SECOND OPINION LIVE! | Let’s Get Physical | Benefits to Exercise| BCBS

Yeah, there are so many benefits to
exercise from the cardiovascular system to the muscular system to, you know,
increasing your ability for your your bones to be strong so then that expands
into your psychological components. You know, exercise can help with depression,
and anxiety, and all sorts of other things…if you’re not exercising then the
negatives for all of those start to set in. So, you know, I’ve seen a lot of
patients that are really depressed and then once they start moving they’re like
you know what I’m actually feeling a little bit better, I’m not as, you know,
sad all the time so you definitely get those endorphins released and so it can
be part of a healthy lifestyle for sure. (Host) Interesting, so the mental health aspect can be also a physical process as you say, releasing the endorphins
because if everybody is…for everybody who feels better when they work out or
is happier with the way they look that’s one thing but you’re also talking about
a physical process.

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