Wait so they found a man frozen in the ice and you say he only had fruits and berries in his belly.. how would that be possible considering the location?.

  28. 🙂 Does the glycemic load differ according to the person? Based on all the factors that affect a person in any moment (e.g. mood, energy level, hunger or absence, various health conditions, etc. ad nauseum), wouldn't the increase in blood glucose level vary? Aside from this, it seems implausible at best, and even risky / dangerous to assume that all of any kind of food are going to have the same affect on a person's blood glucose level. Different varieties of potatoes, different varieties of bananas, different varieties of … you name it … gotta be differences in blood glucose increase. 🙂

  29. I'm sorry but anyone that thinks we shouldn't eat too much fruits, is not an intelligent person by any stretch nut are rather just intellectuals, no independent critical analytical thinking. Fruits are the most natural foods for the human biology!

  30. Water fruits for healing, bananas for exercise (other than walking) test this yourself 🙂 i think it's a solid idea

  31. While I agree with many of your nutritional views and I enjoy your videos in general but around the 3minute mark you mention Galileo Copernicus and to be frank not all of us are convinced with the Heliocentric model and many of us think the BIble is in fact correct and that the Earth is not a sphere as science declares it to be. Tesla who was considered even more brilliant than Einstein was convinced it was not round and many other scientist like Rowbotham made several experiments disproving Galileo's solar model that many shifted to. I challenge anyone to research this yourself and even check youtube for flat earth related topics. Search for flat earth clues or search for proof the world is flat. Many people believe man stepped foot on the moon and that images from outer space prove the earth round however I also recommend watching "a funny thing happened on the way to the moon" and I'm sure many peoples perspectives will change. Also You mention Evolution or evolving on many videos when expressing your points however again many including myself do not believe in that nor support that way of thinking. Evolution has never been proven and is only a theory yet the world teaches it and mentions it like its fact while its not. Even fasting has long time since a biblical theme and fasting without prayer is not as good as fasting with prayer and belief the Heavenly father will heal oneself in Jesus name. You may live long with your concepts but eternal life can only be reached with Jesus Christ.

  32. A quick google search tells me "Ötzi" the frozen guy form 5000 years ago ate meat. And a quick research of the glycemic load tells me, that it just means a lower GL compared to a high GI (glycemic index) means, that the food has less calories, means it's less dense and has more water. So the GI is important for the blood sugar if you would eat the same amount of calories.
    Loren for me you are really strange. I like your ideas and most of your things you tell. But sometimes it feels like you are not truthful and dislike other humans.

  33. Thank you so much Loren. First let me say that it's obvious that you are very healthy. I'm sure that's due to your total lifestyle and mental state.
    I've suffered digestive distress for years. I heard so much bad stuff about sugar I avoided fruit. Turns out I feel vastly better eating it. However, it does cause high blood sugar if I don't take certain steps.

    The glycemic load is based how much you eat of the food!! If you get most of your calories from fruit, the glycemic load means nothing.
    But everyone needs to get the AIC TEST.
    It will give you the average blood sugar for the last 3 months. So, any time we talk about this, if we're going to be accurate, we MUST HAVE AN OBJECTIVE MEASURE. I do take minerals and eat 10 percent protein and the very small amount of fat I can digest. Many thanks. I feel I got terribly programmed. HOWEVER, that said, I have a blood sugar meter and I use it.
    If I eat too much sugar I can get a bad spike, like 143 an hour after I eat it. However, if I walk fast for 5 minutes uphill, it regularly drops 40 points!!! Yikes! I'm so glad I know this.
    Please, everyone needs to get the AIC TEST, because everyone is different.
    It's obviously working for you, for many reasons. I can see your amazing vitality.
    Please tell people to test, don't guess.
    Thank you, I will look at more of your videos.
    But I can assure you that there are people who have trued this and it just wrecks their blood sugar.
    Biochemical individuality.
    That said, I'm going to try my best to make it work for me because I feel better. I have arthritis in my feet though and have for many years so the walking causes pain. I need to do the walking because it has a profound effect on my blood sugar just that five minute walk. But then I notice that my feet start to ache and they ache more each day if I keep walking the fast 5 minute uphill walk. Not sure what to do about this, but I'm not going to give up. The latest science says that in controlling blood sugar you need to raise your heart beat as high as you possibly can for very very short bursts. You can find this on the Internet if you look for it.

  34. Ive seen people cure their own cancers with fruit so take that cancer feeds on sugar bullshit. Natural sugar is a lot different, nature understands nature there is a greater intelligence that takes place far beyond what modern science understands when you consume the same stuff you evolved from. Nice video, Very well said.

  35. Just by listening to this guy i can tell he's an inferior to dr cousens. This dude is at a macronutrient level when cousens is at a micronutrient. All the examples he used are very basic, like primate comparison, like sugar is what our body needs to work. Metabolism is more complex than, "we need sugar to survive, therefore you can have all the sugar u want". If you can survive on the sad diet then you obviously can survive on mono frutarianism. This does not mean its the right diet for everyone. On a side note, if you are gonna try to counter a statement where "studies" where cited, then you should either analyse that study or bring up some of your own. Getting kind of tired of just bloggers speaking their mind with no actual experience or qualifications. Cousens is considered a leading diabetes researchers who actually has a M.D.

  36. Hi Loren.  What was your transition like from your deadly ill condition?  Did you have one?  Did you just fast and then go 100% fruit overnight?  I'd love to hear about that if you're willing to share.  Or is there a particular video where you cover your biography in more detail?

  37. Have you though about using a board to write on so we can visualise what you are saying otherwise what is the point of a video????/

  38. just a note – Galileo was a devout Roman Catholic his entire life ! it wasn't​ The Church's teaching that made trouble for him , ( all thinking people already believed the earth was round and that it revolved around the sun ) it was people​ who wanted to make trouble for him , which caused him trouble , by using The Church and the power of the mob !

  39. I disagree with Galileo, but I agree with your argument in reverse, I say the sun revolves around the earth, just because NASA says it doesn't, and most people believe otherwise, doesn't make them right. ☺

  40. I am diabetic but if I have some grapes and some other fruits not in huge quantities but a little, my fasting blood sugar is around 100, which surprises me. if I eat nothing in the evening, my fasting blood sugar is higher.

  41. Thank you so much Loren lockman, this video is one of the greatest informational videos on a fruitarian lifestyle! Peace peace peace!!

  42. But you can’t deny that keto gets results. I’ve tried high carb plant based diet for a year and it didn’t fix my sugar problems..went to about 50-60% fat and I got better within a week…some people can process sugar better than others….so to say a fruit based diet is best for all is too’re not taking into account people’s damaged organs, lifestyle, and/or genetic weaknesses..this is coming from someone who has lived thru both diets not just read about it


  44. Thank you for your insight and informative perspective. Can you speak to the issue of fertility and a long term fruit only diet? Dr Cousens isn't advocating an "anti fruit". He does mention that there is research that he states proves low fertility rates in women who eat fruit only diets for a long duration of time. And also that a fruit only diet can affect the fetus causing mental retardation and learning disabilities. He also mentions the real fact that many "Fruitarians" actually supplement with vitamins namely B12. Where would one get enough B12 eating fruit and only fruit for the long term. There is little evidence suggesting you can. I would like your insight and wisdom about these points you haven't addressed here. Have you watched Gabriel's video on this topic?

  45. Loren I'm hearing you loud and clear and this has changed my mind considerably. A few questions if you don't mind. If someone has an opportunistic fungal infection or pathogenic bacterial overgrowth of some kind would it be better to avoid fruit sugars temporarily until that is under control? or is it incorrect that fruit has a negative impact in that particular instance? also I store a lot of fresh fruit dehydrated under 115 degrees. It store well, saves a lot of space and I use no preservatives. Dehydrating raw also retains more nutrients than any other preservation process besides freezing. Actually I think freezing may cause more damage. I'm just wondering if I should rehydrate all my dried fruits before eating them? Would that help? I get a lot of local fruit and fruit from my own trees and this is a very short season area so fresh fruit from Walmart is trash so I feel this is better. I do it to preserve and not to achieve a candy substitute. I usually rehydrate over night in the fridge or make apple or pear or berry sauces that are not cooked. Anyway just curious your thoughts on this

  46. Agree 100% Thank you for this! I'd add eggs. (I consider chickens to be a symbiotic species to primitive, pre-tool, pre-fire fruitarian humans. Chickens love fruit scraps. So they would hang around early humans. (To this day, rural families often have chickens, because hey free eggs!) They eat scraps; they lay eggs. Primitive humans would not have ignored this daily food source. So our bodies developed for hundreds of thousands of years to eat fruit… and eggs. And they "conveniently" solve the vitamin B12 issue. And speaking for myself, my body does seem to run better when I include eggs. And some greens. But honestly if I was wildman in Costa Rica I'd eat mangoes, not leaves.

    (Yes, our more recent ancestors may have screwed up our enzymes by eating meat or fish or potatoes or whatever so we do have to compensate for that, I feel.)

    One thing: If one follows the raw food rationale, that our bodies were "designed" by Nature before the discovery of fire, we probably should be eating our eggs raw — which I can do in a smoothie, but in general… blech! Also, salmonella. But I bet eggs absorb much better raw than cooked. And who knows maybe our bodies actually have a use for salmonella once they grow the correct gut flora to deal with it.

  47. I agree with your ideas mr Lockman, i eat a lot of fruit all my life, especially when they are organic, thanks for sharing the info, i love to develop my knowledge …

  48. Loren, how are you? I have fructose intolerance, or fructose malabsorption, do you know about something like that? I'll go fast with you soon! Thanks man, apreciarei!!

  49. That was a lot of information I didn’t know before. I eat tons of bananas and dried dates. Time to get back the drawing board. Thanks

  50. I dont understand what the difference between the high bloodsuger of the g.load and the "how fast c.h. come up" of the g.index?

  51. I turned 50 in December. My left knee has had several injuries to it, all of which happened between the ages of 9 -16. At least, all the bad ones did. If I sat on the floor, crossing or attempting to cross my legs, my left lower leg sat at a contrary angle to the way my right lower leg sat. It's hard to explain. I always call it "bending the opposite way", which is partially true, but, it was more like twisted outward, I guess. And, that's just the painful and inconvenient way it has been for decades.

    About a week or so ago, I started praying about getting healthy again and really working on it, asking for guidance, ended up on Loren Lockman vids. I prayed about it more , not so much if he is right for all of humanity for every situation, but, if his advice is right for me to heal myself and be more functional . I mean, I was already led toward Natural Hygiene, but, there was still something missing there and when I felt led to Fit for Life, I only really found the advice about how to eat fruit really helpful to the cause of my not feeling all day miserable. Or, I should say, that was true the last time. I've also been working through a lot of addictions, like to various forms of sweet, nicotine (but that was years ago, now, and resolved by removing potatoes from my diet), carbonation, caffeine, cheese… still not over some of them, but, working on it. So, I do good for a while and then I have to start over again.

    This last week or so, having decided to give the fruit thing a try, having realized that there were times when I was led to it without recognizing it as such , through A Healthy Alternative and other persons, I said okay, and, I gave it a good solid test. I was extremely ill with an upper respiratory infection (I shall call it) . I started eating the fruit, and, a lot of mucous started coming out, also a lot of other things, including dark urine and .. oh… let's just say there were a lot of trips to the bathroom. I was still eating other things, including stupid things, and, I wasn't drinking water much at all, because, the tap water in this area of Tucson is purely gross right now and I can't afford other water, all the time. Even so, I saw improvements.

    I got some bottled Spring Water, started drinking that more. Still have been eating some very stupid, addictive things. But, have been doing better than usual and eating way more raw and organic fruit (not just, but, at least some of it was) than I have ever eaten in my life. And, this evening, my left knee, that I had tried many forms of physically straightening it out with only marginal effect over the last decade or so, just made a series of crunching sounds and slipped back into place.

    I don't think it is a coincidence that this only happened after I started consuming much more fruit. Most of the fruit has been organic grapes , but,, I also had pears, persimmons, apples, tomatoes, avocados, blueberries and watermelon – mostly in a mooo meal sort of way.

  52. Hey loren is it true that the fruits in stores contain a lot of pesticides do you know of any healthy fruits that I should be eating that are healthy ?

  53. Would an all fruit/raw diet be ok for a type 2 diabetic? I’m type 2 and fruit sky rockets my BS big time!! To be fair, I haven’t been on an all fruit diet. I would love to give it a shot, but I’m concerned about my BS being so high.

  54. Nobody likes to hear the truth. There are MANY real studies that support that Fructose is bad for you, even fruit juicing. Please use Google Scholar. Do not just believe what you want.

  55. Wonderful video and very logical. Maybe the sun-ripened fruit in Costa Rico gives an alkaline ash in the body. But perhaps the actual commercial fruit that many or most people are eating, picked unripe, stored and force-ripened with gas, produces a fruit whose immature acids have not been converted into healthy sugars but leave an acid ash in the body?

  56. You are talking about our forefathers that they ate fruit. What i have heard
    is that fruit back them was not sweet at all. Fruit has been highbred and highbred and
    is so sweet today compared with fruits back then which wasnt sweet at all.
    Sugar- kiss of death, Brian Clement. Cousens also says that only a very smal percentage
    of people can handle fruit well. About glymenic load, interesting to hear about.

  57. I don't think you're taking this in context — not enough details on how the body processes food into amino acids … i think you need to cycle the raw food diet and fine tune it to your personal body. Low protein, beyond the first 10 years, often doesn't work so well … you do need about 25-75 grams/day on this … you do need to have your nut butters alongside you hemp or whatever, for proper brain health. Eat as much fruit/greens as you like … other super foods…depends on age, and many different factors …

  58. I do agree that fruit is the best food for humans. Problem is. It’s so expensive!!! So I do what people have been doing for the last 15,000 years up to about 150years ago. Live on a starch based diet with lots of fruit on the side. Potatoes, grains, and fruit and some vegetables . It’s been working pretty well for me. Grains and potatoes make a good staple. 60% of calories or so. Fruit makes up 30% and 10% is everything else.

  59. It depends on the person. I do well blood sugar wise unless I eat fruit. Even a small amount. Dr Cousens has done a lot of research with diabetes.

  60. be careful people, this guy will not consider what he is saying is not that effective with people that have disease or don't want to get disease….the Brian clement diet is highly more effective against disease than what this guy is preaching not to mention it has 60 + years of impeccable results….I'm sorry but your not the world's leading authority on this subject….just go to the review at Montreal healthy girl on you tube about her experience at this place and you will see….always research the researcher…. good luck people….

  61. People are talking about stuff all the time and I just want to have sex with them. Would give you some fruit if you step into my van

  62. Humans are NOT designed just eat fruits! Human history of thousands of years CAN NOT be dismissed! Humans must eat EVERYTHING!!!!! Period!!!!!

  63. Loren would you please do a video on macrobiotics diet and explain why their views are contrary to your experience of what the optimal diet it? Perhaps if its successful you can do a series on other diets as people will be searching them on youtube anyway and might bring new people in. Warm regards.

  64. These people are dealing with more cognitive dissonance than you can shake a stick @…both you and I have SOME too, yet it's like these people are pure driven by their parasites they host in order to spread filth and lies so naturally…so funny tho, because there is a balance in this sadness. It all evens out in the end.

  65. I learned how to food combine based on your warnings of what the body can and can't do…Basically I had a good laugh when you were poopoo-ing food processors and blenders, and yet then pretty much in the next breath suggesting that people find someone else to regurgitate their food if their teeth were in poor health…superbly funny discovery there buds…so I can share it with you or others sometime, yet I suppose you are doing fine right now with your protocols and so therefore I can keep this to myself for now…still even though I HAD to extract the information myself, you were part of the process, so your vids are superior to most other so called nutrition experts…

  66. Gosh, I just looked at Gabriel Cousens, yeah, people THE MAN LOOKS like he could use some PROPER fastings to get rid of toxcitiy (and I know he looks A LITTLE similar to me).

  67. Loren denies having loose skin on his neck. You can clearly see his loose skin here. The guy is in denial.

  68. loren . i hope by now you realize you were wrong? i appreciate you thinking logically and for yourself but recently your theory was proven wrong for most cases. i believe the thinner and more healthy you are the more fruit you can eat. the reasons have moved past the blood sugar basics and glycemic index although they come into play as ones health gets worse. i do believe in fasting and appreciate your good work

  69. Hello Loren… clarify this riddle… Fructose actually causes fatty liver directly…. causes Insulin resistance directly. Again many experts are saying that the sugar content of fruits has gone up 10 fo ld following hybridization over the last 100yrs. Is that fine? I am a general surgeon from India, running lifestyle diseases reversal center. I usually take fruits as my breakfast for so many years as suugested by spiritual leaders. Bcoz so many experts say abt fructose (not necessarily from fruits) proven to be hepatoxic, i am confused?? Your comments on that?

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