Rotation Exercise – Physical Therapy for Orphan Annie

This is Orphan Annie, a six week old kitten who’s unable to walk. Annie was found with limited mobility in her back right leg and no mobility in her back left leg. And she doesn’t have any signs of injury, so no breaks and no fractures. So while we’re unaware of what caused Annie’s condition, we do have hope that she’ll be able to regain mobility through physical therapy exercises. Here you can see Annie receiving her rotation exercise treatment. This is a therapy that is meant to teach her the full range of motion that she has in her legs and to help her rebuild muscle memory so that she can be prepared to walk again. This is just one of several physical therapies that Annie is receiving every day to help get her on a path for success.

18 thoughts on “Rotation Exercise – Physical Therapy for Orphan Annie

  1. What a beautiful little lady ,she look so happy and can I ask what happens if she can't learn to walk on her back legs . xx

  2. Wow, to put in the time and effort to give a kitten physical therapy is just amazing! Thank you for everything you do!

  3. My cat has a damaged nerve in her leg and limps and is losing mobility. The vet told me to begin doing physical therapy exercises at home. Can you please recommend some for me.

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