Ring Fit Adventure Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch

[Nintendo Switch Snap] [Rock rhythm starts] [female narrator]
Embark on an adventure
that’ll keep you moving. Ring Fit Adventure This is the Ring-Con accessory,
and the Leg Strap accessory. Insert a Joy-Con controller
into each accessory, and secure the Leg Strap
around your left thigh. Hold the Ring-Con firmly
in both hands, and you’re good to go! You’ll use the Ring-Con
by pressing, pulling, and moving it all around. These will be your trusty tools
throughout the adventure. Ring Fit Adventure is a fun
experience no matter your
fitness level. You can change the exercise
intensity to suit your ability. The adventure begins when a
wicked, bodybuilding dragon named Dragaux throws
the world into chaos. The world needs your help,
and there’s a lot of it to save. To move forward,
simply jog in place. You can go slowly
or quickly, just keep moving at
your own pace. Press in
on the Ring-Con to create a blast of air
in the game. If you aim it downwards,
you can jump over obstacles! You can do knee-lifts to
climb up stairs, and you’ll also paddle
board up rivers… flap through the sky… or roll ahead on surprising
contraptions. Along the way,
curious enemies will challenge
you to Fit Battles. You and the enemy
will take turns attacking. When it’s your turn, you’ll use exercise-based
attacks called Fit Skills. There are over 40 different
Fit Skills to earn Across four categories. red skills target
your arms, yellow skills focus on
your core, blue skills will work
your legs, and green skills
are for Yoga moves. If you match the color of
your Fit Skill with that of
the enemy, your attacks will
do extra damage! When it’s the enemy’s turn to
attack, you’ll focus on defense. Press the Ring-Con against
your abs to create a shield. The harder you press,
the lower the damage will be. Whether you’re attacking
or defending, you control the in-game actions
with your body movement. Taking your time
and putting in the effort
is the key to victory! Defeating enemies and
completing courses will
earn you experience and help you level up your
in-game character. This will improve your stats,
and may unlock new Fit Skills! You can also earn skill points
during your adventure and use them to obtain
even more Fit Skills. Strengthen your character to
take on more powerful enemies. Items like coins
and ingredients will be hidden
throughout each course. Those ingredients can be mixed
and matched to make in-game
smoothies! Each recipe will have a
different effect during battle, like restoring health
or boosting your abilities. Each new area will
have its own town, with people to meet
and things to do. You can redeem in-game currency
for new outfits at shops. Listen to villagers’ requests,
and try to fulfill them
on missions. If you finish them, you can earn rewards
such as items
and in-game currency. This adventure will be
quite a journey. If you play an average of
thirty minutes per day, it may span several months! Making progress in your
adventure every day could become a fun way to enjoy
regular exercise. Need a break? Then try Quick Play, which offers up short
bursts of exercise, whether you’re alone
or taking turns in a group. Simple Mode is designed to train
specific areas of the body. Here, you’ll try to do the
specified move as many times as
possible within 20 seconds. It may look easy, but that last five seconds is
going to be a real challenge. Next, a mode where
you’ll aim for the high score: Minigames! Run! Climb! Fly through the air! Bust any and every crate. or squeeze in some pottery. There are lots of games
to choose from, and lots of different ways
to move your body. Each one is a great way
to get a fun,
full-body exercise. You can also take on more
traditional exercises in Sets! Basically, you’ll choose sets of
exercises themed around certain
muscle groups, like shoulders or lower body. There’s also Custom, which lets
you create your own workouts by choosing from various
exercises included in the game. These modes are best
in short bursts, so you can pass the
Ring-Con around and take turns to compete
with friends and family, or try to beat your
own high scores. There are many ways
to play! If you connect to the internet,
you can even compare scores with friends and other players
from around the world. You can adjust the
exercise intensity to suit
your skill level, so every player can
enjoy the experience no matter where they
are in their fitness journey. While performing any
physical activity, the player can watch
on-screen guidance
demonstrating proper form. At the end of each exercise, you can track your performance
with some estimated stats like calories burned
and pulse rate. This will help you make sure
you’re hitting your goals. Worried you’ll make
too much noise? Try Silent Mode! This mode will swap jogging in
place with lighter knee bends. This way, you can keep your legs
active without heavy impacts. Exercise at any time
with Multitask Mode. You can use the Ring-Con
accessory to train off-screen! The game will track each
press of the Ring-Con. The extra effort will earn you
bonus experience to aid in your adventure once
reconnected with the game! [light-hearted game music] [coin sounds and game effects] Fitness for everyone,
and adventures
that keep you moving! Ring Fit Adventure Ring Fit Adventure
includes the Ring-Con,
Leg Strap, and game. A Nintendo Switch system with
detachable Joy-Con controllers is required to play this game.

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  1. 2:23
    Parent: So how exactly did this ring thing end up inside the television?

    Child: Ya know, I really think Nintendo is to blame here. I think we have a case…

  2. Now I'm wating for Aang RPG with Ring-on :3 Being trained by a benders of the element you choose, unlocking new element moves ! COuld you imagine ? YOur every move creates a wave of element coming out ! Ah, the dream….

  3. Wow this looks awesome In my opinion! And some of it looks like Temple Run, game when you run and jump!! I might even get this for my Switch!

  4. 1:06 Adventure
    4:26 Quick play
    4:29 Quick play:Simple
    4:49 Quick play:Minigames
    5:16 Quick play:Sets
    6:01 A work for any fitness level
    6:29 Pulse tester
    6:41 Silent mode
    6:55 Multtask mode

  5. Ok so this might be stupid but, do you think humans in the Pokémon world lay eggs? We have all seen that all Pokémon lay eggs even ones that we could consider mammals so do humans lay eggs? Like Pokémon replace real animals in this world and human are there for Pokémon so it would only make logical sense that they would lay eggs. Also if humans are a Pokémon what’s their type? Most would say normal but they are some of the most intelligent creatures so maybe physic but only some humans can use physic powers. I would like to bring attention to a Pokédex entry in Firered “It happened one morning – a boy with extrasensory powers awoke in bed transformed into Kadabra.” so did the boy evolve because a stat was high enough? Also in Black the Pokédex says “Each of them (Yamask) carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human. Sometimes they look at it and cry.” so when a human dies dose it evolve? Are humans like eevees where they can evolve into a lot of different forms based on the situations that take place during the evolving? I don’t know maybe I’m looking to much into it.

  6. I have super thicc thighs and the leg strap barely fits around my thigh, but you know what, I'm looking forward to seeing it fit better and better over time. Just finished my first workout and had a blast! All that on top of getting 15,000 steps everyday for the last three days where normally I'd get 1,500 steps. If you are reading this and feeling overwhelmed, I understand you. You can do this. Any healthy step you take truly is self love. Have fun! 🙂

  7. Bought it 3 days ago and am going for the 30 day challenge. Adventure Mode + Minigames are a blast! DLC please. Thank you Nintendo for making working out fun 😀

  8. Dear Nintendo, I am a pretty big fan of BOTW and a fan of Kid Icarus Uprising. And I was hoping that when you get the time to make Kid Icarus for the switch You could make it two player. Player one could be Pit, and Player two could be Dark Pit! Csn you do the same for BOTW 2? Can Link be player one and Zelda be player 2? ( I know you guys are busy with DLC's and other. New switch Games. Take your time! And please consider it!

  9. Mum:You need to lose some weight before you play more Nintendo
    Me:Welp that's impossible
    Also me watching this: Mum two words
    Ringfit Adventure UwU

  10. Fun to see your sister in law again. What a sweetie. Great haul. My favorite Christmas songs are The First Noel and Sleigh Ride, but they're all special to mel Love to sing along in the car. 😊🎄🍭🎁💓

  11. I'll plan to get the RingFit in the next few days! Sound interesting for mooves in the house. Thank you #nintendoSwitch. On my channel I will post some gameplay of this game!

  12. I’m pretty sure the soundtrack for this game was made by the same person who did the Miitopia soundtrack, very similar sounding

  13. Why did you make super Mario oddassy so hard the darker side and the loops runs I can’t beat the lost kingdom on it is impossible

  14. Ngl I kinda wish they just had Wii fit for the switch, I do like this idea though, but I guess I just prefer the nostalgia

    EDIT: bought it 😤👌

  15. Hey Nintendo I know this has nothing to do with the ring adventure but I ask if you could make a green, purple, and orange colors for Nintendo switch lite

  16. Nintendo if your reading this ADD BLUETOOTH to Nintendo switch people can’t talk in games like fortnite and other games that you need headphones to talk please add blutooth please

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