Second Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Bridges | Secret Saviours

Hi. I’m Natasha and this is Emily and she’s in her second trimester. And these are Secret Bridges. So, Emily, I just want you to lie flat where
you are. We’ve got a cushion underneath your hips
because it should stop you from feeling sick or dizzy. If you do feel that, then we can always make
you higher. Do you feel OK? Emily: I’m fine. Perfect. So then, bring your feet to hip width apart and quite close towards you. So your heels are quite near your bottom. Hands go flat on the floor. I want you to push your hips up to the ceiling. Really think about squeezing your bottom muscles and then lowering down quite smoothly. So, this one is a great exercise for your
pelvic floor, all of your core muscles here and it should feel quite straightforward. But it’s really working all those tummy
and bottom muscles. When you’ve done about 10 of these, if you wanted to make it harder, you could
hold up at the top for me. Emily’s a lovely straight line from her
shoulders to her knees. And if you wanted to make it harder, just lift up one leg. That’s lovely. And then you can do the exercise again on
one leg. So you’re lowering all the way down to the
floor all the way and trying to keep this leg really
still and then you’ve got a super challenging
workout for your core.

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